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Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo, Sydney: The Hotel of Incredible Gifts


Free. These four letters are one of the best things about traveling.

It starts when I sit on the plane. I scan the seat for freebies: headphones, eye masks, and pea-sized tubes of toothpaste.

Then the food comes down the aisle and my food is sucked out the fire escape. I eat like I’ve just been paroled from a long sentence by Jenny Craig.

Then we arrive at the hotel: the house of gifts. I do a forensic scan of the room like I’m inspecting a crime scene. Anything unlocked is checked for gift status. Shampoos, soaps, pens, cookies and chocolates are bundled up and thrown into my bag like a cheap jewelry heist.

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The hotel is on Sydney's waterfront.

Brook Sabin / Stuff

The hotel is on Sydney’s waterfront.

But my gifting game was completely turned upside down when I arrived at Sydney’s Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo. I had met my match.

This luxury hotel prides itself on freebies. Although it is a bit fancy, so they are called “advantages”. It was like the free equivalent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Here’s why I think it’s one of the best places to stay in Sydney.

The place

This waterfront hotel is part of Finger Wharf, which is the world’s longest wooden wharf built in 1915. The hotel effortlessly blends its historic shell with modern luxury. Step inside and it’s like another world – with a cavernous space in the middle of the hotel.

Here you’ll find a cafe and plenty of space to relax – while rooms line the side of the building, many with harbor views.

The hotel lobby.

Brook Sabin / Stuff

The hotel lobby.


The hotel has a range of rooms, with cringe-worthy Aussie names. “Superoo” is the standard, which is perfectly compact – but doesn’t feel too small.

The Deluxaroo Loft has one bedroom upstairs, giving it a luxurious spacious feel – who doesn’t love a loft in a hotel room? The first sequel is known as Ultraroo.


Brook Sabin / Stuff

A “Deluxaroo Double Double” room.


Aside from exceptional service, the freebies are where the hotel really stands out. If you book directly with the hotel, guests enjoy a wide range of “benefits” included in their room.

This includes a free loot bag of goodies (muesli bites, gummy bears, chips, etc.), breakfast, happy hour drinks, free minibar, self-service laundry, and snacks and lollipops all day.

The installations

The hotel has a 24-hour gym and an indoor swimming pool. a quiet little place where you can easily forget you’re in Australia’s biggest city.

One of the snack bars.

Brook Sabin / Stuff

One of the snack bars.

The food

Ovolo Hotels is one of the first to commit to a vegetarian food offering, with its vegan restaurant Alibi being its flagship restaurant. Unfortunately we couldn’t try the food, but it is highly rated.

Worth going out

The hotel is a short walk from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney where you can walk into town or to the Sydney Opera House. The location doesn’t get much better.

The hotel also has bicycles that you can use to explore the city. As you can imagine, their use is free.

The climax

The location. You don’t get much more waterfront than actually being on the water at a dock. The service was also impeccable.

low light

Room names like “Deluxaroo” – it makes a luxury hotel sound like a kindergarten.

The verdict

This hotel is considered one of the best stays in Sydney for a reason – it’s more than just freebies. Every detail is exceptional.

The indoor pool is impressive.

Brook Sabin / Stuff

The indoor pool is impressive.


Rooms start at around $300 a night. See: ovolohotels.com

This story was produced through an editorial partnership with Destination NSW. Learn more about our partnership content here.

McLure House Hotel Shows Progress in Downtown Wheeling | News, Sports, Jobs


picture by: Eric Ayres

McLure House manager Chris Fischer shows off one of the standard guest room upgrades at an open house Monday at the downtown landmark.

WHEELING – Members of the general public were treated to a West Virginia party on Monday, when the McLure House Hotel held an open house to showcase improvements made so far in the ongoing renovation project at the hotel. interior of Wheeling downtown landmark.

First opened in 1852, the McLure House was already an established pre-Civil War hotel that had been operating for more than a decade when West Virginia became the 35th state on June 20, 1863. Over the decades, the hotel has undergone several major renovations, and last year the facility began a new chapter in its history when Roxby Development purchased the property and immediately launched a series of upgrades.

“It’s still pretty early in the process,” said hotel manager Chris Fischer during one of the hotel’s tours on Monday. “Roxby bought the property in July last year, so we haven’t even been there a year yet, but we’ve made a lot of progress that year refreshing the space.”

Just as Roxby took possession of the downtown landmark, a noticeable shift unfolded in the public eye. The exterior facades facing the street have been painted white, giving the whole block a new touch of brightness. This concept has since been carried over throughout the interior of the hotel.

picture by: Eric Ayres

The hotel’s lobby — complete with the huge, color-changing chandelier — has been refreshed with brighter paint and touches of local art, creating a more welcoming space in the historic McLure House in downtown Wheeling .

“The lobby is very different because we’ve improved it significantly,” Fischer said. “Before, it was yellow and dark. Now it’s much brighter. Rooms should also be brighter this way. We did a general floor-by-floor update of the rooms with paint and new light fixtures and things like that. The biggest renovations will take place next year with things like bathroom updates and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) upgrades.

Improvements made during the first phase of renovations to the McLure House involve a basic refresh of the spaces open to the public, as well as the bedrooms.

Along with the new exterior look, visitors familiar with the McLure House notice a more welcoming lobby as soon as they walk through the doors.

“Especially people who have been here before, they have already been impressed with what we have done in the lobby,” Fischer said, noting that the huge, color-changing chandelier that surrounds the spiral staircase leading from the lobby to the second floor has been cleaned up and brought back to its original glory.

Artwork in the lobby and throughout the updated spaces has also breathed new life into the hotel, which until last summer hadn’t seen significant updates to its decor in decades. Local artists Bob Dombrowski and Susan Hogan led the artistic refresh of the facility, lending their talents to updated spaces throughout the property.

Fischer said the improvements over the past 12 months have been mostly cosmetic in nature — with fresh paint, new light fixtures, updated art, new lamp shades and other improvements that aren’t necessarily all “new”, but which are new to the hotel.

“We try to reuse as much as possible,” Fischer said. “It’s very exciting. This is the first project of its kind for me – a complete rehabilitation of a hotel.

Fischer noted that he moved to Wheeling after living in Los Angeles and more recently in Detroit before Roxby took him on to manage the McLure House. He said he was pleasantly surprised there were so many events, festivals and things to do in the friendly city.

“There’s been a trend lately of moving away from more expensive metropolitan centers across the country and towards smaller towns where exciting things are happening,” Fischer said. “Hopefully some of the energy here helps spread around downtown and other people can join Wheeling in giving Wheeling some really cool downtown streets. I think if you can build attractive spaces for people to hang out in, that will be a win for any type of small municipality.

picture by: Eric Ayres

Roxby Development Marketing Manager Haley Steed sits next to a table created from a painting of the early facades of the historic McLure House in downtown Wheeling. Local artist Bob Dombrowski’s work is one of many artistic gems in room 518 – a prototype “premium” room – inside the hotel, where an open house was held on Monday to present the renovations in progress.

The hotel has also taken the initiative to attract people to the establishment with fun activities. The McLure House ballroom – also accented with white walls – has been busy with events and gatherings, and even an indoor music festival with WinterBlues Weekend. The McLure House Bar & Grill has been invigorated with a full range of events and live music on a regular basis. New spaces are also opening up as renovations continue.

The Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival headquarters, inside a space on the ground floor of the building facing Market Street, will move to a different location after this year’s event, a Fischer said. Spaces will continue to be repurposed and refurbished as the various phases of the rehabilitation progress.

Renovations are underway, and the dozens of visitors who took tours of the hotel on Monday got to see unfinished rooms on the building’s third floor (which has been designated as the pet-friendly floor) and then see the noticeable difference in upper floor rooms which have undergone “standard” upgrades, as well as “premium” renovations in “prototype” rooms which are expected to take place in about a dozen rooms.

Fischer said millions of dollars are being invested in the renovations. Eventually, the unfinished rooftop supper club — surrounded by walls of glass and offering spectacular views of the river and city — is slated to open on the eighth floor.

But before this long-term project comes to fruition, updates will be made to a first-level conference room, there will be updates to the bar, and the walls are expected to be removed to create a larger lobby with a smaller registry office. .

Roxby officials noted that bringing vibrancy back to the McLure House is an important piece of the puzzle that helps bring vibrancy back to downtown Wheeling – providing a space where guests want to stay and visit, and come back to visit. ‘coming .

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Curry Up Now appoints Abhijit Kamath director of cuisine and flavors


Curry Up Now has announced the hiring of Abhijit Kamath as the new director of Culinary & Flavor. In her role, Kamath will develop authentic new dishes to add to the menu in alignment with existing unique and innovative offerings. He is responsible for ensuring consistent quality products at each Curry Up Now restaurant by improving and implementing protocols, recipes and training across the corporate and franchise system.

“I knew Curry Up Now was the perfect fit for me because I align with Akash’s strong vision of what authentic Indian food tastes like in the USA by putting true flavor profiles first,” says Kamath. “There is a big difference between good food and good food. Good food invokes a thought, but good food, which is usually greater, invokes a memory. I’m thrilled to be part of a brand that delivers a memorable customer experience, in addition to delicious food.

Kamath joins the Curry Up Now team as one of the nation’s youngest culinary directors for a fast-casual restaurant franchise. He brings with him an impressive resume that has earned him several accolades, such as a bachelor’s degree in culinary science and an associate’s degree in professional studies, culinary arts from the Culinary Institute of America. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, Hotel Management, Applied Nutrition, and Restaurant Technology from the Institute of Hotel Management, as well as Sommelier and Food Safety certifications. Prior to Curry Up Now, Kamath honed his culinary craft at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City, including Daniel Boulud’s Restaurant Daniel and Danny Meyer and Mike Anthony’s Gramercy Tavern. Kamath comes from a family of restaurateurs in his hometown, Mumbai.

As Director of Culinary & Flavor, Kamath continues to explore the intersection of tradition and innovation. Since the start of his tenure, he has improved the operational excellence of Curry Up Now, from its kitchen to its menu, to represent an even fresher and bolder side to Indian cuisine. His recent projects include redesigning his combi oven to function like a classic tandoor, introducing universal spice blends like tandoori, kadhai and tamarind chutney, and creating the delicious sizzle of kabob from four minutes. Going forward, Kamath will continue to explore and partner with additional delivery outposts for Curry Up Now, including ghost and hosted kitchens with Local Foods, All Day Kitchens and Kitchen United, and will support the opening of three new locations in Texas over the next few months. . It will also continue to enter Curry Up Now in cooking contests and celebrate seasonal holidays and appreciation months.

“For the past five years, I’ve been looking for someone special to take over the culinary element of Curry Up Now, and I’m sure Abhijit is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” says Akash Kapoor, Founder and Troublemaker in chief for Curry Up Now. “With his extensive knowledge of the culinary arts and his first-hand experience with Indian cuisine from multiple regions, I have finally found someone I can trust to lead our culinary efforts and I look forward to sharing our news. deals with our fans.

Curry Up Now launched in 2009 as a popular Bay Area food truck and opened its first physical location two years later in San Mateo, California. Husband and wife co-founders Akash and Rana Kapoor have now expanded their empire to include three food trucks, 20 restaurants coast-to-coast and multiple delivery outposts across the country. The successful establishment is known for its unique take on traditional Indian cuisine – from Tikka Masala burritos to deconstructed samosas. Traditional favorites include Thali platters, Kathi rolls, and family-style entrees that create the perfect spread for the whole family.

Curry Up Now ingredients are clean and sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. The menu is designed to support vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal diets to accommodate all guests regardless of their dietary preferences. The restaurant chain’s vibrant colors and design aesthetic perfectly match the bold and authentic flavors of Indian cuisine.

As the chain continues to expand into key markets nationwide, Curry Up Now is looking for experienced multi-unit restaurant operators through its franchise development partner Fransmart. Craft cocktail bar Mortar & Pestle is also housed in a number of Curry Up Now locations and is available as a sister brand to interested franchisees.

The news and information presented in this press release have not been corroborated by RSQFood News Media or Journalistic, Inc.

Content Creator – Pedestrian Jobs


The Point* is one of Sydney’s dynamic, ambitious and fastest growing hotel groups.

We are looking for a content and social media creator to join our innovative, fast-paced and dedicated marketing and creative department.

About the Item:

The Point manages and operates many of Sydney’s most exciting and successful hospitality venues, with a vision brought to life through our obsession with people, product, approach and hospitality “let me tell you another story “. We are constantly reminded of what brought us all together in the first place – an unwavering passion to be social and to take pride in every drink and dish we serve.

The experiences we offer are inspired by bold and provocative measures to exploit places that are truly unique and memorable.

The Point currently consists of Sydney locations, the game-changing level 3, the Shell House at 4 locations in the CBD, the natural wine and pizza wonderland of Surry Hills, the Dolphin Hotel, the whole new modern Greek dining, from Topikós on Bondi Beach, fun and frivolous Harry’s in Surry Hills, and the upcoming Fort Denison Harbor project in Sydney, with more exciting projects to come.

About the role:

We’re looking for a content weapon! If you enjoy creating content and executing ideas, this is the perfect role for you.

The ideal candidate for the role is someone who has a passion for hospitality and has previous experience managing social media. Looking to get a head start in the hospitality industry while learning from the talented and passionate people around you. You will work closely with our Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Director and Creative Director on a range of digital projects, and assist them with day-to-day tasks related to managing social media accounts.

You will work with the Marketing team and take care of the following:

  • Content creation – create, research and capture high quality engaging content
  • Copywriting and storytelling “can spin a thread” – alongside our team you will be the voice of our brands and you must be a skilled storyteller with your written words and visual approach
  • Meticulously plan and schedule posts week after week that follow our brand pillars and tone of voice across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Drive the content agenda by constantly seeking new avenues to push the boundaries
  • Community manager
  • Help grow our accounts organically – Use our social media platforms to grow our community
  • Liaise with site staff and keep up to date with promotions, events and bookings
  • Design and publish high-quality stories on the site’s social media pages
  • Assist the Digital Marketing Manager in implementing social media strategies and analyzing results and data

About you:

  • 3+ years of experience in social media/marketing and/or similar position OR relevant qualifications that go with it
  • Creative spirit and sense of design and photography
  • Basic Creative Cloud skills (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Indesign)
  • Practice with a camera (dslr)
  • Excellent writing skills and experience writing for social media and online
  • Love branding and have experience managing multiple brands at once
  • Ability to maintain brand and tone of voice across multiple brands
  • Extensive knowledge of Facebook and Instagram. Knowledge of other platforms is a plus
  • Love social media – you enjoy creating and taking content
  • Motivated and dynamic attitude
  • Attention to detail and aesthetics
  • Passion and knowledge of the hospitality industry in Sydney
  • Ready to learn
  • Likes to be socially active, loves good music, fashion, design, food, drink and wine

Why work for Le Point:

  • You’ll work closely with some of Sydney’s best hospitality talent in some of Sydney’s best venues
  • Work with a fun, supportive, young and friendly team of hospitality lovers
  • Experience to learn and grow into a great career in a growing and dynamic industry
  • Create your career path within our group according to your objectives
  • Job perks – fun atmosphere, opportunity to attend great and exciting events
  • Surry Hills office location

Filling up to $900: High gas prices hit harder than most RV drivers

The popularity of motorhomes has exploded during the pandemic as travelers seek safe ways to travel while maintaining social distancing. Americans continue to turn to recreational vehicles even as they become increasingly comfortable flying and staying in hotels.

RV production in North America hit an all-time high in 2021, with more than 600,000 vehicles produced, according to RV Industry Association spokeswoman Monika Geraci. The association expects 2022 to be its second-best production year yet. Motorhomes are especially popular in the south and west.

Thor Industries, which owns popular VR brands Airstream and Jayco, said this month that its sales increased 34.6% in the past three months, compared to the same period last year. Thor Industries says it still has a backlog of VR worth $13.88 billion.

RV experts say consumers are adapting to high gas prices by taking shorter trips.

“If you live in Phoenix and were thinking Yosemite, California, you might do the Grand Canyon instead,” said Randall Smalley, who leads marketing and business development at Cruise America, which rents out RVs.

Dane Lee and his wife Jenna sold their home in Dallas in 2020 and bought an RV as their jobs became remote during the pandemic.

They’ve crossed the country twice in their motorhome, but will stay closer to family in Birmingham, Alabama, this year. Lee said their 150-gallon diesel tank can cost nearly $900 to fill from empty. But they do not plan to return to a traditional house.

“We had the house in the suburbs with a pool and a fence and all that. It was a bit monotonous going to the office and coming home,” Lee said. “The flexibility of having a new view every week is awesome. We’ve found where we want to be.”

Jon Gray, CEO of RV Share, an online marketplace for RV rentals, told CNN Business that the average customer commute in May was just under 350 miles, or 9% less than in May of last year.

RV Share will offer $500,000 in gift cards to customers this year to offset rising gas prices when traveling. Even with high gas prices, Last week, RV Share had its biggest day of bookings this year, Gray said.

Jennifer Young, co-founder of RV Market Outdoorsy, said “quasi-cations” are a big trend because many people stay within 100 miles of their homes. Young said the average cost per night for an Outdoorsy rental was up $5 from a year ago. Outdoorsy rentals for July 4 were up 4% from a year ago, Young said.

Rising RV fuel costs may be more palatable to travelers due to economy-wide inflation, including higher airfares. RV costs may not seem so daunting compared to the alternatives. RV travelers often bring their own food and cook, which helps manage costs. Many RV travelers drive exclusively on the first and last day of the trip and leave the RV parked the rest of the trip.
A Winnebago Industries Inc. trailer sits at a dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“RVs are not a gas-powered vacation,” Young said. “They look like they are because they have a steering wheel and four wheels.”

RV experts say a growing industry trend is to have an RV delivered to an RV site for a vacationing family to use.

Gray, the CEO of RV Share, said 20% of his rentals involve the RV owner driving the vehicle to a campground or destination and leaving it there for renters. This way, travelers can drive their own fuel-efficient vehicle to the RV location. Then they can enjoy the benefits of vacationing in an RV – which can feel like having a hotel room with the door opening to some of the most beautiful places in the country, like the parks. national ones – without ever having to refuel the vehicle to drive it over long distances. RV Share started offering the service at the start of the pandemic.

Voice/Debra Karplus | Reflections of a 69-year-old orphan | Guest Comment


I’m up for adoption. I think it’s good to still want my mom and dad as I, a mother of two and grandmother of six, enter my eighth decade. I found the definition of “orphan”; he is someone without parents. So recently, unfortunately, it’s me.

So many euphemisms for death: expired, past. Once, while working as an occupational therapist in a hospital, I visited my scheduled patient’s bedside. A nurse sat next to her. “She didn’t survive,” the RN said matter-of-factly. Sometimes slow to process information, it took me a while to learn that my patient had died.

My mother died at age 86 on the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2015. We went beyond a breakup and had a loving relationship until the end. Me, with my siblings and my father, I was with mom when she breathed her last. What a gift to be able to share this experience with her and those she left behind. I think of mom daily; There are so many things happening in my life that I wish I could share with her. Somewhere, I think she knows.

Dad passed away quietly in the early hours of the first Sunday this spring at the age of 93 of natural causes. I don’t really feel sad for dad. He outlived his parents by many years and until his last weeks he was totally committed to life. For Halloween, he was still ambulatory, and we have some great photos of him in costume at the party in his assisted living apartment.

I talked to him via Facetime once or twice a day, even when I was traveling. Often the call would be brief as it was headed for an activity like chair volleyball, chatting about the news, happy hour, watching a movie, or listening to a jazz band, just to name a few- one. His taste for life, his openness and his positive attitude were contagious.

Dad fell in love again at 91. It was incredibly sweet to see him shine again after his happy 66-year marriage to mum. He and “Kathy” were together most of the time. I teased Dad that I would have been punished as a teenager if I had been caught doing some of the things I observed. Dad liked to tease; it was always light and playful, never mean or malicious.

Dad, the one constant in my life over these 69+ years, has always made me feel safe, protected and loved. Excellent decision-maker, he guided me in many life decisions. Dad had incredible clarity; his priorities always seemed so well aligned.

I feel no sadness for a life so well lived to the end. I suspect sadness will sting me at unexpected times, and during the holidays we spent together, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving in particular. Dad was truly a fun guy to hang out with even as he neared the end of his life.

Sadness is for those who are left behind. The few remaining friends who survived dad are feeling the hole, especially his girlfriend. Dad leaves behind a younger sister. Other than me (dad’s eldest child), his sister (my aunt) has enjoyed him longer than anyone. She and her husband are the last of this generation; knowing that it brings its own aura of sadness.

My brother who lives on the East Coast had to work remotely at his job due to the pandemic. Once he and dad were both fully vaccinated, in April 2021, my brother packed his bags and moved into the hotel literally across the street from dad’s establishment, spending most of his waking time working and hanging out with dad.

My brother made friends with the hotel staff, the assisted living staff and, most importantly, the residents. When he wasn’t working, my brother took part in almost every activity with Dad.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Dad insisted on having spaghetti dinner with his girlfriend, me, and my brother. We had the best time of our lives. I think the transition to life without a dad will be especially difficult for my brother in many ways.

When I returned to Champaign after the funeral in the Chicago area, I started phoning Dad to let him know I was home safely. That’s what I would have done for the past 69 years, but no more.

As I write here, a memorial candle burns for Dad and brings me unexpected comfort, as do the many condolence cards, flowers and gifts I have received.

When I grow up, I want to be like dad.

QBA discusses investment opportunities with Algerian tourism and housing ministers


The Qatar Businessmen’s Association (QBA) met with Algerian Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Yassin Hammadi, and Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and the City, Mohamed Tariq Belaribi, to discuss investment opportunities in the tourism and real estate sectors.

The Qatari delegation, on a recent visit to Algeria, was led by QBA Chairman HE Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim al-Thani and QBA members Sheikh Mohamed bin Faisal al-Thani and Mohamed Moataz al -Khayyat.
They were also joined by Sheikh Nayef bin Eid al-Thani, a member of the Qatari Hotels Association; Tariq al-Sayed, Managing Director and CEO of Al Rayan Tourism Investment Company; Rashid al-Mansouri, CEO of Aamal Holding Group; and Abdulaziz al-Naama, Ambassador of Qatar to Algeria.
During the meeting, Hammadi made a comprehensive presentation on tourism and hotel investment opportunities and partnerships in the tourism sector. He also spoke about the thermal power stations in the different states, notably the southern and eastern states of Algeria.
Hammadi stressed that the meeting was an opportunity to enhance the strong relations already existing between Qatar and Algeria while “both parties renewed their will to strengthen and intensify efforts to develop the relations of partnership and cooperation in a manner that serves the interests of both countries”. .”
The Minister presented a number of areas ready for investment, including the Msida area near Annaba and the Tunisian border, and the Ghar Daya area, as well as other areas for medical tourism, management hotel industry and partnership with public sector players who own a number of hotels.
Belaribi said that Algeria welcomes Qatari businessmen and partnerships between the two countries, especially in the sectors of tourism, handicrafts, housing and urbanization, in accordance with the vision of the two countries. to create a solid partnership, in particular after the visit of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to Qatar last February.
He said: “Today, a new investment law is under consideration. The law will allow foreign and Algerian investors to invest freely. We have attractive areas near airports and transport is available, and we have a new philosophy to create a new Algeria away from bureaucracy. The goal is to complete projects and overcome obstacles.
Sheikh Faisal suggested the creation of an integrated tourist city, including a tourist port and a corniche that attracts visitors through the creation of a public limited company to which businessmen from the two countries and other interested parties could contribute. by Algeria.
He added that desert tourism, with small hotels in the desert governorates, will play a major role in promoting this niche market. He pointed out that the global trend is to transfer state-owned hotels to the private sector for management.
Al-Sayed said: “We now own 36 hotels, the last of which is a hotel in Italy, in an area of ​​100,000 m².”
He noted that all countries offer incentives to invest in tourism, and hopes that Algeria will follow the example of European countries to develop the tourism sector in the Arab world, especially in Algeria, which has a large coast. over 1200 km.
The discussions also focused on the issue of tourist visas, where Belaribi indicated that there is now a trend to cooperate with tourist agencies to facilitate visas within 72 hours and that there is a future presidential approach towards the electronic visa.
The two parties have agreed to form a working team of technicians to study the available projects in order to practically begin to lay the first foundations for the investments. The teams included representatives from the Ministries of Tourism and Housing.
A number of tourist resorts were also visited in the capital and the Cherraqa region, and a visit to the town of Ghar Daya to explore the existing resorts and the town of Wahran, where there are important tourism projects, given that the city is about to host the Mediterranean Games, where a new solar-powered airport has been opened and considered a precedent in African airports.

Portrait of the founder of Kamat Group of Hotels unveiled at the World Konkani Center


Dean of the hotel industry, the late Rangappa Panduranga Kamat, had inspired thousands of young people of a generation by his entrepreneurial spirit. His portrait installed at the World Konkani Center, Shakthinagar will continue to inspire future generations, Chairman of Dempo Group of Industries, Goa, Shrinivas V. Dempo said on Saturday.

He was speaking after unveiling the portrait of Mr Kamat, the founder of Kamat Group of Hotels, at the World Konkani Hall of Fame at the Centre.

“Mr. Kamat revolutionized the hospitality industry during his lifetime and gave employment to thousands of young people in his time. remembrance of Konkani community elders,” he said.

Recalling the efforts of the center’s founder, the late Basti Vaman Shenoy, on that occasion, he said the center was working to preserve the Konkani language and culture.

Speaking on the occasion, Ramachandra Rangappa Kamat, Chairman of Rangappa Kamat Hotel Group and also son of Mr. Kamath, said that Kamat Group is walking in the path set by its founder in providing high quality hygienic vegetarian food to ordinary people. . The group will continue to uphold all the philosophy instilled by Mr. Kamat, he said.

Nandagopal Shenoy, President, Konkani Bhas Ani Sanskriti Prathistan, spoke about the new projects of the World Konkani Center.

Pradeep G. Pai, Secretary of the Vishwa Konkani Scholarship Program delivered a congratulatory speech in honor of the late Mr. Kamat.

City Hall with “old” and “stuffy” rooms slated for demolition after more than 40 years of service


The Copthorne Hotel is on death row in heaven – and when the end finally comes later this summer, anyone is unlikely to shed tears, including a TripAdvisor reviewer who said – perhaps unfairly after the Covid closures – that it was “stuffy” and that “the rooms are so old and smelly.”

The four-star black box was one of a pair of ‘twins’ that dominated the end of Broad Street from the late 1980s. But that says a lot about their building values ​​than Chamberlain House on the Paradise Street side of the area enveloped by Paradise Circus Queensway was virtually demolished in a weekend in January 2018.

Before then, it seemed to take forever to bring the brutalist concrete structure of the Central Library and beyond to its knees, the area’s labyrinthine “underground” network not helping with the speed of demolition.

Read more:Paradise in Birmingham is now worth over £1billion – here’s everything that’s been built there so far

Adrian Boult Hall, the Conservatory and Fletcher’s Walk shopping center were all tough to break, but the glass and beam construction of Chamberlain House was “easy meat” for wreckers by comparison.

And it will surely be for the Copthorne once the nearby block of 77 Paradise Queensway has been completely demolished to help make way for work on the 509ft tall Octagon building at the Summer Row end of Paradise to begin.

In retrospect, the Copthorne Hotel and Chamberlain House were the beginning of the beginning of the end for the Central Library – and once the library’s demise was confirmed, that meant they would have to die with it.

Construction work on the two boxes caused severe traffic disruption at the time due to the apparent need to seriously excavate the nearby road – prior to this Broad Street turned into Paradise Circus Queensway at ground level.

Before the road was lowered, a taxi driver’s video taken from his cab window in 1981 showed that the Central Library’s unique “upside-down ziggurat” shape had the potential to soar as spaceship.

In today’s world of digital effects and LED lighting, you have to wonder if the central library shape could have won it legions of new admirers for relatively little cost compared to the £188 million it took to build the Library of Birmingham before it was opened by Malala in 2013 (a cost so huge it can only open with limited hours).

But the Copthorne and Chamberlain house prevented that vision from becoming a reality. Once built, the Central Library began to fade from public view and the tide turned against it.

If only the central library could have been seen, maybe it would still be there now, but the Paradise developers argued that to make the whole site viable, it would have to go away.

And that meant, once again, that Birmingham’s final #Forward march would be at the expense of its own history, just as the Central Library was built to replace the city’s Victorian Library.

July 23, 2002: Food is served at the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham city center
July 23, 2002: Food is served at the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham city center

Like many places in Birmingham (even Wagamama on Ethel Street), the view from inside the hotel was often better than the other way around. To walk around the Copthorne now is to see a building that would have had few lovers. So yes, in the context of everything, it deserves to follow Chamberlain House into the abyss.

Ten years from now the younger generation will never know it was there and the statue of King Edward VII, returned to the city center in November 2010, will surely by then also have a better backdrop from its position on the corner of Baskerville Square . from Centenary Square.

Facilities and their classification

The website of one of the major hotels allows you to choose the dates you wish to stay, but then says: “Sorry, but the dates chosen for the Copthorne Hotel Birmingham are not available!”

The description of the facilities states: “The hotel has 212 well-appointed rooms and suites, 13 meeting rooms, a restaurant and a bar. Conveniently located near the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and Birmingham New Street Station, the hotel is 20 minutes from the National Exhibition Center (NEC) and Birmingham International Airport.

July 23, 2002: Food is served at the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham city center
July 23, 2002: Food is served at the Copthorne Hotel in Birmingham city center

“Situated in the center of Birmingham, overlooking Centenary Square, the hotel is beautifully situated close to a wide range of shopping, leisure attractions and the central business district of the UK’s second largest city.”

Trivago gave the Birmingham Copthorne an overall rating of 6.8/10 from 2,092 reviews. A positive review said the staff were “Always friendly and helpful, the staff at this hotel are known for their courtesy and attention to guest needs, even during the busiest times.”

On the negative side, it was noted that ‘Long shabby rooms for renovation – wWorn and outdated furniture, frayed carpets, lack of air conditioning and adequate heating/ventilation/fans, and annoyance with poorly functioning showerheads can make your stay less inviting.

The Copthorne Hotel awaiting demolition past 77 Paradise Queensway (right) while the 13-storey One Centenary Way is being built behind
The Copthorne Hotel awaiting demolition

TripAdvisor gave it a rating of 3.5 out of 2,457 reviews. The largest proportion of reviewers (753) said it was “average”, but more people (358) said it was “terrible” versus 291 who said it was “excellent”, while 556 said it was “very good” and 499 posted that it was “poor”.

Rae 2206 posted the latest review in August 2021 (for a stay in February) saying, “Very nice rooms and staff during Covid for a funeral. Good price but prob as it was very quiet.”

Manisha 1999 posted in May 2021: “Our stay at this hotel was really welcoming…all the staff we encountered were really accommodating, the room rate was also quite reasonable.”

Weeds claim Copthorne Hotel sign ahead of demolition
Weeds claim Copthorne Hotel sign ahead of demolition

In July 2021, Sophie P said: “I heard this hotel was closing and I’m not surprised. The rooms are so old and smelly that there are no spare sockets to use – l One is where the television is plugged in and the other is where a rickety old fan must be plugged in as the room is so stuffy.”

In response to another negative review from someone with this as the only TripAdvisor review to their name, manager Simon Doyle said the hotel was closing in July 2021 “with everyone losing their jobs… This is in no way an excuse for any issues you have encountered during your stay with us, but it is a very difficult time given the circumstances and we have taken the appropriate steps to resolve the issue directly with your party. “

At the time, he was running a hotel that was not only about to close, but also had to deal with 18 months of Covid issues and restrictions.

The video below shows how quickly the Copthorne’s sister building, Chamberlain House, was demolished in a weekend – a sign of things to come for the hotel later this year.

Video loading

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In an interview with BirminghamLive in 2018, Mr Doyle explained how frustrated people arriving by car that year were with the reconfigured road networks in the area. But he hoped Copthorne would be the contractor for the new hotel (152 beds, 17 floors, boutique) which would receive planning permission in January 2022 for the Paradise Street end of the redevelopment area.

What comes next

Planning permission was granted in January 2022 for a 152-bed, 17-story ’boutique’ hotel with a ‘sky bar’. It will be on the corner of the Paradise site where Fletcher’s Walk used to be and will overlook the A38 Queensway. A new office block called Three Chamberlain Square will be built along Paradise Street, filling the space between the hotel and Birmingham Town Hall.

Chamberlain House was demolished in January 2018 as part of the Paradise redevelopment scheme
The Copthorne’s sister building – Chamberlain House – was demolished in January 2018 as part of the Paradise redevelopment scheme

The two new buildings will then join a new area of ​​the public realm which will be called Ratcliff Square.

Rob Groves, Regional Development Manager with Paradise MEPC’s Development Manager, said: “The planning permission for the hotel means we can now move forward towards completing this next phase of the development which is already impacting the readability and connectivity of the city center.

“With One Centenary Way, Octagon and other iconic buildings to come, we continue to bring new state-of-the-art buildings to Birmingham, creating new jobs, skills and opportunities for the city and region. Plans to complete phase two will continue to grow and underline our holistic approach.”

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What lies behind the doors of the Obsidian Hotel


Season three of The Umbrella Academy arrives, along with a new home base for the Hargreeves family. The Obsidian Hotel is a seedy-but-chic hotel featured by Klaus in the new trailer for the upcoming season, but what secrets could be hiding behind its doors?

At the end of the second season, the Academy finally returned to the present after being stuck in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the family entered an alternate reality and were seemingly replaced by a new group of super-powered siblings. called Sparrow Academy. Nonetheless, the Hargreeves are bound to encounter another apocalyptic event that must be avoided, and the crew will need a new headquarters to call their own, which is where Hotel Obsidian comes in.

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In the teaser, the siblings go up to a shabby-but-chic hotel that guests stare at curiously. Klaus clearly has an affinity for the hotel, and seems to have been here once before, as he mentions missing it. In an attempt to assuage the disgust of his five other siblings, Klaus announces that the Obsidian is home to many world leaders, including “not one, but two Kardashians.” Not only that, but a major selling point is that the hotel now serves as the perfect place to secretly save the world from an apocalypse.

Given the inexplicable nature of The Umbrella Academy, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Obsidian Hotel was more than meets the eye. First there is the matter of Klaus’ relationship with the hotel. He claims to have missed “her”, which suggests that Klaus must have been here before at some point. What was his past relationship with Obsidian, and could it have something to do with why he brought his siblings there today? Klaus has a lot of power, which even his father says he has yet to harness, so his ties to the hotel might run deeper than he realizes. In Season 1, Klaus jumped back in time to the Vietnam War era, where he fell in love with Dave. Perhaps he stayed at the Obsidian at some point during his accidental trip down memory lane.

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The hotel’s current guests are next in question. In the teaser, as the siblings enter the hotel, they are greeted by strange characters. A bellboy, a woman wearing sunglasses, and a man peering behind a newspaper are just a few of these strange guests. The woman is even shown in the clip whispering to another mystery guest. They might have something to do with the next apocalyptic event predicted to plague the Hargreeves siblings and send their world spiraling once again. There’s also the reality that the Hargreeves seem to have no trouble messing up the timeline. These hotel guests could also be in cahoots with the Commission, only furthering this intrigue. Then, of course, these characters may not mean anything, but their weird behaviors and vibes suggest otherwise.

The Umbrella Academy the kids go for a ride in Season 3 and will have to figure out where they belong now that their old home has been taken over by a seemingly different version of themselves. The dilapidated Hotel Obsidian may seem like a nice and cozy hideout for the super gang, but the Obsidian is also a hotel of secrets and mischief.

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy will be available to stream on Netflix on June 22.

Chefs academy to open at West Sussex hotel to help tackle culinary skills shortage

While in training, trainees will receive an annual salary of £20,000 per annum and receive a full starter kit, including chef’s blanks, shoes and their own set of knives.

Valor Hospitality, the international hospitality management company that runs Crowne Plaza Felbridge, has launched a new Chef Development Academy to encourage locals to pursue culinary careers.

Damien Doyle, Managing Director of Crowne Plaza Felbridge, said: “It is well documented in the industry that there is a shortage of hospitality skills across the sector. However, I think it’s especially important within the chef community, especially on the culinary side.

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This is why we respond to the need to attract and retain talent and the program we offer is the best way to attract this talent. So it fills a need that is obviously in this industry.”

The hotel will partner with Umbrella Training to deliver the program, with a mix of 1-1 tutoring and on-the-job training, the program offers candidates the opportunity to reach chef level in five years.

The course, which is primarily practice-based, will teach trainees key culinary skills – as well as the fundamentals of working in the kitchen such as food safety, costing and menu design.

Damian explained: “The interns’ first month will be spent onboarding and getting to know the hotel and the team, becoming more comfortable in their surroundings.

“Over the next 10-12 months there will be various assessments in kitchen operations, breakfast service and they will be part of the culinary club focused on butchery, bakery and pastry.

“Then they will look at food preparation, poultry, soups and sauces, looking at all the elements that will allow a chef to grow and develop into being able to run a service in the kitchen or help with service. in a kitchen.”

While in training, trainees will receive an annual salary of £20,000 per annum and receive a full starter kit, including chef’s blanks, shoes and their own set of knives.

Valor is also offering a guaranteed pay rise to a minimum of £22,500 at the end of the initial 12 month Academy.

The team of apprentices will also undertake a number of unique, off-site, immersive experiences in venues such as Billingsgate Market and Taste of London as part of their new Culinary Club.

Damian said: “We want to create great environments where people can work, it’s not just a job and we understand that. You can get to 55 hotels within 13 km of this hotel, but here is a very good place to work. You are treated with the utmost respect, there are good facilities and good food.

“We give you the tools for the job and we provide your knives, education and your chef’s blanks.

“It’s also a fun place to work, we get a lot of recognition in terms of performance, we’re all looking to create that positive environment. You will enjoy working here.

Valor will begin the recruitment process for Crowne Plaza Felbridge in mid-May with the aim of launching the academy in August.


Can NY’s plan to convert hotels into affordable housing help reduce homelessness? Some hope so.


A year ago, Governor Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers set aside $100 million to encourage real estate developers to take on vacant and underutilized New York hotels that were struggling due to a lack of guests during the pandemic and turn them into permanent housing for the homeless. and low-income residents. So far, no hotel has been converted under the program.

Albany lawmakers doubled funding to $200 million this month and Hochul signed legislation removing some regulatory hurdles to make it easier and faster for nonprofit developers to convert hotels into affordable, supportive housing. . The new program, officials said, is intended to save developers time and money to incentivize them to convert enough units to help solve the city’s housing crisis.

The question now is whether that can have an impact as the city continues to rediscover a new sense of normalcy, more tourists return and fewer hotels struggle to function. Some said they see the expansion of the program as a step in the right direction. Others said they weren’t sure if even doubling funds and cutting bureaucracy was enough to make a difference.

“I’m hoping we’ll see a whole bunch of that, but I’m hesitant to say a number,” said Ted Houghton, president of Gateway Housing, a nonprofit that advises affordable housing developers. “It will be a few hundred units or a few thousand units. I do not know. I mean, both are totally possible.

The idea of ​​converting vacant hotels into affordable housing took hold after COVID-19 decimated the hospitality industry in the spring of 2020. The federal government restricted travel and states told residents to stay home in part of an effort to contain the coronavirus. Hotel owners were bleeding money at the same time as housing advocates sought to move the homeless out of communal shelters that were not conducive to social distancing requirements and into safer permanent accommodation.

Turning financially distressed hotels into affordable, supportive housing is seen as a way to address both issues.

“We have seen and still view hotel conversions as crucial because they are one of the few ways to rapidly increase accommodation capacity,” said Eric Rosenbaum, president and CEO of Project Renewal, a services group to the homeless which provides housing. , health and employment of the homeless.

In June 2021, the state legislature passed the Housing Our Neighbors with Dignity Act, designed to help nonprofit developers buy struggling hotels, pay for renovations, and then turn them into affordable housing. So far, there have been no takers.

The state agency that administers it has received two preliminary proposals for buildings in New York and one outside the city, but no formal request for funding has been submitted, according to a spokesperson.

Hochul and state lawmakers went a step further earlier this month and amended what is known as the state’s “multiple dwelling law” to allow certain hotels located in restricted areas to light industry to be used as permanent dwellings. Hotels can keep their pre-existing certificates of occupancy and developers can skip the lengthy land use review process, known as the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure.

As mayoral candidate, Eric Adams has proposed turning shuttered hotels into supportive and affordable housing. As mayor, he lobbied for legislation.

“This bill will do more than build apartments, it will transform lives,” Adams said when Hochul signed the bill June 7.

There are 177 hotels in light manufacturing districts that could be eligible for conversion, said Houghton, who helped draft the legislation. But the law only allows conversion of hotels within 400 feet, or about two blocks, of a residential area. And, if the hospitality workers are represented by a union, the union must approve the conversion. Other factors, including the cost of buying and renovating a hotel, as well as its condition and location, could further narrow the pool of conversion candidates.

Low-cost, ready-to-use housing

Due to the lack of vacant land for development in New York, Rosenbaum of Project Renewal said new construction projects can take five years. While it would only take about 18 months to turn a hotel into permanent low-cost accommodation, according to his estimates.

“There’s almost nothing else that offers this speed of getting affordable housing online,” Rosenbaum said.

By design, hotels are built to provide people with temporary shelter. The physical infrastructure, such as plumbing, elevators and rooms, is already in place.

“All you have to do is add a little kitchenette and you have a fully functional little studio,” Rosenbaum said.

But the cost of conversion can be prohibitive, which the new legislation aims to address.

Two recently completed hotel-housing projects, launched before the legislation was enacted, give an idea of ​​the time and money it takes to create affordable housing in New York.

Real estate developer Fairstead has transformed the former Park 79 Hotel, a seven-story building near the Upper West Side Museum of Natural History, into affordable housing for seniors. The cost of the gut renovation came to about $60 million, said Brett Meringoff, a managing partner. It took the company a few years to transform around 110 hotel rooms into 77 studio apartments. That equates to nearly $780,000 per unit.

In Brooklyn, Breaking Ground, the city’s largest developer of supportive housing, has spent $233 million, with funding from City Hall, to transform a 29-story building once used by the Witnesses of Jehovah as hotel for staff and volunteers in 491 apartments for extremely low accommodation. low-income and low-income households, according to Matthew Costantini, spokesperson for the nonprofit. Of these, 305 apartments are reserved for former homeless people. Breaking Ground paid $178 million for the DUMBO property in 2018 and paved the way in November 2020.

Challenges Facing Developers

While tourism is slowly returning to the city, hotel occupancy is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. Vijay Dandapani, president and CEO of the New York Hotel Association, said about 100 hotels, representing 13% to 14% of the city’s inventory, remain closed,

He supports hotel-to-accommodation conversion, but he thinks hotel owners who might have wanted to offload their properties for a bargain in 2020 might be less inclined to sell them at rock bottom prices, given that the industry expects tourism to fully recover by 2024.

“They will hold,” Dandapani said. “Many, if not all, of these owners built their hotels with the intent of being a hotel owner, not an affordable housing owner.”

He also said adding kitchens, even small kitchenettes, is no easy task. Most hotel rooms are too small to accommodate one, Dandapani said, meaning adding kitchen facilities will likely require expensive renovations that include moving walls to create extra space. .

“When you convert these hotels into affordable housing, you have to square the circle,” Dandapani said.

With more than 48,000 people staying in the city’s main shelter system and thousands of other homeless people living on the streets and in the subway, Dandapani said the city and state will have to spend a lot more $200 million to fight homelessness.

“It’s a bit of a challenge. So where will the money come from.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar appoints Room Division Manager


Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar has recently promoted Salim Said Abdul Rahim Al Zadjali to Room Division Manager, a new role that oversees the hotel’s room division services, front desk and housekeeping services as well as the management of the teams concerned. The Room Division Manager is responsible for perfecting performance and operations, delivering memorable stay experiences and maintaining Radisson Hotel Group, Oman’s unparalleled service excellence.

Salim first joined Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar as a Duty Manager/Security Manager in 2017; Since then, he has successfully climbed the ranks within the organization, progressing steadily and accelerated by a certain dynamism that propelled him into his new role.

Earlier in his career, Salim was HR Coordinator at Al Rayan Qatar, Doha and Service/Front Office Manager in charge at various IHG properties in Oman. These roles have provided him with extensive experience not only in guest services, but also in training in day-to-day hotel operations, managing teams and maintaining budgets.

His dedication and hard work over the last unprecedented times, even going beyond his duties, served as an example and inspiration to the entire team. Salim said the following about his new appointment: “I am delighted to have had this opportunity to become Room Division Manager of the hotel. I will work hard to achieve even higher levels of hospitality, providing our guests with the kind of resort experience that only Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar can provide.

Salah Al-Mamari, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, Sohar, added that Salim’s promotion reinforces the initiatives and leadership of Al Nabri Global Investment Group and Radisson Hotels‘ commitment to nurturing and shaping the careers of ‘talented Omanis in the industry.



Radisson Blu is an upscale hotel brand that delivers positive, personalized service in stylish spaces. Characterized by attention to small details and the Yes I Can! philosophy of service, Radisson Blu hotels are designed to make a big difference and inspire unforgettable experiences with every stay. With personalized service and local nuances, every stay at a Radisson Blu hotel becomes a truly meaningful and memorable experience. Radisson Blu hotels are found in major cities, major airport gateways and leisure destinations. Guests and professional business partners can enhance their experience with Radisson Blu by participating in Radisson Rewards, a global loyalty program offering exceptional benefits and rewards.

Radisson Blu is part of the Radisson Hotel Group, which also includes Radisson Collection, Radisson, Radisson RED, Radisson Individuals, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson and prizeotel united under the commercial umbrella brand Radisson Hotels.
For reservations and more information, visit our website. Or connect with Radisson Blu at:

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Your search for free photos of buff shirtless Japanese guys in a hotel is over!【Photos】


Japan’s top source for muscular macho stock photos is launching a new genre: Hotel Macho.

If you’re the creative type in modern media, a good image bank the source is invaluable. For example, suppose you are creating a website or a presentation and you want a generic image of a Hotel. There are all kinds of free photo collections online where you can get what you need.

But what if you need an image that doesn’t just say “Hotel!” but also says “Massive muscles!” Well, in that case, there’s probably only one place that has what you’re looking for: Bodybuilding More.

Muscle Plus is the first free online source of “macho” pictures in Japan. Since its launch two years ago, Muscle Plus has regularly updated its image library, and its latest batch of prodigiously pectoral photos are titled “Macho Hotel.”

Turned to luxurious Hotel Greges in the coastal town of Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecturefounder of Muscle Plus Akihito and buff buddy Toshi are our hospitable hosts, welcoming guests with courteous smiles and no clothing between the waist and collarbones.

▼ Is Akihito underdressed or is it the guest who just arrived moredressed?

When not working at the front desk, Akihito and Toshi do double duty not as bellhops, but as dumbbells.

Don’t worry, they’re not just there to stand there and flex, as they’re happy to help with your luggage.

However, they don’t seem to need the baggage cart wheels very much.

Unless they take it for a ride, that is.

▼ Attention Toshi! If you crush this bell, how will guests ring for help when no one is around?

The badass also appear in the hotel lounge.

▼ Let’s take a moment to admire not only their musculature, but also their excellent posture.

The pair also posed by the hotel pool, where their bare torsos look much more normal, so they make up for it with other quirks.

Remember, though, that Akihito and Toshi were just there for a photo shoot, so don’t expect to meet them if you arrive at the hotel, or answer the phone if you call the place. .

▼Especially since it seems entirely possible that they don’t know what phones are or that they’re so manly that anything they hold in their hands can magically transform into gear. bodybuilding.

But if you’ve desperately searched for “free to use photo of buff shirtless guys in a hotel” and the results are empty, your unusually specific prayers have been answered (and that goes for searches for “free to use.” use photo of buff isekai’ed guy” too).

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Source: PR time
Top picture: Bodybuilding More
Insert images: Muscle Plus (1, 2)
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Wayfarer magazine is now available at more than 45 United Airlines clubs across the United States


The complete catalog of Traveler magazine is now available to read in over 45 United Clubs across the United States for free thanks to United’s partnership with the publishing app Easily.

This decision will increase the number of readers of Traveler – the only business travel or executive magazine in Asia-Pacific whose current editions are available on Readly – ​​and provides news and topical articles to members and guests of United Clubs across the United States , from Austin to Washington.

With each edition of Travelerthe sister magazine of SMreaders can expect travel information, international guides, destination guides, hotel and airline reviews, as well as bespoke restaurant, bar and beverage features, the best technology, automotive, travel accessories and more.

Wayfarer is now available in all United Airlines lounges in the United States

Readly offers a digital subscription service in over 50 countries and 17 languages ​​where customers have unlimited access to 7,500 magazines and newspapers.

It is offered to hotel guests worldwide, travelers on United Airlines and other major carriers, and on board the UK’s largest rail operator, where passengers on Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern trains can sit back and enjoy unlimited Wayfarer playback.

“We are pleased Traveler is available to hundreds of thousands of members and guests at United Clubs across America,” said Traveler Host and SM Editor, James Wilkinson.

“Our magazines offer hours of exciting reading, from the latest travel news and reviews to special features, interviews and more.

“United is one of the world’s leading airlines with some of the most loyal and frequent travelers and we are delighted that our guests have easy access to our catalog of magazines.”

The next edition of Traveler should be released in the coming weeks and the latest edition can be found below.

The Saudi king of investment who no longer governs alone

  • The Saudi fund bought nearly 17% of Prince Alwaleed’s company
  • Sovereign wealth fund likely to be an active investor – sources
  • PIF could benefit from Alwaleed’s investment style – analysts

DUBAI, June 15 (Reuters) – The prince who is the international face of Saudi affairs may no longer be able to make all the decisions.

For years, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the so-called Saudi Warren Buffett, has earned hundreds of millions of dollars investing in companies ranging from Citigroup (CN) to Uber (UBER.N) to Twitter (TWTR .N) with almost complete autonomy. .

Now his investment company Kingdom Holding (4280.SE) has Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) as a minority shareholder and the powerful sovereign wealth fund is unlikely to stay away, sources close to the media said. case.

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The wealth fund, which is at the heart of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s ambitious plan to diversify the Saudi economy, will want Kingdom Holding’s investment committee to have more decision-making power than in the past, have said. two sources with knowledge of Kingdom’s affairs told Reuters.

“(PIF) will want to be an active investor,” said one Gulf sovereign wealth fund investor. “Kingdom Holding’s investment committee is basically Alwaleed, and I can’t imagine the PIF being at the whim of the prince.”

PIF, Kingdom Holding, Prince Alwaleed and his spokesman all declined to comment when contacted by Reuters on what PIF’s minority stake would mean for future investments.

Alwaleed, 67, had long kept a grip on Kingdom shares, holding all but 5% traded on the Saudi stock market until PIF bought a 16.87% stake for $1.5 billion the month last.

The deal came more than four years after Prince Alwaleed was embroiled in an anti-corruption campaign ordered by the Crown Prince and detained for nearly three months at the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh along with dozens of senior royals. , senior officials and businessmen.

Most of the detainees were released after reaching financial agreements and Prince Alwaleed said in March 2018 that he had reached a confidential and secret agreement with the government.

It was unclear if the purchase of the PIF was related to the settlement. A spokesman for Prince Alwaleed, grandson of Saudi Arabia’s first king Abdulaziz and Lebanon’s first prime minister Riad Al Solh, said it was purely a trade deal.

The PIF deal was struck at Kingdom Holding’s lowest share price this year, with no premium. Bankers who usually work with the PIF or Alwaleed were not hired for the deal, two sources familiar with the matter said.


The Saudi state has taken direct majority stakes in the businesses of some Saudi entrepreneurs detained in 2017, including construction group Binladen and media company MBC, as part of settlements securing their release.

Analysts, however, said the intervention in Kingdom Holding marked a shift in strategy by the Saudi government, with the other stakes being held by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) rather than the wealth fund.

“It’s an indication of a change in direction,” said James Swanston, Middle East and North Africa economist at Capital Economics. “With PIF now owning the stake, this can now be viewed more as an investment opportunity.”

The role of the PIF is to earn enough revenue through investments to develop new sectors in the Saudi economy while the Ministry of Finance is more the custodian of day-to-day spending and is much less strategic or risk-interested, said Jim Krane, researcher. at Rice University’s Baker Institute.

Alwaleed’s investment style has focused on new opportunities that could be very lucrative but carry risk, as well as undervalued assets, one of the sources with knowledge of Kingdom’s business said.

“The PIF is essentially buying a stake in Prince Alwaleed’s successful investment track record. As long as Alwaleed demonstrates that he can still pick winners, the Saudis will benefit,” said Jim Krane, author of “Energy Kingdoms: Oil and Political Survival in the Persian Gulf”. .”

Alwaleed rose to international prominence after making a successful big bet on Citigroup in the 1990s and he was an early investor in Apple (AAPL.O).

The prince and the kingdom also jointly invested $300 million in Twitter in 2011 and he increased his stake in 2015. Last month he agreed to pay a stake worth $1.89 billion in the buyout deal from Elon Musk, rather than cashing in.


While PIF’s decision could affect Prince Alwaleed’s room for maneuver, Kingdom Holding will benefit from the political and financial clout of the sovereign wealth fund when it comes to negotiations, the two sources close to Kingdom said.

Since becoming a more active investor in 2015, the sovereign wealth fund has taken bold steps to increase its visibility in the business and sports worlds.

He took a $3.5 billion stake in Uber ahead of its IPO, invested $45 billion in Softbank’s inaugural tech fund, bought 80% of British soccer club Newcastle United last year and has turned the world of golf upside down with its new LIV league.

The PIF now manages more than $600 billion in assets, although its investment record has been mixed.

He made a huge profit investing in electric vehicle maker Lucid (LCID.O) before its listing, but his investment in Softbank has been more volatile as rising rates and geopolitical instability whipped tech stocks to high increase.

The wealth fund supports the Crown Prince’s megaprojects in his Vision 2030 economic diversification plan.

Real estate consultant Knight Frank estimates that plans to develop Saudi Arabia’s nascent tourism industry and other sectors, including the construction of a sprawling, futuristic green city called NEOM for $500 billion, are worth more than 1 trillion dollars.

But Riyadh has struggled with as many foreign investors as hoped and the PIF could benefit from Alwaleed’s relationships with key players in the hospitality industry through stakes in Four Seasons as well as the Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel chains.

Despite his high-profile image, Alwaleed has remained close to his roots. He often travels deep into the Saudi desert, where he spends time with guests and meets tribesmen and their families.

The fact that his son Khaled bin Alwaleed forged his own path, investing in technology, real estate, food manufacturing and vegan chains through his KBW Ventures and KBW Investments, raised the question of succession. , said three sources.

A source from the financial world said that PIF could propose a candidate who would be prepared by the prince as a successor.

“You take the prince out of the equation, and it’s just a Saudi investment holding company,” the person said. “I don’t think many of these deals would have happened without him.”

($1 = 3.7518 riyals)

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Reporting by Hadeel al Sayegh and Saeed Azhar; Editing by David Clarke

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Five hotel room tips that will keep you and your valuables safe from intruders while on vacation


Thousands of Irish families will be heading out this summer for a well-deserved break in sunnier post-Covid climes.

Although traveling abroad is generally very safe – depending on your destination – there are things you can do to ensure that you and your belongings are safe in your hotel room.

Former flight attendant Nassim has shared some advice with Express.co.uk for those staying in hotels this summer after a terrifying ordeal for one of her crew members.

Read more:Holiday hell for Irish tourists this summer as expert predicts Ryanair strike will hit flights to Spain and possibly more

The stewardess admitted that she doesn’t even always feel safe in her hotel room, despite how often she travels.

She explained: “When I first started flying I heard of a story where a crew member had walked into his hotel room and hadn’t checked in properly and someone had hidden in the bedroom.

“They were attacked, so every time I entered a hotel room, I used my suitcase to keep the hotel door open.

“I then go inside and check everywhere.

“I was checking the bathroom, under the bed, inside the cabinets, under the table and behind the curtains to make sure no one was in there.

“I would never walk into a room without doing that,” she explained.

Nassim said some hotels don’t have chains for the door “so we just rely on the lock”.

“So I put my bag by the door.

“In case someone opens it from the outside to make noise.”

The stewardess said it was a good hack to recognize that someone immediately enters your room.

The crew member shared other things vacationers and business travelers should always do to stay safe while abroad.

She explained: “I would also make sure that I never get in an elevator with just one person and press my floor.

“And make sure no one follows you to your room.

“If you don’t feel safe, wait in the lobby until they’re gone.

“Only then go to your room, especially if you are alone.”

Nassim added: “I still wouldn’t put room service on my door to avoid someone coming in.”

The crew member recommended always using the room safe.

She said: “I also used the safes for my important documents and money.

“Always, always use this!!

“I always leave my TV on, so I feel like I’m in the room all the time,” she added.

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Dolce Sitges by Wyndham, luxury hotel near Barcelona


With 263 rooms and suites in a setting resembling the Hollywood Hills of Sitges, a charming coastal town southwest of Barcelona, ​​Dolce by Wyndham Sitges is a destination where Mediterranean flair meets nature, the hotel enjoys from breathtaking views of the azure sea and the beauty of the surrounding Garraf Natural Park.

Miami-based interior design studio, Pink Ink Workshop, have been tasked with creating a new look for the much-loved hotel, with the resort undergoing a recent refurbishment that has transformed it into a destination that nods to its prime location, as well as the more than 300 days of sunshine per year that the town of Sitges enjoys. The Mediterranean Sea, unmissable from virtually every vantage point the hotel offers, inspires the color palette and textures of the rooms and suites, as well as the vast public spaces, restaurants, bars and spa of the property. -be.

Built in the shape of the number ‘5’, and thanks to its location on the heights of the city, close to exclusive houses and the Golf Terramar golf course, the hotel has six floors but rarely appears higher than three. The illusion creates an expansive and open guest experience, while complimenting the sustainability of the resort in that the property does not cause negative visual impact on the environment.

Sea views are in abundance at the Dolce Sitges, a very welcome addition to any hotel set back from the water. The Malvasia Bar is the first public space you are likely to encounter, and it is a wonderful and sophisticated place to enjoy a cocktail with panoramic views of the beautiful golf course and the Mediterranean beyond. With several couches and chairs, modern art, and a game room with ping-pong and pool tables, it’s a place to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.

Just below the bar, guests will find the Verema Restaurant, which is accessed via a sculptural spiral staircase and serves breakfast, lunches, and dinners for large groups. Its expansive garden with an Instagram-ready VW campervan is an idyllic place to have a coffee, read a book or have breakfast.

Taking advantage of the 300 days of sunshine a year enjoyed by this Mediterranean town 30 minutes from the Catalan capital, Dolce Sitges has four outdoor swimming pools. Surrounded by lush vegetation and tropical plants, this heavenly place is blessed with a cooling breeze and natural lights. The Oasis Pool Bar serves a range of tropical cocktails, smoothies and ice creams, as well as refreshing beers and local wines. With plenty of room to sunbathe and take a dip in your pool of choice, it’s hard to walk away from this spot; unless of course you go to the new gastronomic offer of the property, the restaurant Terrassa la Punta.

The chefs behind Dolce Sitges Barcelona believe that food is an exploration, which is most evident in this new gastronomic offering. With an unparalleled open-air environment, the restaurant boasts an incredible panoramic terrace overlooking the Garraf Natural Park and chef Jaume Balada has created a menu here that pays homage to local produce and the Mediterranean landscape. Fresh, tasty and seasonal, traditional dishes are cooked in a wood oven before being presented with a modern twist. Rice from the Delta del Ebro with monkfish; Beef tenderloin ECO Girona; or local catch of the day, it’s a magical place to enjoy lunch or dinner. And, if you opt for the latter, you will witness an incredible sunset.

Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Luxury Hotel near Barcelona

With Mediterranean life spent largely in the open air, Rose Ink Workshop has created a fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Rooms and suites are spacious, bright, filled with natural light, and feature a color palette of blues and whites. A combination of lounging and working spaces, plus details such as bathrobes and slippers, coffee maker, pillow menu and large sea-view terraces, allow guests to disconnect and unwind. bask in the privacy of their own room. A sanctuary with views over the town of Sitges and the mountains of the natural park, you can forget the daily grind of the city in a matter of hours.

The Dolce Vital spa and extensive meeting and conference spaces round out the offerings at Dolce by Wyndham Sitges, a luxurious resort that feels a world away from the bustle of the famous town just half an hour away. A place to disconnect and unwind no matter how long you stay, for those looking for a relaxing getaway close to the beating heart of the city, there are few more inspired choices.


Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Luxury Hotel near Barcelona

Photograph © We Heart / courtesy, Dolce Sitges.

Siddharth Savkur appointed CEO of Kamaxi Group

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Hafele India completes 100 years of journey through an interesting project “Hafele DNA”

Siddharth Savkur appointed CEO of Kamaxi Group

Posted on June 14, 2022

The Kamaxi Group, which offers end-to-end services ranging from training and certification to employment and development in the hospitality industry, has appointed Siddharth Savkur as CEO. Group entities include Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts (KCCA), Kamaxi Overseas Consultants (KOC), Kamaxi Skills and FIERCE Kitchens. With a multitude of leadership roles spanning over two decades, Savkur brings a wealth of experience in business and people management and will lead Kamaxi’s leadership team.

An alumnus of the Institute of Hotel Management in Bengaluru, his career has seen Savkur gain experience in hotel operations, asset management, strategic planning and business development with international hotel companies in different markets. He has held key positions in luxury brands like Alila Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt and Radisson and is also a hotel consultant. This broad and global knowledge will be a valuable addition to Kamaxi’s management team and will support its vision of making India the skills hub of the world.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Siddharth as our new CEO. His strong business skills and in-depth understanding of developing people skills, driving operations with strategic objectives and establishing processes for maximum efficiency will be essential in guiding our business to greater heights,” commented Parixit Pai Fondekar, president of Kamaxi.

“I am honored to be appointed CEO of the Kamaxi Group and excited about the vision and growth plans we have. Skills development, employability of the workforce and creation of job opportunities solids are crucial factors impacting the global hospitality industry today and in the foreseeable future.I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute in this critical space,” said Siddharth Savkur.

KCCA offers a 3-year program in Culinary Management approved by the University of Goa, as well as short-term employment-oriented courses. Admissions have begun for the next batch which is expected to begin in July 2022. KOC serves the labor needs of international cruise, hotel and restaurant customers. Kamaxi Skills aims to create a network of Culinary Skills Centers across India. FIERCE Kitchens is the first dedicated incubator for “foodpreneurs” with a business idea in the F&B space, in collaboration with the Atal Incubation Center of the Goa Institute of Management.

SmartFaucets – The Ultimate California Drought Solution To Be Featured Today At California Lodging Expo


This new system has been field tested by California’s Marymount University to save 40% of water consumption.

SmartFaucets are ideal for the hospitality industry. Installed in a 100-room hotel, they can help save 100,000 gallons of water, which means billions of gallons of water saved by California hotels alone.

— Joanna Boey, Founder and Inventor

IRVINE, California, United States, June 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As California faces its worst drought on record, an Irvine, Calif. start-up has developed a new touchless automatic faucet called SmartFaucets, a patented technology that combines the motion sensor faucets with electronic touchpad with preset temperature and timer to replace the sensor in case of failure. This new system has been field tested by California’s Marymount University for 40% water savings plus gas, electricity, paper towels and related waste.

“A lot of water is wasted by adjusting this water temperature. SmartFaucets offer 4 preset touch temperature buttons to help eliminate wasted water,” said Joanna Boey, founder and inventor of SmartFaucets. American flow rate of one gallon per minute, a six-second adjustment of this water temperature, ten times a day, means one gallon of water is wasted.”

According to the American Dental Association, most people spend one to two minutes brushing their teeth. SmartFaucets has a default 5 second timer to shut off this water supply when not needed. Brushing your teeth twice a day means saving two gallons of water. With California’s water shortage, three gallons of savings per person per day means 1,000 gallons of water saved.

“The SmartFaucets are perfect for hotels and the hospitality industry. For example, a 100-room hotel will save 100,000 gallons of water. With several thousand hotels in California alone, that means several billion gallons of water saved with SmartFaucets,” Boey added. “With the current acute problem of water shortages, automatic shut-off faucets will soon be a daily necessity. Unfortunately the only electronic auto-stop faucets are motion sensor faucets, they often fail, therefore they are usually seen in public restrooms with multiple sinks, not places with a single sink.

By combining the smart touchpad with motion sensor faucets, SmartFaucets can now be installed in single sink locations. This new technology is perfect for a hotel or hospital room. SmartFaucets uses a rechargeable hydroelectric battery and only needs to be charged for half an hour by hotel/hospital cleaning staff for 2000 uses or one month if used 50 times a day .

SmartFaucets has been lab tested by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (iAMPO) to handle 550,000 strokes without failure, giving it a 30 year lifespan if used 50 times per day, including battery life.

Other advantages of the SmartFaucets system:
• They are approved by the APCE; a government-backed funding program in 37 states. With this program, building owners can install smart faucets without payment for one to three years.
• In addition, each unit is eligible for up to $140 per unit installed in federal tax credit. Unlike most touchless technologies that cost money, SmartFaucets saves money from day one and for many years to come.
• Clear label can be placed and removed daily for added hygiene, users only need their articulation to control the touchpad.
• The touchpad offers four temperature presets on hot, cold, warmer, hot, which makes it more hygienic and convenient without having to adjust the water temperature
• Installation is easy and can be done in just 10 minutes. Click here to see the video which includes installation instructions as well as other smart faucet highlights
• Hotel name and logo can also be applied to the touchpad.
• An electronic touch pad can be attached to the tub or hot tub to replace faucet handles, to avoid costly tub overflow.
• For showers – this electronic touchpad can also be placed outside the shower to activate hot water before entering to avoid that first splash of cold water, and a benefit for architects and designers in enlarging the shower space.
• For new construction, a 100,000 gallon water savings means a reduction in water meter pipe size, which means lower water meter charges and lower monthly charges.
• SmartFaucets are both hygienic and convenient and can help end acute dryness.

In conclusion, unlike most green technologies which only conserve one natural resource, SmartFaucets conserve all three water, gas, electric paper towels and waste. SmartFaucets can help avoid building an expensive billion dollar desalination facility that will triple water rates as it is highly dependent on energy cost, which defeats the purpose of going green. The system is currently being tested to potentially generate 5 carbon credits per room per year, which can generate additional revenue for hoteliers.

Joanna Boey will present the SmartFaucets system today, June 13 at 12:00 p.m. PT during a luncheon at the California Lodging Expo® and Conference, California’s premier hospitality trade show, held at the Commerce Casino and Hotel in Los Angeles. On Saturday, June 25, Boey will represent SmartFaucets at the Taiwan Hotel & Motel Association Of Southern California event at Hilton Irvine Orange County Airport. SmartFaucets is a women-owned company based in Irvine, MA. For more information, visit https://smartfaucets.net/.
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Amy Rimer
Smart faucets
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State uses 8,500 hotel rooms to house refugees – The Irish Times


Nearly one in seven hotel rooms in the state are currently reserved by the government to house refugees, exacerbating a supply crisis in the sector that has seen room rates rise significantly in recent months, leading to a significant political and public anger.

The Children’s Department, which is responsible for accommodating all refugees, confirmed to The Irish Times that the latest number of hotel rooms used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees is around 5,100, while 3 422 additional rooms are used to accommodate asylum seekers from other countries. countries that are in the direct delivery system.

That means 8,522 of the state’s 61,000 hotel rooms, or 14%, are currently off the market for tourists, business visitors and domestic residents. The number of hotel rooms that have been pulled from the private market is almost three times higher than the number of new rooms that are expected to be built over the next two years.

Representatives of the hospitality and tourism industries, along with state tourism officials, are due to appear before a committee of the Oireachtas on Wednesday, where the industry is expected to come under significant pressure from skyrocketing room rates this summer. , especially in Dublin and tourist hotspots such as Killarney. Typical room rates per night in Dublin exceed €400 most weekends.

Some politicians such as Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley, who is not a member of the committee, have accused the hospitality industry of “price gouging” as travel demand rebounds from Covid. Tánaiste Leo Varadkar recently warned that rising room rates could cost the tourism industry any further extension of its special 9% VAT rate, which was previously 13.5%.

Many hoteliers have dismissed the ‘price gouging’ label and pointed to the capacity that has been taken out of the market for refugees, saying it has ‘distorted’ room rates. The Department of International Child Protection (Ipas) accommodation service pays flat rates for all capacity that has been taken out of circulation.

A hotelier who contacted the Irish Times, Charles O’Callaghan, the son of Noel O’Callaghan who set up the family’s eponymous hotel group which comprises four properties in Dublin, said he “can see how the consumer thinks the rates for some properties are too high.” He said there was “much more to it” than temporary reductions in supply due to refugees, and he also noted inflation in the supply chain. supply chain, hotels that have not reopened since the pandemic, unused capacity due to understaffing, and supply chain bottlenecks such as scarce linen supplies.

Ipas appears to have recently extended its block booking deals with many hotels as the state comes under huge pressure to house growing numbers of refugees. For example, earlier this year it block-booked the brand new €100 million, 393-room Travelodge Plus hotel in Dublin city center until this summer. However, availability on booking sites suggests the hotel is now block-booked until at least the end of this year.

At the Oireachtas committee meeting on Wednesday, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation lobby group is expected to say that 2022 “cannot be considered a normal year”, and that “the escalating pressure on costs and lack of supply” have helped create pressure in the industry. .

The confederation will say that the latest STR research data suggests that room rates in April have only increased by 16% since before the pandemic. The latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics suggests hotel rates in May rose 21% year-on-year. Anecdotally, room rates are increasing at a much faster rate this summer in areas with higher demand.

A gift shop where everything is free, a volleyball court SUE REID sees Rwandan housing


The smiling, well-dressed staff at Rwanda’s Hope Hotel are eagerly awaiting their next – rather unusual – group of guests about to arrive from Britain.

This week, as long as the government wins various legal challenges, visitors checking into the smart reception will be migrants deported from the UK after illegally crossing the English Channel on dinghies.

“We want to make them happy here,” Bakini Ismael, 34, general manager of the 50-room property in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, said yesterday. “We will welcome them as if they were paying guests on vacation in Africa.

“Everything is ready for them. We will distribute cigarettes for free and we will have built nice gazebos in the garden where they can smoke, because we want them to have pleasures in life.

Migrants will be served three meals a day prepared by a Rwandan chef in a smart white uniform

It will be a far cry from the UK deportation centers where the 150 migrants on the ‘no right to be in the UK’ deportation list are being held in tight security after being detained by UK police. immigration.

Under a contentious deal between Britain and Rwanda, migrants from countries including Somalia, Sudan, Albania, Iran, Iraq and Vietnam will travel 4,000 miles on a private charter plane from London to the East African country where they will land on Wednesday morning. They will be transported by bus half an hour from Kigali airport to the Hope Hotel, a well-appointed modern building, with a four-story floor-to-ceiling atrium, set in lush green lawns dotted with jacaranda trees and surrounded by boxwood hedges. .

There, migrants will sleep in twin rooms with double beds covered with mosquito nets, colorful rugs on the floor and a set of slippers in the side tables.

At each bedside there is a panoply of shower gels and soaps, as well as a list of telephone numbers allowing them to call the hotel manager, find an interpreter or obtain medical help at any time of the day. day or night on the mobile phones given to them on arrival.

In the hallway is a “suggestion box” where they can complain if they don’t like the way they are treated or if they find something wrong with the hotel service. There is also a range of newly installed washing machines for them to clean their clothes.

The British government must pay £60 a day for accommodation for each migrant

The British government must pay £60 a day for accommodation for each migrant

But none of the guests will have to clean or scrub the dishes after eating in the spacious restaurant. There are staff to take care of it. Migrants will be served three meals a day prepared by a Rwandan chef in a smart white uniform who is an expert in preparing halal dishes suitable for Muslims.

Their free time has also been taken into account, with a volleyball court being built next to the hotel. “We will offer them everything they could wish for,” Mr. Ismael said.

This certainly rings true. New computers have been installed in special ‘business’ areas, so customers can keep in touch with family and friends in their home country or in the UK. There are two prayer rooms and a gift shop where everything will be given away for free: from cigarettes to boxer shorts and white t-shirts.

“We will do everything to make their stay pleasant,” added Mr. Ismael, with a smile. The UK government is to pay £60 a day for each migrant’s accommodation as part of the £120m deal to ‘outsource’ asylum processing to climate-friendly Rwanda Mediterranean and green countryside.

A Rwandan government spokesperson said: “Migrants coming from your country will not be locked up. You don’t do that to guests.

“They will not be prisoners, but will be able to leave and enter the Hope Hotel whenever they wish.”

Once their asylum status has been decided, and if they obtain the right to settle here, the migrants will have to leave the hotel definitively to go and live among and like other Rwandans.

The asylum process in Kigali is expected to take less than four months – significantly faster than the overburdened UK system where tens of thousands of people languish, often for years, in hotels, hostels and rented rooms.

In addition to the Hope Hotel, two others in Kigali – the Rouge by Desir with a swimming pool and rooms with balconies offering stunning views of Rwanda’s mountains, and the Hallmark with 20 villas with private gardens – have been reserved by the British government until ‘in October.

Migrants will sleep in double rooms with double beds covered with mosquito nets and a list of phone numbers so they can find an interpreter or get medical help at any time

Migrants will sleep in double rooms with double beds covered with mosquito nets and a list of phone numbers so they can find an interpreter or get medical help at any time

At Rouge by Desir, general manager Denis Bizimungu said: “We will welcome these migrants with open arms. We will try to make them forget the problems that made them leave their country.

“We want to make sure that the idea of ​​crossing the sea by boat never comes back to them. We want their hearts to be filled with joy in Rwanda.

“Under this agreement with Britain, all costs of their stay are paid for by your government.”

Yet despite what will be a pampered life in the sun for the illegal migrants, their deportation is causing furious bickering in the UK.

Prince Charles has reportedly said the forced deportation to Rwanda was ‘appalling’, the UN Refugee Agency says it violates human rights and a range of pro-migration charities, with The help of left-leaning lawyers, are challenging tomorrow’s departure flight in the highest courts in the land.

One of the issues campaigners will raise is the danger of British deportees contracting malaria in Rwanda.

Kigali's Hope Hotel to house first refugees sent to Rwanda from Britain

Kigali’s Hope Hotel to house first refugees sent to Rwanda from Britain

Malaria, caused by mosquito bites, claimed 700 lives there in 2016, a figure that fell to 148 in 2020 as the country of 13 million people fought the disease with insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

It has the 15th highest incidence

of malaria in the world, but thanks to free national medical service health campaigns and the latest treatments, only accounts for 1% of malaria deaths in the world.

Many of the migrants listed for deportation come from countries, such as Sudan, where the death toll from malaria is significantly higher than that of Rwanda.

The Daily Mail was shown around the Hope Hotel by Rwandan officials tasked with making migrants feel at home but said they had no idea how many would arrive.

“We are in close contact with the Home Office in London and we know that court hearings could take place up to the time the flight takes off, so the numbers could go down,” said one. them.

He added: ‘When the plane takes off, your government will send us a manifest of the passengers on board. If there are more than 100 people that can be accommodated at the Hope Hotel, the other two hotels are ready to take the extras.

He revealed that five hotels could finally be made available to illegal Britons once the Rwandan scheme is fully underway. The Hope’s motto – written in large letters on the front door – reads: “Come as a guest, leave as a friend.

“We hope that will be the case,” says Mr. Ismael as he greets us after our visit.

Along the road to the busy mall, Rwandans wait for migrant customers to visit and spend some of the weekly cash allowances granted to them by the Ministry of Interior.

“We were told they would come here because we are so close. They can buy SIM cards, bananas, everything is here,” said a man named Pierre outside a pharmacy and a small grocery store.

There is a cafe, a bottle shop and women’s hairdressers. Further down the street are roadside fruit and vegetable stalls.

“We already call it the Happy Hotel,” adds Pierre, in his fifties. “We hope that Rwanda will be good for your migrant people, and good for us too.”

MGM China Holdings Limited (OTCMKTS:MCHVY) Short Interest Up 200.0% in May


MGM China Holdings Limited (OTCMKTS: MCHVYGet a rating) benefited from a significant increase in short-term interest in May. As of May 31, there was selling interest totaling 2,100 shares, an increase of 200.0% from the May 15 total of 700 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 200 shares, the short interest ratio is currently 10.5 days.

Shares of OTCMKTS MCHVY held steady at $6.26 in Friday’s midday session. The company has a 50-day moving average price of $6.61 and a 200-day moving average price of $7.34. MGM China has a fifty-two week low of $5.55 and a fifty-two week high of $13.50.

About MGM China (Get a rating)

MGM China Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, is engaged in the development, ownership and operation of gaming and accommodation resorts in the Greater China region. The Company develops and operates casino games of chance and other casino games, and related hotel and resort facilities, as well as hotel management services; and develops integrated resorts in Macau.

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Travel seed funding this week


Everyone got sick on the road. Both business travelers and vacationers know the hassle of trying to find a doctor in a strange city, and many of us know that we end up in strange little doctor’s offices that have dodgy photos. famous patients on the wall (yes, it really happened) because our hotels had agreements with said doctors, and about missing the chance to drive a venture capitalist’s Tesla Roadster while they were exotic (that too) because this same fever forced us to cancel.

Now a Miami-based startup called Track says it can make everything better

The brainchild of 36-year-old former pharmaceutical executive Josh Rome, Runway aims to be the Roman or Hims of travel medicine, doing for travel diarrhea, motion sickness and malaria what previous startups have done. in the field of erectile dysfunction and hair restoration. The idea: Let travelers schedule an online consultation on common issues before they go and get pre-trip medication delivered so travelers can be prepared.

The company just raised $1.5 million in pre-seed venture capital from investors led by Pareto Holdings, a business incubator led by Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer.

The travel health market is a $12 billion-a-year industry, Rome said, now served by brick-and-mortar chains, the largest of which is Passport Health, and small local doctor’s offices. According to different estimates, he said, up to half of visitors from developing countries develop an illness that Runway is prepared to treat. “Getting sick while traveling is more common than you might think,” he said.

And he would know: The idea for Runway crystallized when Rowe himself fell ill in Mexico City during the Covid pandemic. He had to deal with language issues and use medications that weren’t made in a US Food and Drug Administration-approved facility, he said. “I will never travel again without an antibiotic for travel diarrhea,” he said.

Runway’s advantage over companies like Roman and Hims is that it will be able to market through tour operators and other partners, spending less than the cost of direct-to-consumer marketing that powers household names, Rowe said. The breakthrough will come — if it does — when Rowe can convince major online travel agencies to work with him, he said.

“My North Star for the next 12 months is to grow our network,” he said. “One goal is to get to OTAs. If we could position our link next to the button to buy travel insurance, that would be great.

Attraction verification

Imagine you are a hotel manager trying to solve three related problems, after Covid (or during persistent Covid): customers don’t like a long check-in and price spikes, the hotel needs to increase revenue by selling additional customers on local products. attractions and room upgrades, and management doesn’t have the staff to resolve either of the first two.

israeli startup down raised a $10 million Series A round from a group led by the billionaire Ofer family, through its venture capital investment vehicle XT Hi-Tech, for technology it says will help the three .

The idea is a “guest management platform”, techspeak for a white label app that allows hotels to streamline check-in by providing contracts, arranging a fixed price taxi in advance and allowing customers to scan their passports in advance; sell room upgrades and in-hotel services, from restaurants to pre-arrival massages, and personalize the advice concierges give on what to do nearby, tailoring recommendations to business travelers, romantic couples or families on vacation. The app also allows hotels to solicit guest feedback before departure, to resolve issues before guests leave negative reviews online, he said.

“Our pillars improve guest happiness and enable hotels to do more with less staff,” said Adir Ron, chief marketing officer of Duve. “Hotels are not going to disappear [because of Covid-related staffing shortages]. They will become more digital. But they still need to provide personalized service.

Research suggests Duve is onto something. A report from Oracle Hospitality and Skift Research said 73% of customers are more likely to choose hotels that offer automated self-service options like these. And attraction marketing has been a great cross-selling opportunity for hotels, airlines and travel agencies.

The company has refined its approach in Israel and Europe, Ron said. The venture capital money will fund its expansion into the United States, where Duve has 100 hotel customers. One of the goals is to expand support operations to better serve western US time zones, he said.

Short-term goals include doubling the company’s staff to about 50 people and securing major contracts in at least three US states, Ron said.

The target market is primarily boutique hotels, as the company believes many hotel chains will get similar technology from their brands, Ron said.

Other offerings announced recently include:

>>>Borrow a boatwhich bills itself as the UK’s leading yacht charter and boat charter market, said it raised more than £1million in a crowdfunding round which opened on May 30.

>>>Smeetz, a Swiss startup whose software service enables attractions to implement dynamic AI-powered pricing plans, said on May 31 that it had raised a Series A venture round of 4 million, led by Zurich-based Privilege Ventures. The money will fund expansion into the United States, the company said.

Skift Cheat Sheet

Seed capital is the money used to start a business, often led by angel investors and friends or family.

A-Series funding usually comes from venture capitalists. The cycle aims to help startup founders ensure that their product is something customers actually want to buy.

B-series funding is mostly for venture capitalists that help a business grow faster. These fundraisers can help recruit skilled workers and develop profitable marketing.

C-Series financing generally consists of helping a company to grow, for example through acquisitions. In addition to VCs, hedge funds, investment banks, and private equity firms often participate.

D-Series, And, beyond These mostly mature companies and the funding cycle can help a company prepare to go public or be acquired. Various types of private investors could participate.

2022 Kessler Scholars Get Startup Summer Internships

The College of Engineering’s 2022 cohort Kessler Fellows program has successfully accepted internship offers at startups across the country, doing innovative work ranging from modern beekeeping to designer jewelry subscriptions.

Open to any first-year undergraduate student at Cornell University, the Kessler Fellows program gives students with a passion for entrepreneurship the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of day-to-day work for a startup.

Fully funded through the generosity of Andrew Kessler ’80, Kessler Fellows receive a weekly stipend that allows them to spend the summer focusing on their full-time internship. Fellows also receive personalized mentorship and guidance from Cornell Engineering Entrepreneurs in residence throughout the spring semester when they take courses in entrepreneurship as they search for a startup that matches their passions and values.

Meet the 2022 Kessler Scholars and learn about their summer internships:

  • Ave Kludze ’23 (biomedical engineering) is on an internship at GRO Biosciencesa biotech company expanding the amino acid alphabet to overcome the limitations of therapeutic proteins.

  • Dawn Zee ’23 (human development) is interning at Simplifieda telehealth company that provides virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding support fully supported by health insurance.

  • Elizabeth Madamidola ’23 (Global and Public Health Sciences) is interning at Health wardsa platform that brings together trusted clinicians, wellness practitioners and brands to meet customers’ long-term health needs.

  • Jacob Ritter ’23 (communication) is on an internship at Evteka technology company that is reinventing recycling by radically improving the collection, identification and refund system through machine learning.

  • Jordan Roth ’23 (food science) is on an internship at UBEESa company that combines traditional beekeeping expertise with innovative science and technology to reduce bee mortality rates and support the beekeeping industry.

  • Kendall Hoffman ’23 (Information Science and Environment and Sustainable Development) is interning at Schoolectroa startup working to create cleaner, cheaper and more scalable green hydrogen to decarbonize the economy

  • Max Clouser ’23 (hotel administration and IT) is on an internship at Roll the worldan online travel marketplace that allows people with disabilities to book accessible travel experiences, including accommodations, tours and activities.

  • Michael Hansan ’23 (industrial and labor relations) is on an internship at Heimdala startup developing a scalable and affordable solution for direct airborne carbon capture.

  • Phillip Teixeira DaSilva ’23 (Food Science and Applied Economics and Management) is on an internship at Food.partnersa company that helps independent, co-operative and small-to-medium sized businesses develop, manage and expand their hospitality, food and beverage businesses in a flexible and financially sustainable way.

  • Sanna Vedrine ’23 (chemical engineering) is on an internship at Transaeraa startup developing a new class of affordable, energy efficient and sustainable cooling systems.

  • Somil Aggarwal ’22 (IT) is on internship at We3a web3 professional network for women and non-binary people who bond through learning, investing, and accessing financial opportunities together to achieve freedom, independence, and joy.

  • Tewodros Mitiku ’23 (IT) is on an internship at Flatteninga platform that provides developers with the tools to create and manipulate custom development environments optimized for end-to-end prototyping and testing in the blockchain space.

  • Yunhan Chen ’23 (hotel administration) is on an internship at TO CHANGEan online platform that allows members to access designer jewelry through a subscription service.

Several fellows will work with Cornell-affiliated startups, including Zee’s internship at SimpliFed, founded by Cornell alumnus and speaker Andrea Ippolito, BS ’06, MEng ’07, and Hoffman’s internship with Ecolectro, a startup founded by Cornell who is deeply committed to the Cornell Clean Energy Ecosystem.

“Through the Kessler Fellowship, I hope to learn valuable skills and gain hands-on experience through a culture and community of innovation that cannot be found in a traditional company,” Hoffman said. “I hope to learn from an inspiring, mission-driven team and surround myself with people who share my passionate commitment to a common goal.”

When Kessler Scholars return to campus in the fall after completing their internships, they will present their experiences, lessons learned, and future plans to their peers and mentors.

“This cohort of Kessler Scholars have used all the benefits of this program and prepared for an incredible summer,” said Alex Hagen, program director. “On average, each student had the choice between three internship offers, which allowed them to choose the one that suited them best on a personal and professional level. I’m very excited for the recap in the fall where they will share their experiences with us as well as their plans for the future.

Applications for the 2022-23 cohort of Kessler Scholars will open in the fall for any Cornell junior with an interest in entrepreneurship. Learn more about the Kessler Fellows program and summer travel for fellows on the Cornell Engineering website.

The 2nd generation arriving, to maintain hospitality


There have been studies of older employees living out their lives and later leaving the workforce and younger hospitality employees entering the hospitality industry. Understanding this future hotel workforce is crucial, as experiential studies of past generations (baby boomers, millennials, and millennials) have found that high turnover rates among the hotel workforce constitute a major human resources problem in this dynamic industry. The results of this research suggest that Gen Z perceived overall positive attitudes towards the hospitality industry, such as excitement, a popular industry with travel opportunities as well as some challenges such as dealing with people, long/odd hours and potential occupational health and safety issues.

We have to come to terms with the fact that a large portion of hospitality graduates are embracing a paradigm shift towards retail, whether food or non-food retail, as their primary career choice and that the second big piece is studious enough to pursue higher education. Thus, the net result of graduate hospitality graduates as the main stand is not enough to meet the demand of the hospitality industry. We can endlessly debate ongoing hospitality issues at work – long hours, meager pay, sedimentary promotion, and so on. or skill set or level of passion in past years for next generation chefs. A simple fact is that chefs cannot be replaced to serve dishes in a professional arena. Here we see the light at the end of the tunnel – the 2n/ageneration, who are not heirs, but passionate about preparing to live hotels, restaurants, food businesses and grow.

We witness various traits and trades where the business has been carried on as a family tradition for generations. There are entrepreneurial start-ups in hospitality created by people from non-hospitality backgrounds, for example: MBA, IIM graduates, ICT, doctors, builders and career hobbies, etc. . While most parents wish to keep the next generation out of their exploited career choice, to further explore the myriad career options available today; Interestingly, the powerful kids are finding their way to continue the professional legacy at the higher level of hospitality.

Working among a people in the hospitality industry is seen as a positive attitude. Dealing with the hospitality brigade is seen as a perceived difficulty in joining the hospitality industry. The role of family was the most mentioned social group influencing their career choice. The overall results suggest that attitudes towards work in the hospitality industry are unstable and can fluctuate depending on working conditions and other underlying motivational factors.

While these 2n/a generation of hospitality warriors are already preparing for tomorrow, we can provide a little help at our level, at our fingertips, to support the cause. My view is to increase the percentage of practical skills in the hospitality curriculum and reinforce it with specialized programs in line with the demands and expectations of today’s industry.

The moral of the story is that the older generation is also in the same race alongside which hospitality schools continue to create the supply of talent for hospitality and related industries. We support the very latest talent acquisition equipment for even happier days for the hospitality industry. Thanks to the versatile hospitality, restaurant, food, etc. industry. – an industry in itself to adopt and make us believers.

Good for you,
Dr Salla Vijay Kumar.
Did you read?
How to Use Leverage to Foster Better Relationships with Your Team by Jaemin Frazer.
Why the Great Resignation can be stopped with a great conversation from Rebecca Houghton.
Want to sell more homes? Time to Work on Your Real Estate Brand by Roger Pettingell.
The Event Team of the Future: What the C Suite Needs to Know by Alon Aroy.
Why representation and diversity will improve your business by Courtney LeMarco.

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Phoenix commits $70.5 million for affordable housing and homeless services


Phoenix just received $198 million from the federal government and $70.5 million will be used to address homelessness and affordable housing.

The funding comes from the city’s second tranche of COVID-19 stimulus funds, officially known as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

The biggest chunk — $26 million — will support hotel rentals, hotel purchases and the operation of small emergency shelters — all in partnership with nonprofits providing assistance. help with things like health care and employment.

Regarding new shelters, Mayor Kate Gallego said Phoenix residents deserved priority: “I think when we quote facilities, if we can show our neighbors that it does – reduce the impacts on their neighborhoods , it will only help to get more support.”

On Tuesday, the council also earmarked $16 million to keep a new shelter at 28th and Washington streets open for two years, in partnership with Maricopa County.

“The Washington Street Shelter was a perfect example of the city and county coming together, instead of pointing fingers at each other,” said city manager Jeff Barton. “We all need to work together to resolve this issue because it’s not just a Phoenix issue, so we’ll be continuing those conversations as well.”

The $70.5 million should be used this way:


  • $12,000,000 Affordable Housing Program Pending federal direction, continue to explore possible ways to create and preserve more affordable housing by providing top-up funding to developers.
  • $5,000,000 Community Land Trust Program Pending federal guidelines, continue to explore funding for an all-inclusive community land trust (acquisition, housing development, rehabilitation, down payment assistance, and administrative costs).

Personal services

  • $4,000,000 Landlord Incentive Program To continue the Landlord Incentive Program with a $2,000 incentive payment as executed by the Housing Assistance Payment Agreement. Personal services
  • The $26,500,000 Homelessness Projects proposal includes three main elements: the rental of a hotel operated by a nonprofit for transitional housing, includes wrap-around services; Buy a hotel for long-term accommodation, including wrap-around services; operate a pocket emergency shelter in partnership with a non-profit organization, including wraparound services.
  • $16,000,000 Heat Response/Temporary Shelter To provide temporary shelter and complementary services to people experiencing homelessness. This program will partner with Maricopa County to enter into a lease agreement for a building to begin providing critical heat relief and additional supplemental services for up to 200 people this summer and continue the program for at least two years. additional.
  • $6,000,000 St. Vincent de Paul Transitional Housing Project To provide funds to St. Vincent de Paul to build 100 new transitional housing beds for people experiencing homelessness in the city of Phoenix. The facility will include comprehensive services to remove barriers to ending homelessness. Maricopa County provides matching funding for capital costs.
  • $1,000,000 Homeless Youth Reunification Program Connecting homeless youth to housing and social support needs. The program will allow youth to reconnect with family/friends, pay housing deposits and other relocation needs and unexpected barriers that prevent youth from exiting homelessness.

A breakdown of how Phoenix spent ARPA funds on vulnerable populations is available on the city’s website.

Since COVID-19, city leaders have prioritized using local and federal dollars to expand community reach for homeless people, supporting nonprofits that specialize in vulnerable populations, and offering financial incentives for landlords and developers to accept low-income tenants and build housing for low-income people. income residents.

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Caption by Hyatt Brand takes a new approach to service selection


The new lifestyle brand from Hyatt Hotels Corp. is set to debut this summer in Memphis, Tennessee, with a renewed focus on brand positioning.

The Caption by Hyatt brand was first introduced in 2019 in the high-end, select-service segment. It is designed “to be an open space for the community and travelers of all types,” said Crystal Vinisse Thomas, vice president and global brand leader for Hyatt’s luxury and lifestyle portfolio, in a statement. email interview.

Caption is Hyatt’s first brand concept to combine the design and comfort of an avant-garde upscale hotel with the flexibility and self-contained options of a select-service property, she added.

The brand recently announced that its first property will open in late June with the 136-room Caption by Hyatt Beale Street Memphis.

The property will be part of Carlisle’s $400 million multi-phase mixed-use development called One Beale, which will include three Hyatt-branded hotels: Caption by Hyatt, Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Centric.

When brands say “people make the place,” Vinisse Thomas said Caption by Hyatt means it.

“No matter who you are or where you’re from, we have a space for you; the hotel and the community should serve each other. We believe travelers aligned with this concept don’t necessarily belong to one demographic specific, but have a similar mindset, one that supports and connects with brands – even down to the companies they work for – that are aligned with their own lifestyle and values,” he said. she declared.

Caption by Hyatt was launched just months before the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately many of the processes and practices that hotels in the industry began to introduce during the pandemic were already part of the fabric of the brand in 2019, said Vinisse Thomas. .

As it showcases its first property this year, the Caption by Hyatt team is once again focused on how it further perfects brand positioning.

Some directors remain, however. Before the pandemic, Vinisse Thomas said the goal was always to provide a convenient and frictionless customer experience.

“We were and continue to be forward-thinking in our approach to providing an experience that is meaningful and ultimately aligned with their values,” she added.

Amenities such as Mobile Key and Mobile Catering are two examples of Caption’s streamlined customer experience.

Vinisse Thomas said the Caption by Hyatt team continues to listen to guests and members while shaping the brand.

“We have found that the focus on the local community, streamlining of technology, commitment to sustainability and emphasis on [diversity, equity and inclusion] really resonate with travelers today,” she said. “Founded in caring for and connecting people and places, we are committed to hiring diverse and local talent, vendors, artisans and suppliers.

Dining programs at select-service hotels are often an afterthought, she said. However, Caption by Hyatt puts food and drink front and center.

Every Caption by Hyatt hotel, including the Memphis property, will feature a “Talk Shop,” which is designed to be an “all-day meeting place for everything you need and want.”

“We wanted to create a fun, communal space where guests can hang out, work, socialize. The menu will feature locally inspired dishes all day and serve as the vibrant social hub of each Caption by Hyatt hotel, and hopefully in the end account of every community it is in,” said Vinisse Thomas.

The Caption by Hyatt Beale Street Memphis will specifically partner with local craft brewers and activate a steady stream of events, which will be hosted in the Talk Shop, and are open to community guests and neighbors.

Vinisse Thomas said the Caption by Hyatt brand’s broader growth trajectory is centered around openings in global metropolitan markets.

Other projects underway include Caption by Hyatt Shanghai Zhongshan Park scheduled for early 2023, Caption by Hyatt Namba Osaka in 2024, Caption by Hyatt Kabutocho Tokyo in 2025, and Caption by Hyatt Ba Son Saigon in 2025.

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Exclusive: QT Newcastle prepares for opening

After several years of preparation, QT Newcastle is set to welcome its first guests on Thursday 9th June, generating much excitement in the local community and beyond.

“We have a lot of locals coming to stay – from Newcastle, Hunter Valley – and the motorway which is fantastic to see,” said QT Newcastle managing director Michael Stamboulidis. SM.

“We are already close to filling the hotel for the long weekend and forward bookings are really strong. There’s a lot of interest right now and there’s also a lot of positive feelings. »

The cornerstone of Iris Capital’s AU$700 million revitalization of Newcastle’s East End, the hotel is housed in the 113-year-old former Scotts Limited and David Jones building on Hunter Mall.

Although modern and luxurious in style, the hotel has been designed with particular attention to the facade of the heritage building.

Stamboulidis said the original facade of the building is what brings the character of the hotel to life.

QT Newcastle

“The original facade dates back to 1890,” he said.

“It has been rejuvenated and remodeled with brand new windows that match the old style.”

The QT design team, in collaboration with Nic Graham, wanted to reflect Newcastle’s rich history and celebrate the city’s coastline and surroundings with a variety of colors and textures, and nods to the past through materials reused from the original building.

“It’s really leaning into this Newcastle story,”

“You’ll see rich reds throughout the hotel, reflecting the age of coal and mining, and beautiful artwork that resembles Merryweather Beach and the local coastline.”

The hotel has 104 rooms and suites, each with unique textures and industrial furnishings.

“No two rooms are the same,” Stamboulidis said.

“You could stay here 104 nights and you’ll have a different experience every time.”

The Clock Suite bathroom

The hotel’s Clock Suite features the building’s iconic clock face and a designer bathroom in emerald green.

QT’s brand proposition, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, is evident throughout the customer experience from the moment customers walk in and are greeted by QT’s famous ‘Chaos Directors’.

“We like to have drama behind what we do, whether it’s food, drink, check-in – and to really showcase that authentic approach when it comes to being hospitable,” said said Istanbulis.

“We really try to personalize this experience, [picking up on] subtle clues where we can get to know our guests and use that knowledge to then improve service throughout their stay.”

The property’s dining offerings include the signature Jana restaurant, run by award-winning executive chef Massimo Speroni, and a rooftop bar with harbor views.

The hotel serves no bottled beer — an effort to reduce waste — and uses pump bottles in favor of single-use equipment. Local products are also favored from an F&B point of view.

IRIS Capital CEO Sam Arnaout said Newcastle is growing rapidly and is “on the cusp of a new era of culture”.

“QT Newcastle will be the centerpiece of the new East End Village, part of the city’s future as a place of cutting-edge innovation, with the charm of a regional seaside town,” said he declared.

Global Think Tank Unveils Concepts for Hotel Technologies of the Future |

The vision of reconstructable buildings. A mechanized meeting room built with modular and mobile components can be assembled and reassembled by robotic automation. Programmed in advance, the banquet stage, tables and chairs configure and position themselves. (Credit: Andres Osorio of OBMI and Envoy)

By HTN Staff – 6.6.2022

After an eight-month collaborative effort, which included regular, virtual meet-and-greets on a custom-built HOT airship in the metaverse, a team of more than 200 including representatives from Hilton, IHG, and Marriott hotels, as well as experts in technology and hospitality high school students unveiled seven future hotel concepts.

These concepts are the result of the Hotel of Tomorrow (HOT Project), a global think tank of hospitality industry leaders. Selected entries from the organization’s previous Hotel of Tomorrow project, in 2020, can be viewed here.

“When you come together and collaborate with many of the most innovative minds in the hospitality industry, from owners and operators to technology and product gurus, you discover insights and foresight that could reset direction. for the future of our industry,” said Ron Swidler, program creator and chief innovation officer of The Gettys Group Companies, a Chicago-based hospitality design, development and consulting firm.

“Guest expectations of hotels are rapidly changing how they serve and protect guests, replace and complement human service with technology, serve their communities, act sustainably, operate more flexibly, and more,” did he declare. “These are complex issues that require a diversity of thought and expertise.”

Hospitality professionals, technology experts and product developers from the Hotel of Tomorrow project focused on the most pressing issues affecting their future: automation, personalization, modularity, sustainability, visualization, well-being and community . A new generation of future hoteliers has also contributed to the project by participating in the HOT Ed™ Challenge, a global design competition between students from top universities. Over eight hundred ideas were generated through facilitated workshops, seven of which are shared with the public.

Here are some hotel concepts that travelers might expect to encounter one day:

Smart furnishings incorporated into walls, floors and ceilings allow guests to exercise, dine, rest and work in the same room. (Credit: Andres Osorio of OBMI and Envoy)

Robotic reset. A changing guest room that incorporates automated, retractable, and revealing furniture, as well as robot-supplied elements to meet changing guest needs. Smart furnishings incorporated into walls, floors and ceilings allow guests to exercise, dine, rest and work in the same room. Beds rise into the ceiling, providing room for robot-provided exercise equipment, and lounge seats emerge from the floor for socializing. The result: more efficient use of space and a dynamic living environment aided by automation.

The functionality of underutilized pool areas is transformed with the introduction of self-contained mini accommodation units. (Credit: RC Aradio and Envoy)

Meaning & Satisfying Suite. The pinnacle of hospitality customization, this guest suite anticipates the needs of each occupant. Biological sensors distributed throughout the room monitor a customer’s well-being and interaction and communicate via voice and holography. An anti-gravity sleep and mindfulness chamber monitors vital signs while making ambient adjustments including light, audio, temperature, and air quality. A holographic pet is available for the restless child in need of a companion, and a built-in smart window, smart phone supports conversation and entertainment with AI-sorted data. Meal options are determined by dietary needs detected by waste analysis. The result: a personalized guest experience that serves and responds to each guest’s needs, allowing them to leave better than they arrived.

Biological sensors distributed throughout the room monitor a customer’s well-being and interaction and communicate via voice and holography. (Credit: Chen-Han Lu of The Gettys Group Companies and Envoy)

Rebuildable buildings. A mechanized meeting room built with modular and mobile components can be assembled and reassembled by robotic automation. Programmed in advance, the banquet stage, tables and chairs configure and position themselves. A modular chandelier can be programmed to adopt a variety of shapes and create a myriad of visual effects. Holographic tabletop monitors transmit stage screen data to the viewer, and robots are available to reconfigure modular flooring and even lay tables. The result: a highly flexible ballroom/meeting space, reset by automation using modular components that can reduce and reuse waste.

Restorative station. The functionality of underutilized pool areas is transformed with the introduction of self-contained mini accommodation units. Inspired by the popularity of ‘glamping’, these mobile prefab units offer a private retreat for two or even a small group. Powered by solar energy and cooled and heated by geothermal technology, they provide a biophilic environment in an often underused part of a resort. The result: a new customer experience that capitalizes on indoor/outdoor spaces for retreating and dining.

The skin of the building consists of a flexible and translucent photovoltaic skin which absorbs solar energy, which is stored in the basement of the structure and distributed to neighboring buildings. (Image: Kevin Richards and Envoy)

A(R) World in Plain Site. An augmented reality overlay accessible via any smart device, this data-driven system enhances the customer experience by providing self-curated information, message boards, weather and air quality updates. tune in to updates of hotel activities. This information is available in the language and readability scale chosen by the customer. The result: a comprehensive layer of real-time, actionable information available to customers through their own devices.

Energy center hotel. This building model anticipates advances in localized energy collection, storage and distribution. The skin of the building consists of a flexible and translucent photovoltaic skin which absorbs solar energy, which is stored in the basement of the structure and distributed to neighboring buildings. This multi-purpose/multi-use building (hotel + other) uses its virtual model (created for design and construction) as a real-time digital twin to track and display information about the actual building performance. The result: a hotel building created to better serve its community, including energy supply.

An augmented reality overlay accessible via any smart device, this data-driven system enhances the customer experience by providing self-curated information, message boards, weather and air quality updates. tune in to updates of hotel activities. (Credit: Chis Sweet of Sweet Supply Co and Envoy)

The seventh concept – dubbed SpaX – is the winning entry of the HOT Ed Challenge, designed by a team from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland. Targeting underutilized hotel spaces, SpaX taps into Finnish culture and tradition to create an immersive and wholesome experience: forest bathing, ice swimming, and more. Designed as a sanctuary within a bustling urban hotel, SpaX combines ancient healing traditions with technology-enhanced multi-sensory components in a restful environment designed to meet the needs of stressed travelers.

Four Seasons arrives in Venice: expands its Italian portfolio with the iconic Hotel Danieli


WHY IT RATES: The historic Hotel Danieli, which dates back to the 14th century and offers unparalleled proximity to some of Venice’s most famous landmarks, will reopen in 2025 as a Four Seasons hotel after the completion of extensive renovations, which will preserve the glorious architecture of Gothic style of the property, art and antiques. — Laurie Baratti, TravelPulse Associate Editor

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a leader in luxury hospitality, and Gruppo Statuto, one of Italy’s leading hotel development companies, announce that Four Seasons will assume management of the historic Hotel Danieli. After extensive renovations, the property will re-introduce as Hotel Danieli, Venezia, A Four Seasons Hotel in 2025.

Located in the Riva degli Schiavoni area of ​​Venice, along the Grand Canal, next to Piazza San Marco, the hotel consists of three buildings: the 14th-century Palazzo Dandolo and two 19th-century additions connected by bridges – Palazzo Casa Nuova and Palazzo Danieli Excelsior. The rich heritage of Hotel Danieli is on display throughout the property, showcased in beautifully preserved Venetian Gothic-style architecture, as well as art and antiques from throughout the property’s history.

trendy now

“Italy is a popular and important destination for luxury travelers, and we have capitalized on the strength of this market with property improvements and incredible new additions to our portfolio – many in collaboration with our long-standing partners, Gruppo Statuto,” said Bart Carnahan, president, global business development and portfolio management, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “With Hotel Danieli, we add another iconic property to our Italian portfolio, where we will honor the historic legacy of this Venetian landmark while bringing the exceptional experience of Four Seasons service to one of Italy’s most popular destinations. ‘Italy.”

Venice is a globally important tourist market, famous for its art, culture and architecture. The city is also known for its unique geography, as it is built on an archipelago of hundreds of islands, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, connected by bridges and canals. Travelers explore the city by water or on foot, allowing them to enjoy extraordinary sights and attractions at every turn.

“Hotel Danieli is a renowned and historic property in Venice, and we are confident that our partnership with Four Seasons will help the hotel enter its next chapter, maintaining the level of quality and excellence that guests have come to expect from hotel,” says Giuseppe Statuto, owner of Gruppo Statuto. “With Four Seasons, our properties in Milan and Taormina have enjoyed great success, and Hotel Danieli will perfectly complement these world-class experiences that are unmatched in Italy.”

Hotel Danieli has a long history of being one of the most luxurious hotels in Venice with an ideal location in the heart of the city. Guests will be a short walk from a myriad of attractions, including the market stalls in St. Mark’s Square, gondola rides along the canal, and St. Mark’s Basilica.

Guests will be immersed in the splendor of the property from the start of their stay, enjoying a unique arrival experience by boat via the Grand Canal. The rooms offer an exceptional view of the Grand Canal, the surrounding city and the bay of Venice. The property also has four restaurants and bars, which also boast gorgeous views, as well as seven meeting and event spaces.

The hotel will undergo extensive renovations before reopening as a Four Seasons experience, with renowned designer Pierre-Yves Rochon overseeing the interiors. Rochon has worked on several other historic Four Seasons properties in Europe, including Florence, Paris, Cap-Ferrat and Megève. During the renovation period, the establishment will remain open with certain services and facilities available. During this period, the hotel will be operated and managed by Gruppo Statuto as The Hotel Danieli, Venezia.

Upon reopening as a Four Seasons experience in 2025, Hotel Danieli, Venezia, A Four Seasons Hotel, will join the growing collection of Four Seasons properties in Italy, including the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, which recently underwent extensive renovations to its common areas; Hotel Four Seasons Florence; San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons Hotel; and an upcoming seaside resort in Puglia.

For more information, visit fourseasons.com.

THE SOURCE: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts press release.

Interview with a successful hotel manager: Gaurav Goswami, General Manager of Aquatica Water Park & ​​Resorts (Kolkata)

Previous story:

Meet Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat, a famous skin coach from Udaipur who has won laurels across the country

Interview with a successful hotel manager: Gaurav Goswami, General Manager of Aquatica Water Park & ​​Resorts (Kolkata)

Posted on June 6, 2022

Gaurav Goswami is the current General Manager of Aquatica Water Park and Resorts. He is an ambitious and driven man who would not settle for an ordinary career path. A graduate of Arts from the University of Calcutta, Masters in Hotel Management and PGDM in Corporate Law from Symbiosis (Pune), he fully understands the demand of the industry and excels in providing excellent services to all his guests.


You see, after my degree in English Literature, I was desperately looking for a field where I could shine and prove my worth. It was through one of my connections that I discovered the growth of the hospitality industry and was convinced after some research work. (Smiles) …and I intervened!

  • What do you think of this industry?

This industry is growing all over the world and in India too it is growing at an average rate of 12%. In recent years, the central government and state governments have taken many measures to boost this industry. This industry will create a huge source of jobs in India.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

(Signs) Yes, it’s very difficult to answer. You see, I’m more of a big picture person. I focus on the outcome of the project. I don’t dig into little things and waste my time, rather I come up with creative ideas and new concepts to achieve the goal. It’s my weakness. Another weakness is that I never post my way to achieve the goal and for this reason people may think I’m not working! (Gaurav laughs) but I’m confident in my strength. Being a martial artist, I am focused on my target with an indomitable spirit. I’m not afraid to take risks and I’m strong at emotional intelligence. Moreover, I am more into the principles of performance management which help me to increase the gross operating profit of organizations.

  • In your workplace, what makes you smile?

Yes, that’s a good question. My success makes me smile and I see my boss’ confidence in me.

In truth, nothing bothers me because I am a fighter. Either I win or I learn (on a serious note)

  • How long have you been there as GM? And what is your future project?

I was promoted to General Manager of Pipal Tree Hotel (a four star hotel) in 2015 and served as General Manager in The Xen Suites and still working at Aquatica Water Park & ​​Resorts. At this point I am also learning a lot of new things and will continue to do so. Right now, I’m focusing more on my serve.

Pool bars could be allowed in Michigan this summer


LANSING, MI – Picture this: it’s summer in Michigan. You’re swimming in the sparkling blue water of your local public pool and you have a cool, refreshing cocktail in your hand.

That could be a possibility soon in Michigan. State lawmakers have proposed legislation that would change state law to allow swim-up bars at public pools, including hotels and other tourist attractions.

House Bills 5983 and 5984 would allow public swimming pools in Michigan to serve food and drink to swimmers under certain safety guidelines. State Rep. Rodney Wakeman, R-Frankenmuth, who co-sponsored the bills, said allowing pool bars would help boost Michigan’s tourism industry.

“Building pool bars safely will add to our economy and fill a void in our tourism industry that is currently driving people to hotels and attractions in other states,” Wakeman said in a prepared statement. “There is a lot of potential for Michigan resorts to offer swim-up bars in a safe and controlled environment.”

The bill was first introduced on April 12 at the State House, where it later passed by a vote of 101 to 3. It was sent to the Senate, where it passed committee favorably the month last. The bills are expected to appear on the Senate floor soon for a vote.

Michael Zehnder, general manager of the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, testified before the House Regulatory Reform Committee in support of the bill last month.

Business owner Frankenmuth said banning alcohol consumption in public pools puts Michigan’s tourism industry at a disadvantage when competing for tourists with other Midwestern states where bars in swimming pool are allowed.

“Neighboring states like Ohio and Wisconsin have had a competitive advantage over Michigan for years,” Zehnder said in a statement. “These attractions are just that – tourist destinations that help the industry. They are sought after, considered to be mostly relaxing and enhance a customer’s experience.

If the bills are signed into law, Michigan would become the 25th state in the nation to allow swim-up bars.

Under current state law, pool operators are prohibited from serving food and beverages at a public pool. This includes hotels, resorts and other tourist attractions.

House Bill 5983 would change the law to allow the consumption of food and beverages in public swimming pools, as long as they are served in unbreakable containers. Pool operators should also provide lifeguard services and have enhanced filtration and chemical monitoring standards.

House Bill 5984 would allow pool owners to purchase a $350 annual license that would allow them to sell and serve alcoholic beverages at a public pool.

If the bills are enacted, Zehnder said the guidelines would provide a “safe and enjoyable experience” for adults.

The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association applauded lawmakers for passing the legislation through the Senate Economic Development and Small Business Committee on May 11.

“Attracting visitors to Pure Michigan and providing the flexibility for our hotel operators to deliver unique guest experiences has never been more important as the hospitality industry landscape continues to change,” said President and CEO. MRLA executive Justin Winslow in a statement. “This legislation does just that and we look forward to approval from the Michigan Senate and Governor Whitmer to sign it before the summer break.”

The next step for the bill is for it to go before the full Senate for a vote, which will likely take place next week. It must be approved in both houses and signed by Whitmer to become law.

The bipartisan legislation was co-sponsored by Wakeman, alongside state Rep. John Cherry, D-Flint.

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Michigan faces a disconnect between labor supply and demand. Are community colleges the key?

The year 2100 is on Gretchen Whitmer’s mind

Police believe Waipā Tavern fire which destroyed century-old pub was deliberately started


The fire that engulfed the historic Waipā Tavern in Ngāruawāhia appears to be a deliberate act, with people being questioned by the police about it.

“Police are speaking to a number of people about the fire, which at this stage is believed to have been deliberately started,” a police statement said on Sunday afternoon.

They also said traffic diversions to the south remained in place on Great South Road, Ngāruawāhia, near the pub as investigations continued.

“Contractors will remove portions of the structure due to the risk posed to members of the public,” the statement said.

Earlier, Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson revealed that the tavern was to be completely demolished after the derelict building was engulfed in fire in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sanson visited the site and confirmed that the verandas in danger of collapsing were to be dismantled on Sunday by order of the council. The cost of this work would be the responsibility of the owner.

One of the lanes of the road outside had been closed due to the threat of falling verandahs.

“One of the verandah posts is literally right by the side of the road,” he said on Sunday afternoon.


Video provided by Raegan Maisey shows the Waipa Hotel in Ngāruawāhia fully embroiled in a fire

Once the verandahs were removed, it was expected that the unstable masonry would also be pushed back onto the site.

“It’s a dangerous site at the moment, so it needs to be turned into a safe one.”

Sanson was informed that the same contractors who will be carrying out this work were to meet with the owner of the tavern to discuss the demolition.

He said that before demolition work began, police wanted to check two areas inside the building shell to make sure no one had been caught in the fire. Firefighters were also investigating the cause of the fire.

A fire department spokesman said their investigators had attended the scene but no information on a possible cause was available at this stage.

A team was due to return to the site around 5 p.m. Sunday to check for potential hot spots, the spokesperson said.

The demolition would mark the end of an era, Sanson said.

“It’s sad to see it disappear…every time you lose one of these buildings, you lose some of your heritage.”

Images provided by Raegan Maisey show the Waipa Hotel in NgÄ ruawÄ hia fully embroiled in a fire overnight.


Images provided by Raegan Maisey show the Waipa Hotel in NgÄ ruawÄ hia fully embroiled in a fire overnight.

Sanson described the Waipā Tavern as “one of those iconic old neighborhood pubs”, although he said he personally had never been there.

“It’s really sad to see us lose another landmark in the neighborhood.

“Our old pubs are part of our history.”

Fire crews mitigated hot spots on Sunday morning after a fire at the historic Waipā Tavern overnight.

Tom Lee / Stuff

Fire crews mitigated hot spots on Sunday morning after a fire at the historic Waipā Tavern overnight.

Firefighters reported on Sunday morning that the fire had caused extensive damage but that there were no injuries in the empty building.

The building was thought to be unused at the time of the fire.

The fire severely damaged the abandoned tavern in Waipā.

Tom Lee / Stuff

The fire severely damaged the abandoned tavern in Waipā.

Firefighters were alerted to the blaze around 2 a.m. Sunday morning by multiple calls regarding the emergency.

The Waipā Tavern had long been a feature of Ngāruawāhia.

Tom Lee / Stuff

The Waipā Tavern had long been a feature of Ngāruawāhia.

Five fire trucks, two ladder trucks and a number of support vehicles were dispatched. Thirty firefighters were on the scene.

The 80m by 40m building was well lit when service arrived.

No one had to be rescued and firefighters were not injured, a fire department spokesman said.

Waipā Tavern – formerly known as Waipā Hotel – was a landmark in Ngāruawāhia.

Ben Curran / Stuff

Waipā Tavern – formerly known as Waipā Hotel – was a landmark in Ngāruawāhia.

In 2016, Things reported that the original Waipā Hotel that stood on the site was built in the late 1800s before being replaced by the structure currently on the site.

A historian then said that the Waipā Tavern was not on the Waikato District Council’s heritage and was not on the register of the Historic Places Trust.

The building would then have been put on the market and taken off the market since 2012.

Poke Bowl at Urban Pantry Aventura Hotel Universal Orlando


On a recent trip to Universal Orlando, I stayed at the Aventura Hotel. If you know me, that shouldn’t be a surprise. I really enjoy the Urban Pantry food court there. Several new items appeared on the menu at the end of April. For example, the Wok/Sushi station started serving a “Poke Bowl”. I decided to order it for lunch during an afternoon break at a theme park.

Before I give you the restaurant review, I have to poke fun at Universal Orlando for a few sentences. During my stay at Aventura, the tablet in the room did not provide the updated menu at Urban Pantry. I spoke with customer services about this. They handled it casually. What I mean by casually, they didn’t do anything. At the time of writing this review, more than 30 days after discussing the issue with customer services three times, the online menu still does not reflect the addition of several new menu items. The moral of the story is to keep your doubts about online menus when planning your meals at Universal Orlando. This problem compels me to continue writing articles about menu changes to Universal Orlando menus.

This April afternoon, I ordered the “Poke Bowl”. In my opinion, the service lacks speed. The team member who took my order got a #UOFistBump thanks to their excellent customer service. However, I paid for my order at 1:31 p.m. There was an order in front of me. My order was ready at 1:48 p.m. The lack of speed at this wok/sushi station fits a late April pattern. On previous trips the wok/sushi station could be slow, but that was due to backing up the order. Unfortunately, in this case, this reasoning does not work.

So how was the meal? Well, the presentation of this bowl is excellent. The “Poke Bowl” cost me $12 before any discount. The menu board description for this item says “carrots, cucumbers, edamame, avocado, shallot, wakame, and spicy mayo”. Customers choose between tuna or salmon for this menu item. The salmon portion size was excellent for a $12 theme park menu item of this type. The ingredients provided were delicious and fresh. The ingredients are quite separate. This offered me the chance to taste each one individually. All were fresh and of excellent quality.

Be aware that spicy mayonnaise provides a legit kick, especially for theme park-level spice. I chose to mix the spicy mayonnaise with all the ingredients. Spices and flavorings work well together. After eating it, I decided to add soy sauce. This choice brought an additional positive taste to this bowl. In all honesty, the danger of adding soy sauce directly to the bowl could cause the bottom of the bowl to look chewy.

This bowl makes a solid light meal with legit nutrition. Appearance, taste and texture provide great value. If you are interested in a tuna or salmon poke bowl, this option will satisfy that desire. Even with Universal Orlando’s failing customer services, this food court continues to shine.

As always, eat your way!

Pirates & Princesses (PNP) is an independent, opinionated, fan-powered news blog that covers Disney and Universal theme parks, themed entertainment, and related pop culture from a consumer perspective. The opinions expressed by our contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of PNP, its publishers, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers. PNP is an unofficial source of information and has no connection with The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal or any other business we can cover.

Hindu Education Plus Career Guidance Fair starts in Coimbatore

The opening day of The Hindu Education Plus Career Counseling Fair 2022 saw 15 educational institutions across the city set up booths, showcasing the different disciplines available at their colleges, at Brookefields Mall here on Saturday.

College faculty members interacted with students and parents regarding available opportunities for higher education in disciplines such as engineering, medicine, law, hospitality management, design, arts and science.

S. Malarvizhi, Chairman and Managing Director of Sri Krishna Institutions, interacts with students at the Hindu Education Plus 2022 Career Fair in Coimbatore on Saturday.

S. Malarvizhi, Chairman and Managing Director of Sri Krishna Institutions, interacts with students at the Hindu Education Plus 2022 Career Fair in Coimbatore on Saturday. | Photo credit: S. Siva Saravanan

S. Malarvizhi, President and Managing Director, Sri Krishna Institutions, opened the fair with S. Sundaresan, Vice President, Publicity, The Hindu, and Dr. Kavidasan, Director, Roots Industries India Limited.

Ms. Malarvizhi said the event was an opportunity for educational institutions to educate students on recent trends in various disciplines and guide them for their future.

“Many students will benefit from this fair, which helps them see the outside world and gives them a huge opportunity to learn about the industry,” she added.

Kayalvizhi, a 17-year-old student, who wants to pursue her higher education in agriculture, said the fair was helpful to her in dispelling doubts related to various higher education courses.

Ram Kumar, a parent, said, “Many booths with higher education streams in one place helped parents and students to compare and analyze their areas of interest.”

The two-day event is organized by The Hindu, the presenting sponsor being the Sri Krishna Institutions. The co-sponsors are Shiv Nadar University, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, KGiSL Institutions, Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC), Karunya Deemed University and SNS Institutions.

Fitch downgrades OYO amid profit uncertainty


Fitch Ratings has lowered the long-term issuer ratings in foreign and local currency (IDR) of Oravel Stays Ltd (OYO) from “B” to “B-“, citing uncertainty over the hotel company’s achievement of a strong EBITDA profit in FY23.

“The company is facing execution challenges given the lackluster recovery in travel demand in the price-sensitive markets where OYO operates. OYO will likely only realize a significant EBITDA profit in the year ending in March 2024 (FY24), compared to our previous expectation of FY23,” the rating agency said in a statement.

The outlook on the instruments is stable. It reflects comfortable liquidity as available cash is sufficient to fund the expected free cash flow (FCF) shortfall over the next two years, with limited refinancing risk on its long-term debt.

Fitch downgraded the rating of the $660 million senior secured term loan facility due 2026 issued by OYO subsidiary Oravel Stays Singapore Pte Limited from “B” to “B-”. The term loan facility is unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by OYO and certain group subsidiaries.

Fitch said it expects OYO’s FY23 revenue to grow about 30%, which is lower than the agency’s forecast. This is due to a slower recovery in travel demand in its main markets and moderate growth in the number of partner hotels and residences.

OYO’s revenue growth in FY22 may have lagged its peers in the hospitality industry, which grew by 50-100% (YoY). OYO has higher exposure to the mid-budget hotel segment, which has been slower to recover.

OYO management expects FY23 revenue to grow by around 80% thanks to a stronger recovery in travel demand and the addition of hotels and residences to the portfolio, it said. added the rating agency.

Liquidity is satisfactory. OYO’s unrestricted cash in FY22 was sufficient to fund Fitch’s estimated FCF deficits of $74 million in FY23 and annual debt repayments of $6 million, although greater consumption of cash weakens liquidity.

Its business model is intact and its profile benefits from a diversified presence in India, South-East Asia and Europe, and moderate barriers to entry. These are offset by its exposure to price-sensitive travel markets.

OYO targets business travelers and price-sensitive travelers. This market recovered much slower than the premium market in FY22, he said.

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73% of travelers are more likely to choose hotels with self-service technology |

The new study surveyed 5,266 consumers and 633 hotel executives around the world.


According to a new study titled “Hospitality in 2025: Automated, Intelligent… and More Personal”, 95% of people plan to travel within the next six months. However, many want to eliminate the highly tactile industry “touch” they once knew. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of travelers want to use their mobile device to manage their hotel experience, including check-in and check-out, payment, ordering food, and more.

The study, which was conducted by Oracle Hospitality in partnership with Skift, reveals that travelers are also looking to personalize their trip even more by choosing their exact room and floor and paying for only the amenities they want – and even wanting to preselect properties in the metaverse (68%). Additionally, 74% are interested in hotels using AI to better personalize services and offers, such as room prices or food suggestions and discounts. Nearly 40% of hotel managers see this “unbundled” model as the future of hotel revenue management.

Other key findings:

  • 73% agree they are more likely to stay at a hotel that offers self-service technology to minimize contact with staff and other guests.
  • 38% want a fully self-service model, with staff only available on request.
  • 39% want to order room service from their phone or a chatbot.
  • 49% are also looking for contactless payments (only 5% want to pay in crypto).

Labor shortages remain a major issue in the hospitality industry, but hoteliers are working hard to incorporate new technologies to ease the strain on guests and staff:

  • 65% of hoteliers said integrating new staffing technologies best describes their strategy for addressing labor shortages and attracting new talent.
  • 96% are investing in contactless technology, with 62% noting that “a completely contactless experience” is likely to be the most widely adopted technology in the industry over the next three years.
  • 54% added that their top priority was to adopt technology that improves or eliminates the need for reception experience by 2025.

Travelers are split on how patiently they are willing to be in this transition:

  • 39% said they want a completely contactless experience for all basic hotel transactions (check-in/out, dining, room keys, etc.).
  • 34% said a staff shortage, and the resulting slow service, would be their biggest deterrent to booking a hotel. However, only 23% noted that the lack of daily room cleaning is an issue, showing that consumers have accepted (and 17% welcomed!) that this pre-pandemic mainstay will never return.

The study also revealed that travelers want the ease and convenience of home when travelling:

  • 45% said access to on-demand entertainment that seamlessly connects to their personal streaming or gaming accounts is their #1 must-have during their stay. Similarly, 45% of hotel executives said this in-room entertainment setup is what they are most likely to implement by 2025.
  • 77% of travelers want to use automated messaging or chatbots for customer service requests in hotels.
  • 43% want voice commands for all the equipment in their room (lights, curtains, door locks, etc.).
  • 25% want room controls that automatically adjust temperature, lighting, and even digital art based on pre-shared preferences

The study surveyed 5,266 consumers and 633 hotel executives around the world in the spring of 2022. Click here (registration required) to download the full research report.

CNN Center’s Omni Atlanta Hotel Announces Completion of Four New Culinary Destinations and Renovated Lobby


Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center announced the competition for a $12 million renovation of the hotel’s public spaces and restaurants, which includes the addition of four new dining concepts: Top Draft, Centennial Grounds, New South Kitchen and Views Lobby Bar.

The renovations, which were made to the south tower of the hotel, were designed to create a connectivity destination for residents and guests. Located within the world headquarters of CNN, the revitalized hotel acts as a hub for business, news and social interaction. The new lobby evokes a sense of creativity and collaboration with common tasks and long welcoming areas. Separately, the multiple new food and beverage outlets accommodate any gathering – from a business meeting to a drink with a friend.

“The ultimate goal of the hotel’s renovations was to create welcoming and fun spaces for all types of guests, while showcasing our Southern hospitality and Omni’s signature service,” said Keith Butz, General Manager. general from the Omni Atlanta Hotel to the CNN Center. “We are primarily a convention hotel, but our business has changed due to COVID-19, and these completed renovations, along with our prime downtown Atlanta location, will lead to a great place for visitors to Atlanta. as well as for the inhabitants. .”

Building renovations include the following:

  • Best Draft: The perfect destination for game day, Top Draft is within walking distance of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the State Farm area and offers the perfect pre- and post-event experience for all your sporting needs. From an extensive menu of bar favorites with a sophisticated twist, including homemade pork rinds and butter-poached lobster fries, food is front and center at the new elevated sports bar. The bar also has an open-air terrace with views of the Centennial Olympic Park, providing guests with communal counters and lounge chairs. Top Draft has 20 TVs atop its spacious bar, with 25 draft beers and premium cocktails. With sporty ties incorporated throughout the space and vibrant hues to liven up the mood, Top Draft will be the best place in town on game day.
  • Centennial lot: Centennial Grounds takes coffee to a new level with its sophisticated, airy design and light bites any time of the day. Design elements including stone and brass accents add to the overall elevated feel of the space. The coffee bar offers homemade pastries and sandwiches, fresh fruit smoothies, homemade ice cream, and local snacks prepared to give guests a taste of Atlanta. With spacious workspaces, lounge seating, extensive connectivity and all-day coffee. Centennial Grounds offers guests a welcoming and cosmopolitan space ready to be the backdrop for your work destination.
  • New south kitchen: The New South Kitchen offers guests a modern twist on classic Southern charm, as evidenced by the menu and concept design. The bar’s blue design elements carry over to this space, which contrasts with the plush floor and black metal fixtures dotted throughout. Designed to resemble an eclectic living room, this inviting breakfast and lunch spot offers comfort food including peach cobbler, French toast and sweet tea fried chicken. From the build-your-own shrimp and grits bar to Executive Chef Greg Wright’s family recipe fresh cookies, New South Kitchen embodies the flavors of Atlanta and the heart of Omni.
  • Lobby Bar Views: The sophisticated lobby bar with stunning views of Centennial Olympic Park offers guests a communal gathering space with an extensive list of bourbons, international wines, local beers, and craft cocktails. The design combines southern elegance and modern whimsy with clean stone finishes, north and south curated gallery walls, and traditional hanging rugs that turn into art as they melt onto the floor. Customers can sample globally inspired tapas like Vietnamese meatballs, chicken nuggets, and chili cheese sliders from its chef-inspired menu.
  • Lobby renovations: As guests enter the hotel via the South Tower, they will be greeted by a sense of community and accessibility with communal tables and soft design elements seen throughout. Reception counters project a sophisticated atmosphere with metal and stone accents, while lounges in the lobby provide a comfortable space to work or hang out with a friend.

Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center follows Omni Hotels & Resorts’ Safe & Clean program, which launched in May. In collaboration with Ecolab, the initiative includes detailed cleaning guidelines, processes, procedures and plans to help ensure the health, safety and comfort of guests and associates. The program follows guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and also meets or exceeds the “Safe Stay” initiative established by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

For more information or to book a stay, group meeting or event at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center, visit https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/atlanta-cnn-center

Four Seasons Resort Dallas at Las Colinas has a new owner

Four Seasons Resort Dallas at Las Colinas has been acquired by investors.

A partnership between Trinity Fund Advisors and Partners Group purchased the hotel from Extell Development Co., which purchased the property in 2018.

Earlier this year, CEO announced that the Four Seasons plans to withdraw from its affiliation with the property. Scottsdale, Arizona-based golf management company Troon will assume management of the golf course and the sports club portion of the property. A new hotel management company has yet to be announced, although Four Seasons will wrap up its management of the property at the end of the year.

Located in Irving, Texas, the Four Seasons Resort Dallas is a 431-key luxury hotel that offers amenities such as 90,000 square feet of event space, a variety of food and beverage outlets, a pool, and the guest access to Four Seasons Golf and Sports. Club.

Following the acquisition, Partners Group and Trinity plan to undertake a multi-million dollar capital improvement plan on the property, according to the release.

“This property is a premier resort destination centrally located in one of the fastest growing markets in the country, which has seen more than 10 consecutive years of record demand and RevPAR growth,” said Sean. Hehir, Managing Partner, President and CEO of Trinity. “We are delighted to acquire this high-quality asset at an attractive price and look forward to leveraging our operational expertise to maximize its value.”

The Trailhead complex is part of Chisholm Trail Ranch, a 625-acre planned community located just west of Chisholm Trail Parkway in Fort Worth.

Titan Development and Aberg Property Co. Dedicate Trailhead at Chisholm Trail Ranch

Property investment and development firm Titan Development opened its latest project: The Trailhead at Chisholm Trail Ranch last week, alongside partner Aberg Property Co.

The Trailhead, a 284-unit multi-family development, is located on 13.5 acres of land in Fort Worth at the northeast corner of McPherson and Brewer Boulevards.

The next major development in Titan’s long line of industrial, multi-family and self-storage projects in the Southwestern United States, The Trailhead combines accessibility with a variety of convenient amenities.

Located on the 625-acre Chisholm Trail Ranch community, this new resort is configured to provide a variety of amenities for residents, such as easy access to major Dallas-Fort Worth employers as well as retail stores and restaurants. upscale, a community center, a large park and an extensive network of hiking trails.

In addition to the low-density housing of 284 apartments spread across seven buildings, various other design features focus on recreation and an upscale experience. These include several areas for outdoor sports and activities, covered parking, storage, a swimming pool and a dog park.

“The Chisholm Trail Parkway is exploding with growth and The Trailhead is well positioned to provide much-needed multi-family housing to this vibrant neighborhood,” said Josh Rogers, Senior Vice President of Titan Development. “We believe this property, with its nearby shopping and outdoor activities, will make this final phase of Chisholm Trail Ranch a very attractive neighborhood with many live, work and play benefits.”

Funded by Titan Development Real Estate Funds II and III, the $63 million project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2025 in partnership with Links Construction.

First-time home buyers now need $10,000 in extra income to buy a home

As mortgage interest rates continue to rise in the United States, first-time home buyers in Texas are being squeezed out of the market, according to a statement from Texas A&M University’s Texas Real Estate Research Center.

Since the start of 2022, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in the United States has increased by 2 percentage points; the rate rose from 3% at the start of the year to around 5.25% as of May 19, according to experts at the Texas Real Estate Research Center.

Rising interest rates also mean an increase in qualifying income, says Dr. Clare Losey, associate research economist at the Texas Real Estate Center.

“As mortgage interest rates rise, the total monthly mortgage payment also rises,” says Dr. Losey. “It increases the income required to qualify for a mortgage. In other words, as mortgage interest rates rise, purchasing power declines and households need to earn more money to buy a house at the same price.

Citing the 5.5% increase in the qualifying income requirement, from $59,665 to $70,891, Dr. Losey estimated that only 30% of renters in Texas would be willing to pay the first quartile sale price of the property. State – a drop of almost 10 percentage points since the beginning of the year.

The Retreat at Milledge, a brand new student housing community serving University of Georgia students located in Athens, Georgia.

Humphreys & Partners Architects win Student Housing Business Innovator Awards

Multiple distinctions were awarded to several architectural firms during the 12e Annual Business Innovator Awards, hosted by Student Housing Business in Austin. Winners included Dallas-based Humphreys & Partners Architects and HPA Design Group.

The Standard by Humphreys & Partners Architects in Austin, a 17-story skyscraper with a long list of amenities, won the Business Innovator Award for Best Architecture and Design.

The interior design division, HPA Design Group, won the award for best interior design with budget under $250,000 for its work on the new student housing community The Retreat at Milledge in Athens, Georgia.

“Both projects feature state-of-the-art amenities to create the perfect living/study environment for students at their future universities,” said Greg Faulkner, President of Humphreys & Partners Architects. “Our design teams understand deep down what the client wants to deliver and exceed expectations.”

Holt Lunsford secures full construction lease in Carrollton

DGM Services, Inc. has signed a full construction lease at the Valwood Trade Center in Carrollton. Holt Lunsford Commercial represented the owner, TA Realty.

Securing the 69,590 square foot lease was “critical to the success of the project,” said Keaton Brice of Holt Lunsford Commercial. “Securing a full construction contract has provided us with an additional opportunity for 1545 Crescent’s sister property, 1550 Capital.”

Located at 1545 Crescent Drive in the Valwood Submarket, the Valwood Trade Center is considered a prime location in the vibrant new neighborhood of Carrollton. Steven Berger of CBRE represented the tenant in lease negotiations, while Andrew Gilbert and Keaton Brice of Holt Lunsford Commercial represented the landlord.

JLL Inks Ascent Solutions to Cypress Waters

Ascent Solutions, a cybersecurity consultancy, is Cypress Waters’ newest tenant, according to an announcement this week from JLL.

Ascent Solutions will occupy 33,000 square feet and the entire seventh floor of 2999 Olympus Blvd. in Coppell, Texas.

According to the release, Ascent Solutions’ new epicenter in the heart of Texas, set to move into space in early 2023, will operate as a world-class cybersecurity center for some of the world’s largest companies.

In choosing Cypress Waters, Ascent attributes the wide range of amenities, expansion opportunities, and other accessible surrounding establishments.

“We are quickly establishing ourselves as a global cybersecurity leader with one goal: defeating threats to keep businesses and people safe,” said JD Harris, CEO of Ascent Solutions. “Ascent’s Cypress Waters Campus will attract and empower burgeoning talent and serve as a global center of cybersecurity innovation for years to come. I have been impressed with the vision of Texas leadership, particularly at Cypress Waters, and this real estate lease is just the beginning of what Ascent plans to do in this geography.


Carla McCanna

Johnson Controls urges hotels to adopt eco-friendly solutions


Sustainability is vital to any successful business, and the hospitality industry is no exception, especially given the recent consumer awareness of eco-friendly tourism. The desire for sustainable development was strongly felt this year during “The Hotel Show”, which recently ended at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Sustainable energy solutions not only reduce operating costs, but also help deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

In the same context, Johnson Controls, the world leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, urges the hospitality industry to adopt cost-effective environmental solutions, reduce environmental damage, reduce costs and gain credibility with client.

JCI now operates successfully in more than 40 sustainable industries and has been recognized as one of the top 100 sustainable companies in the world. To date, the company has succeeded in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 70% since 2002. During the same period, it has also succeeded in eliminating more than 31 million metric tons of carbon.

JCI has always been an advocate for sustainability. Its integrated solutions help hotels monitor, analyze, control and increase operational efficiency, which not only improves guest experience, but also improves building performance, reduces workload and supports hotel growth.

One such integrated solution is OpenBlue Enterprise Manager, a dynamic new space from Johnson Controls that is a comprehensive suite of connected solutions that delivers impactful sustainability, healthy new occupant experiences, safety and security. It also offers a suite of AI-powered custom service solutions such as remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, compliance monitoring, advanced risk assessments, and more.

Another such solution is the guest room management system (GRMS) designed to ensure an exemplary and rewarding guest experience. This is a scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution that is used to control lighting, entertainment, temperature, privacy, and security for guests to experience a safe and comfortable stay.

That’s not all, Johnson Controls’ Metasys hotel management and reservations system interface maintains comfort levels for occupants, keeps everyone safe and protects assets, while its variable speed drives at York Chillers are specifically designed for use with HVAC fan and pump applications. It offers closed-loop control capabilities with Metasys and Facility Explorer digital field controllers.

In the UAE, sustainability has always been instrumental in its diversified growth. With the UAE’s strategy to become Net Zero by 2050, it is essential that the hospitality industry adapts and integrates solutions that can help them reduce their carbon footprint. The UAE government has always provided the industry with the right support and cooperation, and if small and large market players come together to drive sustainability, the impact will be phenomenal.

About the author: Intissar Bourabia is Key Account Manager – Hospitality and Healthcare Vertical, Johnson Controls MEA.

Copyright 2022 Al Hilal Publishing and Marketing Group Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (Syndigate.info).

Toronto shelter hotel overspending of $13 million could have paid for 52,000 nights for the homeless


The City of Toronto has spent $13.2 million over two years on emergency hotel shelters, according to a tax audit by the city’s auditor general.

Money intended for housing assistance has instead been used to pay a host of hotel costs, says the auditor general. This is despite the fact that the contracts exclude these charges.

In two years, $5.4 million was spent on hotel room vacancy charges, $5.3 million was spent on hotel surcharges on meal bills, and $2.4 million were attributed to “DMF” charges, although there was disagreement among those interviewed during the audit as to whether this was a resort tax or other unclear hotel charge. The audit notes that hotels stopped including this charge in January 2022.

“Every dollar and every chamber matters,” Auditor General Beverley Romeo-Beehler said in her report, which is expected to be discussed by the audit committee next week. It is expected to be presented to City Council on June 15.

The millions spent could have covered the cost of 52,000 overnight stays for the city’s homeless residents, the audit found, as well as meals and support services “for an entire year”.

Instead, hotels added the extras to their bills and city officials paid for them, the audit found. According to the audit, “some staff” processing the invoices did not appear to be aware of the appropriate contracts or fees.

‘My jaw dropped,’ says shelter hotel resident

“You have to make sure you’re billed according to the contract, otherwise what’s the point of having one,” City Coun said. Stephen Holyday, who chairs the Audit Committee.

“Everyone understands that during COVID it was a stressful time for the city, but there’s an old saying… haste is wasteful,” he said. “We need to figure out how best to manage contracts across the city.”

While the pandemic was certainly a complicating factor, the Auditor General was careful to note that in some cases: “These incorrect amounts were billed even before the pandemic.”

“My jaw dropped,” Gru, a shelter hotel resident whose legal name is Jesse Allan, told CBC News.

“Fifteen million dollars gets a lot of apartments for a whole year,” he said – “real apartments, what most people on the street need.”

Among its recommendations, Romeo-Beehler suggests that the city develop an appropriate system for reviewing its invoices to ensure that payments meet contractual terms. She also suggests that the city’s Corporate Real Estate Management division take responsibility for hotel contracts so that the Shelter, Support & Housing Administration division “can focus on providing core services.”

The audit notes that its recommendations are aimed at “ensuring that money goes towards creating more places in shelters or creating permanent housing solutions for people who are homeless”.

‘That’s why we have an Auditor General’: Tory

In a statement, Mayor John Tory said, “That’s why we have an Auditor General” and that city staff will “act” on his recommendations.

“I will ensure that … we do everything we can to recover any costs that should not have been charged to the City,” he said.

Although the Auditor General serves as an important check on accountability, Cathy Crowe, a longtime street nurse and housing advocate, says it’s ultimately up to senior city officials “to do a better job.”

Last year was one of the deadliest for homeless people in Toronto since Toronto Public Health began tracking in 2017. In 2021, 216 people died, 132 of whom resided in homeless shelters. shelter.

To cope with the physical distancing requirements of the pandemic, the city has opened 42 temporary shelters, including in hotels.

But COVID-19 outbreaks, food quality issues, and other issues have made some shelters not “adapted” to life, led some homeless residents to take refuge in municipal parks. Attempts to clear some of these encampments last summer become violent.

Encampment supporters defend a group of tents as Toronto police enforce an eviction order at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto on June 22, 2021. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

At the start of March, the audit notes that there were still nearly 4,000 people staying in less than 3,000 rooms in 29 hotels.

“Someone has to pay for this,” Crowe said. “We should be absolutely outraged by this.”

Osaka’s Hotel Games isn’t just full of board games, it’s a game!


All hosting and no gaming make customers boring.

There are plenty of cafes and bars that offer a wide range of board games to entertain customers, and you might even be able to find a hotel that will occasionally lend a Kerplunk box or UNO game to customers. hotel games in Osaka’s bustling Namba district, however, takes things a step further and really immerses guests in board games.

Everyone can enter the hotel and enjoy their collection of 130 types of board games from Japan and around the world in an all-you-can-play format for 3,250 yen (25 USD) per person on the playable porch in the second floor lobby. They even have a board game sommelier on hand to give recommendations and instructions for unfamiliar games to help visitors find their new favorites.

But for the full experience, it is advisable to check into one of their many room types. Standard rooms suitable for board games are available in styles for all ages and can accommodate up to five people. So you will have enough players to meet the requirements of all games.

▼ Children’s rooms are very child-friendly

▼ There are also rooms with terraces for outdoor games

For a more interactive overnight stay, there is also a Werewolf Murder Mystery Room. Despite the name, there are actually several murder mystery games to choose from, most of them just featuring werewolves.

Guests can even go beyond their room and play eight Hotel Games games integrated into the installation.

▼ A video tour of Hotel Games

In Coin Huntplayers have to chase the coins… Many of the best games are the ones that don’t require much explanation.

In Night Mischievous Werewolf our lycanthrope friends take a break from the killing and play harmless pranks on the guests. Each guest is given a card to perform an act like “putting a fork in a fridge” or “hanging three hangers together” and must do the task so others won’t notice until the next morning.

When visiting the hotel games, you will also notice a grid with numbers outside each elevator area. This is for gamers Elevator Guessing Game. When an elevator arrives, simply jump on a space to guess how many people will descend and crush your opponents with predictive power. It’s also really nice to get off an elevator and have someone applauding when you arrive.

All hotels are known for their pictograms, but it’s only at Hotel Games that they come to life and break free from their two-dimensional shackles. Find them all and be crowned champion of hide and seek pictogram.

These are only half of the special hotel games available. There is also the Dice Challenge, Drink Riddle, Additional rules for your tripand the secret chamber which is a hidden room filled with treasures for guests to find by solving a series of mysteries.

▼ I just hope the treasure isn’t a loophole like “friendship” or something

Even the reception is furnished in the style of the Japanese hanafuda card game and the pattern of the walls changes every month.

It’s definitely such a fun building that it would be hard to sleep in, and with its convenient location in downtown Osaka, there’s no shortage of outdoor entertainment either. You can even try to solve the nearby mystery of the hidden train station cafeteria, if you dare…

Hotel information
Hotel Games Mimaru Osaka Namba Station / ボードゲームホテルMIMARU大阪難波STATION
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nipponbashi 3-6-24

Source: PR time Going through Netlab
Images: PR Times
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Olive Real Estate Group and Hotel Equities announce a major

Colorado Springs, CO, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Olive Real Estate Band, Hotel Shares (“HE”), Colarelli Construction and Hotel Operations Services, the owners, development and operating partners, are delighted to announce the official opening of the new SpringHill Suites by Marriott and Element by Westin in downtown Colorado Springs on May 26, 2022. The dual-branded property has 261 combined rooms and offers panoramic views of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods park and the Rocky Mountains.

“The Downtown Colorado Springs dual-brand hotel has provided more than 150 jobs for Colorado Springs residents with competitive salaries, benefits and career growth opportunities,” said Olive Real Estate Group Director Jim DiBiase. “In addition to the positive social impact the hotel brings, the dual-brand model is the perfect solution to market demand for upscale urban accommodations that include extended-stay options in downtown town. It’s a testament to the growth of business and tourist travel in Colorado Springs.

“We are thrilled to add this property to our hotel portfolio, expanding our footprint in the West,” said HE Director of Development Joe Reardon.

Hotel Equites General Manager Brad Rahinsky added, “This hotel represents our further commitment and investment in the growing Colorado Springs market. We have been actively involved in The Springs as owners and operators for nearly a decade and seek to continue to grow and support the community with continued growth and opportunity.

The dual-brand property, located at the corner of South Tejon and East Costilla, is in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, a growing hub for business functions and entertainment options including the US Olympic & Paralympic Museum and Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC. The location is encompassed by Colorado College, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, and many local restaurants and bars.

Gus Krimm is the hotel’s general manager alongside sales manager Linda Greenwell.

“Our team has had the pleasure of working alongside the developers and the property opening team since the project began to ensure that the original vision for the dual-branded property comes to fruition,” said the senior vice president of operations at HE, Peter Tziahanas. “I’m confident the team has delivered a property that will serve as a central gathering place for the downtown community and provide guests with a unique experience when visiting the bustling city.”

The eighth floor of the dual-branded hotel is home to Lumen8 Rooftop Social, a contemporary restaurant and bar that will open June 1, 2022. Eight stories tall with panoramic mountain views, the restaurant capitalizes on the seasonality of Colorado Springs. With an upscale contemporary American kitchen, rooftop patio, and focus on local ingredients, Lumen8 is “a great space to take in the view, sip a bottle of wine, and enjoy the evening with family and friends.” , says Chris Starkus. , Director of Food and Beverage.

To learn more about SpringHill Suites, click here. To learn more about Element Downtown Colorado Springs, click here.

About Olive Real Estate Group

Olive Real Estate Group is a recognized leader in the Southern Colorado commercial real estate market, serving clients as they grow, move, grow and invest to enhance business, financial and economic development in a region rich in opportunities. Since 1976, Olive Real Estate Group has developed over 5 million square feet of commercial office, retail, hotel and industrial properties in Colorado Springs. Flagship projects include the Colorado Springs Tech Center, Woodmen Office Campus and Aerospace Technology Center campuses. Learn more about www.olivereg.com.

About hotel stocks
Hotel Equities is an award-winning, large-scale hotel ownership, management and development company with a portfolio of over 250 hotels and resorts across the United States and Canada. Fred Cerrone, CHA, is Founder and President; Brad Rahinsky is President and CEO. Hotel Equities is a subsidiary of 33 Degrees, an integrated management platform combining market knowledge and industry experience across a wide range of CRE assets, including offices, restaurants, retail, residential mixed use and multi-units. For more information on hotel stocks, visit www.hotelequitites.com.

  • Rendering dual-branded Marriott


Burger Wellington: Restaurateur behind $185 burger says now is not the time to cook ‘shy’


The chef behind a Wellington burger that costs so much you can smell inflation on it says bold cooking is just what the hospitality industry needs right now.

Jardin Grill, the restaurant inside the five-star Sofitel on Bolton St, has entered a burger titled “Le Burger Bourgeoisie” in August’s Burger Wellington competition for Wellington on a Plate.

Despite the fact that the burger has yet to be tasted by anyone, even its creators, it immediately caught the eye online for its eclectic mix of luxury ingredients, and its tantalizing price tag of $185 ($195 when it is washed down with a beer).

If it looks like it has to be gold-plated to cost that much, that’s because, well, it is.

* It’s burger month in Wellington: Warren Maxwell tastes his namesake burger
* Why every foodie should plan a trip to Wellington in August
* As Impossible and Beyond burgers take off, will true veggie burgers disappear?
* Colourful, sweet, arty – a trip to Burger Wellington delights the taste buds

Burger ingredients include a Japanese Wagyu A5 beef patty with crayfish remoulade, free range duck egg aioli, Sturia Oscietra caviar, homemade Kurobuta pork belly bacon, Kāpiti Te Tihi Aged Cheddar, kawakawa tea infused cucumber and tomato , baby gem lettuce and whiskey barbecue sauce in a homemade 24k gold plated bun.

Not everyone is a fan, with some on social media saying now is not the right time to indulge as many grapple with a cost of living crisis.

The ingredients of this gourmet masterpiece.

Wellington Burger

The ingredients of this gourmet masterpiece.

Jardin Grill executive chef Royxeenn Giam said his team had been loyal to Burger Wellington for several years, trying to match the prices of other restaurants.

This year, he sat down with his team, and they decided to go big and decadent to push the envelope.

“We’ve had three years of Covid and I just feel like we need a bit of hype,” Royxeenn said.

“We shouldn’t be shy and shouldn’t be ashamed of doing it.

“Yes, the cost of living is high at the moment, when you buy ingredients you can see it.

“But I see a lot of people in the industry trying to be cost conscious instead of focusing on real cooking and expanding what we do.”

Garden Grill at the Sofitel Hotel in Wellington.

Kevin Stent

Garden Grill at the Sofitel Hotel in Wellington.

The wagyu and its accompaniments were ingredients that Jardin, known for its high-end, wood-fired meals, was familiar with, he said.

His goal over the next few months would be to get a wide range of wagyu for the patty, before perfecting the burger for Wellington when launching a plate on August 1.

An online commenter noted his disappointment that Royxeenn did not include the truffles, presumably “to save cost”.

“We thought about putting in a truffle, but I don’t think the New Zealand truffle has enough flavor – it’s not the same as Italian truffles,” Royxeenn said.

“I didn’t want to throw anything away just because it’s expensive, it has to work.”

Leg of lamb simmered from Jardin Grill, merino ribs with black garlic, succotash and fondant kumara.

Cameron Burnell/Fairfax NZ

Leg of lamb simmered from Jardin Grill, merino ribs with black garlic, succotash and fondant kumara.

Sofitel Wellington general manager Raymond Faulkner said the burger was a unique product which he hoped would “elevate Wellington to its rightful status and onto the restaurant scene”.

“We think it has appeal. Maybe it’s for a very narrow market, but we think it will appeal to that market.”

The immensely popular Burger Wellington has been known for serving weird and wacky burgers since its inception in 2008.

Entrees last year included a burger with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on it, and a tahr burger that aimed to be the most expensive in the world (for charity).

This year’s quirky creations include a fondue burger, a lasagna burger, and even one that’s blue.

Biscoffy Bae at Dirty Burger in Petone is one of the 2022 entries.

Wellington on plate/provided

Biscoffy Bae at Dirty Burger in Petone is one of the 2022 entries.

Wellington on a Plate spokeswoman Jade Lucas said Royxeenn’s $185 burger looked “incredible”, and given the incredible ingredients used, it was no surprise to see the price tag.

“These ingredients are not cheap.

“Burger Wellington is about having fun, encouraging people to be creative and bringing a ready-made burger. The aptly named Bourgeoisie Burger certainly ticks that box.

One of the entrees for Burger Wellington in 2021.

Wellington Burger

One of the entrees for Burger Wellington in 2021.

Inflation has driven up the price of some burgers, with about 80 of the 205 burgers available this year costing $25 or more.

Lucas said there are plenty of options for people on a budget, with burgers starting at just $14.

“The hospitality sector has been hit hard over the past two years. Hosting festivals like this encourages people to get out and support their local businesses while enjoying fantastic food at the same time. »

Toronto’s long-awaited W Hotel finally opens its doors after more than two years late


After two long years of delay, the W Hotel in Toronto is finally opening its doors this summer — less than two months from that date.

The highly anticipated W Toronto will officially open at 90 Bloor Street East near Yonge on July 21, 2022, according to Marriott International.

Billed as a “new socially charged center for the city”, the 11-story, 254-room hotel aims to “reflect Toronto’s Brutalist architecture, graffiti art, grid-like sprawl, green spaces and theatrical and musical culture” with no less than three distinct restaurants, a “rebel cafe” and a poppin’ rooftop bar.

“Guests and locals alike will be able to satisfy every craving with everything from plant-based dishes and local bites to Mediterranean-inspired tapas and of course, a fun and quirky drinks program that W is known for,” wrote the brand in a statement on Monday.

Guests can expect the hotel’s signature “Whatever/Whenever” service throughout the property.

The hotel will also include an indoor and outdoor lobby equipped with a DJ booth, as well as a private recording studio to collaborate, stream and even record podcasts. Called “W Sound Suite”, this creative space will be the first of its kind in Canada.

A 3,300 square foot fitness center and 4,800 square feet of meeting space for events will complement the sleek new accommodations and amenities.

But it won’t be cheap to stay there; The hotel’s booking website suggests rooms start around $540 on a weeknight and can go up to $3,772 for a two-level suite on weekends.

The W has more than 50 hotels worldwide and is known for advertising to millennial guests. Marriott first announced that a Toronto location for the W Hotel would open in summer 2020.

The transformation of the former Marriott’s $40 million design began in July 2019, but due to lockdown restrictions and delays, the grand opening was pushed back.

An opening date for the new W could be just one more sign that things are finally getting back to normal in Toronto.

Global Excellence Awards 2022 successfully held with main guest Mr. Anupam Kher


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India

India’s most prestigious corporate award event, the 3rd edition of GEA (Global Excellence Awards 2022) was successfully held at Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, organized by Brand Empower Pvt Ltd in association with Webpulse Solutions Pvt LtdRadio partner – Radio City, Gift partner – Fruity Florae, Holiday partner – Jurasic Grand Sonipat, eCommerce Partner – LocalDukaan.comCharity Partner – Webpulse Foundation, Marketing Partner – DAP, Fashion Partner – BeZiddi.com.

Popular Bollywood actor and former President of Film and Television Institute of India, Mr. Anupam Kher graced the red carpet of GEA 2022 as the main guest and consecutively for the 3rd time, Mr. Rithvik Dhanjani as the presenter and anchor at the Global Excellence Awards ceremony boosted the energy of the audience with its own confident and unique style of presentation. He also personally interviewed the GEA 2022 winners in the Platinum and Diamond category.

What are the Global Excellence Awards?

Organized for the first time in 2018, in New Delhi, the Global Excellence Award have been conceptualized by Delhi-based media, research and branding company Brand Empower Pvt Ltd to honor actors, artists, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and individuals in art, entertainment, media, manufacturing and services to encourage their creativity, innovation and quality. It is held every year in different cities and countries and has helped to strengthen the popularity of GEA winners and their brand image on a global scale. Mr. Rahul Ranjan Singh, Founder and CEO of Brand Empower Pvt Ltd is the brain behind the conceptualization of the Global Excellence Awards.

All editions of the Global Excellence Awards:

-Global Excellence Awards 2018, New Delhi with Chief Guest Ms. Raveena Tandon

-Global Excellence Awards 2019, Mumbai with Key Guest Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene

-Global Excellence Awards 2020 – Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

-Global Excellence Awards 2021 – Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic

-Global Excellence Awards 2022, Mumbai with key guest Mr. Anupam Kher

Over 500 delegates from India and overseas attended the Global Excellence Awards 2022 at the Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai, including popular celebrities from TV, Web, Bollywood and Space digital who graced the GEA 2022 red carpet, including Spiritual Speaker and Motivation Speaker Jaya Kishori, Darshan Kumaar, Shaheer Sheikh, Rupali Ganguly, Helly Shah, Divya Agarwal, Raqesh Bapat, Amaal Mallik, Jay Bhanushali, Karanvir Sharma, Karanvir Bohra, Kristine Zedek, Rithvik Dhanjani, etc.

GEA Winners 2022

– Media, Arts & Entertainment Excellence Awards 2022 winners: Jaya Kishori, Darshan Kumaar, Shaheer Sheikh, Rupali Ganguly, Helly Shah, Divya Agarwal, Raqesh Bapat, Amaal Mallik, Jay Bhanushali, Karanvir Sharma, Karanvir Bohra, Rithvik Dhanjani, Kristine Zedek , Radio City, Dinesh Anand Production

-Healthcare Excellence Awards 2022 winners: Sri Sabarna Roy, Dr Kaberi Banerjee, Healthoxy Pvt Ltd, Careoxy, Instashield India Pvt Ltd, Dr Ashok Singh, Dr Sanjay Kumar ‘Tanish’, Dr NPNarain, Dr Ashutosh Sharan, Dr. Sahajanand Prasad Singh, Dr. PKGyan

– 2022 Manufacturing Excellence Award Winners: Fruity Florae, Elson House, Gag Wears, Maskeen Overseas, Powertron India Private Limited, Sasthi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Swastik Systems And Services, Tinomed Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Lazerxtech, Krishidoot Bio Herbals, Hemodiaz Life Sciences Private Limited, Cane India (a unit of Cane Furnishers Pvt. Ltd.), AM International, Mangla Plastic Industries, GS Machinery, Goldtech Graphics Pvt Ltd, Ganesh Packaging Store, Sofa Town, A Prestigious Sai Furniture Art Brand, Trimurti Wall Care Products Pvt Ltd, Bluestar Sanitary Industries Pvt Ltd, Dhananjay Creations Private Limited

– 2022 Service Excellence Award Winners: Arnav Group, DVN IT Solutions, J&Y Advocates LLP, Dubey & Company Advocates, Paraxion Market Consultants Pvt Ltd., Homes For India Pvt Ltd, Speeder Shipping Services Pvt Ltd, Sri Dinesh Goyal, Santosh Kumar Singh

-Spiritual Excellence Awards 2022 winners: Jaya Kishori, Lupa Mudra Gogoi

-Winners of the Excellence in Education Awards 2022: Malkansview, Capsgains, Meritroot

-Business Excellence Awards 2022 winners: Karvy Sales Corporation, Ameet Parekh, Spangle Steel Products, Antriksh Technosys Private Limited, Shri Dhar Renewable Energy Pvt.Ltd, Eliide

And much more…

GEA 2022 Mumbai was a star-studded event, where TV, WEB and Bollywood stars graced the red carpet and received awards for their outstanding performances.

Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, educators and business owners from across India and overseas were nominated for the 2022 GEA Awards and were on hand to lift the trophy from the hands of the chief guest, Mr. Anupam Kher.

Founder and CEO of Brand Empower Pvt Ltd (the presenter of GEA 2022), Mr. Rahul Ranjan Singh said, “It is an honor and a great privilege to provide all national and international business people with a platform to recognize their hard work. Winners were chosen from thousands of nominations from around the world after being judged by the judging panel and team based on their online presence, customer ratings, reviews, comments, work experiences, infrastructure and facilities, quality and innovation in their field, use of technology, and previous awards and achievements.

He further added, “For anyone who missed out on winning GEA 2022, nominations are open for the Global Excellence Awards 2023 for companies and organizations of all sizes, from all types of businesses such as manufacturing, wholesale, export, services, professionals and Practitioners. Our goal is to honor and recognize the hard work and dedication shown by companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in their respective fields and to make the world a better place to live through their innovative products, services and contributions. Those who believe they have added innovative ideas to their product, service or profession should submit the application. A big congratulations and thank you to all the winners, sponsors and partners of the Global Excellence Awards 2022, who made this season a great success.

Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not involve any journalistic/editorial involvement of the Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/endorse the content(s) of the article/advertisement and/or opinions expressed herein. Hindustan Times shall not be in any way responsible and/or liable in any way whatsoever for anything stated in the article and/or also with respect to the view(s), opinion(s) ), announcement(s), statement(s), affirmation(s) etc., stated/presented in the same.

Karnataka misses caravan tour bus as neighbors race ahead

Caravan tourism which is one of the most sought after modes of tourism in countries like Australia, United States of America and United Arab Emirates is fast catching up in India with states like Kerala and Maharashtra which offer policies to be exploited. in the luxury services sector.

Industry experts say that over the next five years, tour operators and luxury hotels in Kerala and Goa will need more than 100 ‘motorhomes’ to meet demand.

“We have designed five caravans according to the requirements of our customers over the past four years. In the next 10 months, we are expected to deliver 12 of these RVs to our customers in Kerala. We are getting several requests from luxury hotels in Goa for caravans,” said Jagadish Hiremath, Managing Director of Able Design, the only caravan manufacturing company in North Karnataka.

The company has also designed special purpose vehicles for DRDO, ISRO and the healthcare industry. Some of their ambulances and modified vehicles are deployed at the Chinese border.

Hiremath says caravan tourism is an untapped sector so far in India and has huge potential for growth.

“These vehicles can be solutions to improve tourist activities where the establishment of permanent infrastructure is not possible. This can open up unlimited possibilities to improve tourism,” he said.

Up early

Industry experts say that states like Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra have realized the potential of the sector and developed the necessary policies.

Kerala has already decided to set up 100 caravan parks in tourist locations where tourists can get electricity, drainage and sewage connections at nominal charges.

“Tiger” Ramesh Govindan, MD of LuxeCamper, said Karnataka is losing in the race because the state government is not making the necessary decisions.

“While the government of Kerala issued a government ordinance on caravan parks and cleared the operation of my motorhome in just 45 days, the Karnataka tourism department is on my record for recognizing our company as as a caravan tour operator for the past three years. The government has no vision when it comes to caravan tourism,” he said, adding that he was planning to move his base to Kerala on next month.

He said the union government should step in to ensure a uniform road tax for caravans across India or introduce a single tariff/single permit for approved caravans. He said caravan tourism can generate jobs in rural areas.

Hardeep Kaur, a former manager of a star hotel, told DH that many foreign guests visiting Goa used to request caravan services to visit Dandeli, Badami, Aihole, Hampi and other destinations in Karnataka as these places lack “good accommodation”.

“Although our hotel management were interested in buying caravans, we had to abandon the idea at the last minute as there were no proper caravan facilities at these locations,” he said. -he declares.

The director of the tourism department, T Venkatesh, could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

The hotel’s tartar sauce symbolizes the green revolution in the hotel industry


The hotel’s tartar sauce symbolizes the green revolution in the hotel industry

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is not public An icon of a human eye and eyelashes crossed by a diagonal line.

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Roulette Loading An icon of a loading wheel.

Derby fire: Eight fire engines at the scene as the fire ravages the upper floors of a city center hotel | United Kingdom | New


Footage shows a fire on the upper floors of the former Pennine Hotel on Macklin Street in Derby.

The building is disused and partially demolished, Derbyshire Police said.

A Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service first received a call about the blaze at 8.52pm on Saturday May 28, a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson confirmed that eight fire engines and two aerial ladder platforms had been dispatched to the scene.

Nottinghamshire fire crews were also called for help, Derbyshire Live reported.

A number of roads have been closed in the city center as emergency crews travel to the scene.

A cordon would be in place around Colyear Street.

The Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service has asked the public to avoid the area.

They tweeted: ‘Fire crews are currently battling a fire at the former Pennine Hotel on Macklin Street in #Derby. Please avoid the area. »

Derbyshire Police released a statement about the incident.

It read: ‘We have closed a number of roads in Derby town center after a fire broke out in a disused and partially demolished hotel.

“The fire started in buildings on the site of the former Pennine Hotel earlier this evening.

“Police and firefighters are at the scene and several roads in the immediate vicinity are closed.

“We are also advising residents of the city to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed due to the risk of smoke spreading.”


On the way to Inchydoney? A look at the Island Lodge & Spa


When it comes to being a household name in hospitality, few hotels in Ireland can match Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa.

The four-star coastal retreat has almost become synonymous with a break from West Cork itself (“Guess you’ve heard they’re off to Inchydoney”) with its restaurants, spa and stunning location making it a destination property.

First opened in the 1930s as the Inchydoney Ocean Hotel, the OG Hotel was demolished and rebuilt in 1997 until its current incarnation, fluctuating to meet guest trends from… yoga at sea to artisanal food trucks.

But how is the customer experience shaping up in 2022? I hit the road last month to review one of Cork’s most iconic properties.

First impressions

Located in one of the main coastal sites of the Wild Atlantic Way, Inchydoney Island is the icon of location, location, location.

A brief jaunt beyond the cool capital of Clonakilty, I find myself driving along coastal causeways and secondary roads linking the hotel to the mainland, all adding to the sense of anticipation.

Inchydoney doesn’t have a grand entrance, however, but rather a winding road that gives way to a nice, sprawling front parking lot that flanks the hotel’s facade.

Those coastal views over Clonakilty Bay are what really grab your attention, and after parking up I’m immediately drawn to the headland to soak them all up.

Behind me, the white block facade of the Inchydoney itself doesn’t offer a particularly inspiring first impression, but once inside, the coastal character begins to take hold a little more.

The lobby is an airy, open space with two oversized L-shaped couches and a faux fireplace lounge, while white window shutters give the space an elegant Cape Cod feel.

A neat touch is the glass of Five Farms West Cork cream liqueur offered to me as a welcome drink before the doorman ushers me upstairs to my asshole.

Follow-up discussion

A Junior Suite at Inchydoney Island Lodge

I was staying in one of the hotel’s three junior suites, dream coastal spaces offering a 180° view of the Atlantic.

The bedroom lounge is a contemporary, yet pared-back affair, with a swoon sofa, sleek armchairs, and TV suite, but it’s those cruise ship views from the upper deck that really do the talking.

The bedroom, topped with a cloud-like four-poster bed, has an elegant en-suite bathroom in sandy tones as well as a west-facing balcony with double Adirondack chairs to take in views of the sunset.

Given the space and the abundance of pine wood, I think the room could use a bit more art or soft furnishings to add a bit more soul, but the suite is all in all a very impressive space, inspired by the ocean, while avoiding kitschy coastal design tropes. .

Are you looking to restore yourself? Inchydoney offers self-catering apartments overlooking the beach, with pet-friendly options so you can also bring the madra.

To eat

Inchydoney offers its customers decent dining choices. From their famous Gulfstream restaurant, to the more casual Tides Bistro, to the lough at the lodge and the Silver Surfer food truck, offering waffles and ice cream, parked outside. I dined at Gulfstream, a fine ocean-view restaurant with a New England country club look fused with a warm West Cork familiarity.

Local provenance has become a staple of Irish food menus, but what’s remarkable about Inchydoney is that all ingredients are sourced from Cork.

I opted for the most delicious Bantry Bay Shrimp Salad with Citrus Gemstone Mayonnaise, which was followed by the gluten-free novelty of Tempura Breaded Monkfish served with Mangetout Fries and truffles.

A flourless orange cake with ice cream for dessert crowned a refined, very refined meal at €75 including tax. a glass of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a signature Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail in the hotel’s Residents’ Lounge, a huge space filled with as much rolled-up furniture as a Harvey Norman showroom, albeit with the nature of the happy hour of the kids playing chase, I’m happy to retire my last drink at this awesome suite.

Breakfast the next morning was an impressive feast of fresh pastries, cheeses and cold meats, plus fresh options to order like a catch of the day; my gluten free muesli was served with a sprinkle of raisins and gooseberries – simple touches that set the dish apart.


Beyond its design, which doesn’t float my architectural boat, Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa is a beautiful property that will appeal to families, with its children’s playroom, to couples, with the first saltwater spa in Ireland and its all-round romantic setting.

Negatives for me included that huge parking lot interrupting the sea view from the rooms and spa and it can give the property a cobbled paradise feel.

Given its size and busyness, some diners may prefer to seek out more boutique options in the area, but with great staff, fine comforts, and truly those views alone, Inchydoney deserves to be on any list. what a short list of stays.


  • inchydoneyisland.com; Rates for summer guest rooms from €115pps.
  • Inchydoney is currently offering their The Sea Swimmers Bedroom To Beach package which includes two nights accommodation with handmade chocolates on arrival, a full West Cork breakfast each morning, a Sea Swimmers signature hot cocktail in the lounge , a five-course dinner one evening in the Gulfstream Restaurant, a jar of Ground Wellbeing bath salts to take away, and complimentary access to the heated saltwater pool, gym and relaxation areas at from €275, valid from Sunday to Thursday.
  • Tom was a hotel guest for this review.

Hilton will open 59 more hotels in Saudi Arabia in the next 10 years

RIYADH: The historic city of AlUla has received more than 250,000 visitors in the past 12 months, far exceeding its forecast, a senior government official has said.

The city’s developers had already come a long way, estimating that it had planned to attract one million visitors by 2025.

“The plan is to keep it preserving nature. We don’t want to create a destination and then destroy it by bringing in too many people,” John Northen, executive director – head of hotels and resorts at the Royal Commission for AlUla, or RCU, told Arab News.

“So we’re providing an experience that’s very carefully created and managed for visitors,” Northen said.

One such labor of love is the Banyan Tree Hotel, a sprawling destination with 79 villas slated to open in October this year.

The plan is to keep it preserve nature… We provide an experience that is very carefully created and managed for visitors.

John NorthExecutive Director — Head of Hotels and Resorts at RCU

The hotel is also a worthy neighbor to Maraya Hall, the world’s largest mirrored building and a centerpiece of the city’s growing cultural landscape.

RCU is also developing AlUla Old Town, where it will open the 30-room Boutique Hotel in October.

“It’s going to be completely different; you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time and experienced something very unusual,” he said.

The city has also regenerated its sprawling 2,000 square kilometer Sharaan Nature Reserve, a sanctuary for Arabian leopards.

“Here we are developing two exciting hotels, one designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, which will be designed inside the mountain,” Northen said.

The destination is also home to international gourmet restaurants

“Food and drink is already a big strength for AlUla,” he added.

Most restaurants in town have been seasonal based on tourist traffic. However, RCU will operate them throughout the year starting next year.

Part of the URC’s strategy is to involve the local community and offer training programs.

“The population of AlUla is 42,000 people. We try to hire as many as possible and provide training opportunities,” Northen said, adding that they have already opened a language school and will soon be setting up a hotel management school.

The Meliá Collection adds Meliá Desert Palm to its unique portfolio of properties


Dubai’s diverse hotel offerings make Meliá Desert Palm one of the most exclusive hotels in Meliá Hotels International’s portfolio. The renowned hotel group presents The Meliá Collection, bringing together some of the company’s most unique hotels, all of which have a very special personality due to their iconic location or the traditions and history they represent. Under this new brand, the hotel has been renamed Meliá Desert Palm Member of Meliá Collection.

Meliá Desert Palm Member of Meliá Collection, enhances sense of place and expression of personality; this property offers guests a unique travel and destination experience supported by the group’s elite offerings and services. Immersed in the Arabian Desert and surrounded by the contradictory beauty of green polo fields, Meliá Desert Palm is an unusual five-star hotel that goes beyond the classic resort or urban hotel. Still, the hotel’s amenities and level of service make the resort one of Dubai’s most stylish destinations.

The refined and discreet wellness oasis spread over a 160-acre polo estate with contemporary design, is a place where discerning travelers can discover authentic and sophisticated wellness and sports experiences. From the entrance through the tall gates to the lush grounds and impressive polo field, the spirit of the ‘sport of kings’ is pervasive through the owner’s personal art collection displayed throughout the resort. The exclusive villas with private swimming pools, the indoor spa and a large choice of dining options make it one of the most prestigious polo centers in the world.

“We are very proud to be part of the Meliá collection; we will continue to distinguish our hotel with exceptional offerings and exceptional service. Meliá Desert Palm is a unique expression of luxury, sport and tradition where the traveler can capture the essence of Arabia combined with the indulgence of the Meliá Collection brand,” says Nathalie Cockayne, Managing Director of Meliá Desert Palm. .

Tourism continues to constantly evolve, with new trends revealing a growing preference for brands and experiences that enhance the authenticity and meaning of travel. For Meliá Hotels International, this new way of traveling and discovering destinations has led to the creation of a collection of exclusive hotels in which their exclusivity, independent personality and strong local roots are some of their main attractions.

This connection to the destination is reflected in the design, architecture, style and decoration of the hotels, in their dining options, as well as in their exclusive selection of amenities. A mutual offering from each property is their collection of special experiences for guests to truly immerse themselves in the local environment, cuisine and traditions, with an emphasis on local, organic and sustainable produce and flavors. The brand currently includes some of the most unique hotels in the company’s portfolio, such as the Meliá Serengeti Lodge in Tanzania, the Hacienda del Conde in Tenerife or the Hotel Villa Marquis in Paris.

Disneyland Resort Delivers Spectacular Summer Entertainment with the Return of ‘Fantasmic!’, ‘Tale of the Lion King’ and More


Guests can also expect ongoing celebrations and limited-time experiences that will make this sensational summer unforgettable, including new Celebrate Soulfully offerings and live music that honors Black culture and heritage during the month. black music in June.

Extraordinary entertainment and milestone anniversaries

Celebrates 30 yearse anniversary, “Fantastic!” – Disney’s longest-running nighttime show – will once again ignite the night when Disneyland begins May 28. In this beloved show, mickey mouse dreams that he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and faces dastardly villains, including a 45-foot-tall evil fire-breathing dragon. At the center of the magic of “Fantasmic!” are three mist screens, each 60 feet wide by 30 feet high, that bring moments from Disney’s beloved stories about America’s rivers to life.

Also on May 28theater production “Tale of the Lion King” will debut at the Fantasyland Theater at Disneyland Park with new musical arrangements and original choreography. A guest favorite when it opened in 2019, the show is told by a traveling troupe known as The Storytellers of the Pride Lands, who re-enact the story of Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumbaa through live music and inspired dance. by the cultural roots of this timeless story.

For a limited time, customers can bask in the nighttime magic of the “Main Street Electric Parade” – which features an all-new grand finale honoring the 50e birthday – and the “Disneyland Forever” spectacular fireworks at Disneyland. Performing nightly at Disney California Adventure Park, “Color World” immerses audiences in some favorite Disney and Pixar stories with powerful fountains that create a huge screen of water.

For a magical dining and entertainment experience, guests can choose to book meal packages or a dessert night, which include access to a reserved viewing area for a selected show. * Entertainment schedules and meal plan information are available at disneyland.com.

Disney California Adventure is also celebrating a special milestone – this year marks The 10e anniversary of the major expansion of the park in 2012, when the first guests strolled along New Buena Vista Street and took Route 66 to Cars Land. Since then, Disney California Adventure has continued to introduce more fun and thrills. Its new immersive terrain, Avengers Campusopened in 2021 and features experiences such as WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure and Doctor Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts.

Celebrate Soulfully experiences including live music and dining

Following the introduction of Celebrate Soulfully at Disneyland Resort in February, guests are invited to continue the celebration with more experiences honoring Black heritage and culture:

  • When “Tale of the Lion King” returns to May 28Troubadour Tavern at Disneyland will offer a new menu inspired by the show, including a sweet potato with chicken and coconut curry and Berber-spiced popcorn. Guests and their pride can commemorate Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Lion King” with a souvenir popcorn bucket with Simba, coming later this summer. Availability may vary throughout the summer season.
  • Of June 1 to July 4Disneyland Resort will mark Black Music Month with daily entertainment – celebrating musical genres like doo-wop, Motown, funk, reggae and more – as well as specialty foods and beverages at Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney District and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.
  • “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” a traveling exhibit that illustrates the vibrant heritage and history of jazz, will be on display and free to all Downtown Disney District guests beginning at June 1 to July 4. Featuring Joe Gardner – musician, mentor and star of Disney and Pixar’s original animated film, “Soul” – the exhibition celebrates the different cultures and creators who have influenced this ever-evolving genre.

Throughout the year, guests can continue the festivities with experiences such as training with Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s Royal Guard, at the Avengers Campus and enjoying Creole cuisine at Ralph Brennan’s. Jazz cuisine in the Downtown Disney District.

Limited-time experiences throughout the Disneyland Resort

From graduations to holidays to special occasions, guests can take their keepsakes home with the all new Capture your moment with Disney PhotoPass Service. Available for a limited time at Disneyland Park from 11 July, guests can book personalized 20-minute photo shoots with a Disney PhotoPass photographer that capture the fun and excitement of their celebrations. More information is available and reservations will open soon on disneyland.com.**

Also in June, fans of a galaxy far, far away can experience for a limited time, star wars– themed experiences, character encounters and more across the resort – in addition to galactic adventures available year-round at star wars: The edge of the galaxy and Tomorrowland at Disneyland. Limited-time offers include exhilarating Hyperspace Mountain, special Magic Shots from Disney PhotoPass photographers, and otherworldly dining options.

Taking place select nights in June at Disney California Adventure, guests can relive the “good old days” and show off their school spirit at the first-ever Disneyland After Dark: Graduate Reunion. Separately ticketed event offers shorter wait times for select attractions, unique food and beverages, special character experiences, entertainment, themed merchandise and more.*** Details available on Disneyland.com/GradNiteReunion.

Magic at Downtown Disney District and Disneyland Resort Hotels

With a diverse collection of casual dining, favorite snack stops and shopping, Downtown Disney District will be the coolest place for friends and family to dine and explore together this summer. Guests can play Splitsville Luxury Lanes, dance to nightly entertainment, and more.

With so much to celebrate and discover this summer, guests can extend the magic by staying at Disneyland Resort Hotels, which offer convenient access to both theme parks (subject to valid park admission and park reservations), perks and magical touches that only a Disneyland Resort hotel can provide. Overnight hotel guests can enjoy direct access to Disney California Adventure through the entrance to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and a new walkway coming soon to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel – in addition to direct transportation to Disneyland Park via convenient monorail access for Disneyland Hotel guests.

Starting in late summer, guests staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel will be able to enjoy unique Disney benefits, including early access and the ability to return some theme park purchases to their resort hotel.

About the Disneyland Park
Disneyland Resort includes two spectacular theme parks – Disneyland (Disney’s original theme park) and Disney California Adventure Park – as well as three hotels and the Downtown Disney District, featuring unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. The resort’s hotels are the luxurious 948-room Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, which also includes 50 two-bedroom equivalent Disney Vacation Club units; the magical 973-room Disneyland Hotel — two AAA Four Diamond properties — and the 481-room Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel with its “day at the beach” theme. For more information on Disneyland Resort attractions and vacations, visit disneyland.com, call (866) 43-DISNEY or contact local travel agencies. Located in Anaheim, California, the Disneyland Resort opened on July 17, 1955. Open daily, year-round.

Check out the latest entertainment details and schedules on Disneyland.com or the Disneyland mobile app. Entertainment, experiences and offers subject to change, limited availability or unavailability, and are subject to restrictions and change or cancellation without notice. Theme park reservations and valid admission to the same park on the same day are required for park entry. Park reservations are limited, subject to availability and not guaranteed. Park admission and offerings are not guaranteed. Visit Disneyland.com/Updates for important information to know before your visit, including the latest information on face coverings.

*Dining packages, desserts and entertainment offers are subject to restrictions and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. A meal and dessert party package is non-refundable, non-transferable, cannot be exchanged or sold, and does not include theme park admission. Applicable park reservations are also required.

** The experience includes a photo shoot only; no photos are included. Separate theme park admission and park reservation required. The Disney PhotoPass Service is subject to the Disney PhotoPass Terms and Conditions and Expiration Policy available at https://disneyland.disney.go.com/photopass-terms-conditions/. Online registration required. Subject to other restrictions and changes without notice.

***Some attractions, experiences and offers will not be available during events. Please check the event webpage for up-to-date information. Available experiences, attractions and offers are subject to change and limited availability, and are subject to restrictions, and may be changed or canceled without notice. No refunds are given for any changes or cancellations, whether due to inclement weather or otherwise. Other restrictions apply.

SOURCEDisneyland Resort

‘No Vacancy?’: Casper’s hotel market hot even before Trump rally announcement

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City File)

CASPER, Wyoming — Fans of former President Donald Trump arriving in Casper at the Ford Wyoming Center this weekend will likely struggle to find nearby lodging.

“Our busy season definitely kicked off last week with the state track,” Visit Casper spokeswoman Tia Troy said, “and I would say going forward we’re going to continue to see a lot of visitors come to Casper and Natrona County.”

Karin East, who is regional sales manager for Regency Hotel Management, said the Casper hotel market was showing signs of strength long before Team Trump announced the rally. His group operates the Ramkota in Casper and other regional markets.

East said the corporate and convention sectors that were basically wiped out during the pandemic in 2020 have rebounded strongly.

“The convention group is coming back, the numbers are really strong and business travel is starting to pick up but is lagging,” she said.

She said passing trips, however, are very strong. “That’s been pretty much true for a while, maybe since January,” she said.

“We have a football tournament this week in Casper and we’re sold out,” she said. “Not with the attendees or Trump’s graduation, but with the football teams.”

Ford Wyoming Center staff expect more than 10,000 people to attend the rally, which is taking place over the busy Memorial Day weekend. The Trump team says 20,000. The number of those from out of town is unknown.

“We’re pretty full this weekend,” Taylor Crnich told Casper’s Residence Inn by Marriott, adding that reservations were piling up weeks before the rally was announced. They currently have no room availability for Saturday, she said.

“We’ve been fully booked since the beginning of the month,” said a Hampton Inn receptionist who declined to be named. In their case, a wedding party was the main driver.

“We’ve heard that our hotels are approaching capacity, that’s for sure,” Troy said. She added that Visit Casper has been coordinating with hotels in the county and nearby towns to help people come to town this weekend.

Troy also suggested travelers struggling to find rooms look to nearby vacation rentals or even campgrounds.

“It’s going to stay busy,” she said. “Casper will stay busy for the rest of the summer.

“Tourism plays such a vital role in the local economy,” she added, “so it will be a fantastic boost for these Casper businesses to have such a busy kick-off to the summer season. .”

Europe’s hotel construction pipeline sees slight year-over-year decline at the end of the first quarter of 2022


According to the latest hotel construction pipeline trends report from Lodging Econometrics (LE), Europe ends the first quarter of 2022 with 1,781 projects/277,290 rooms. An 8% decrease in projects and an 11% decrease in rooms year-on-year (YOY).

Projects under construction stand at 875 projects/141,304 rooms, at the end of Q1 ’22, while projects scheduled to start in the next 12 months stand at 443 projects/65,611 rooms. Early planning stage projects are at 463 projects/70,375 rooms, projects at this stage are up 5% per projects and down 1% per rooms YOY.

As in other parts of the world, the last two years have been difficult for the European hotel industry. And now, with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the hotel construction pipeline in Europe is once again experiencing delays as developers suspend projects and cease development activities in these countries. The pace of new hotel openings in Europe has fallen sharply over the past three quarters. Last year, in the second quarter of 2021, new hotel openings reached a record 169 hotels/24,472 rooms; as many hotels that have been delayed during COVID have been pushed and completed. However, by the end of Q1 22, that number had dropped to 60 new hotel openings, representing 8,931 rooms. This is still above the region’s lowest new hotel opening point, which occurred during the COVID peak in Q2 ’20, in which only 37 hotels/6,871 rooms opened.

Even with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, there are encouraging signs for the hospitality industry in Europe. Several countries and those that are popular tourist destinations have seen a steady increase in business and leisure travel demand over the past few months. As we enter the summer season, the surge in travel and hotel demand is expected to continue to increase.

According to LE analysts, the top construction pipeline countries in Europe by number of projects in Q1 22 are the UK with 328 projects/48,207 rooms, Germany with 266 projects/47,004 rooms and France with 161. projects/18,981 rooms. Next comes Portugal, with 125 projects/14,880 rooms, followed by Poland with 82 projects/11,693 rooms.

The European cities with the highest number of hotel projects in the pipeline, at the end of the quarter, are London with 85 projects/13,777 rooms, Düsseldorf with 47 projects/8,969 rooms, Paris with 41 projects/6,461 rooms, Istanbul with 33 projects/6,795 rooms, and Lisbon with 33 projects/3,773 rooms.

The franchise companies with the largest construction pipelines at the end of the first quarter are Accor, with 272 projects/37,320 rooms, and Marriott International, with 205 projects/32,087 rooms. Hilton Worldwide follows with 188 projects/27,790 rooms, then InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) with 155 projects/21,219 rooms. These four companies represent 46% of the projects and 43% of the rooms in the total pipeline.

The main brands in the hotel construction pipeline of these four companies are the Ibis brands of Accor with 96 projects/11,615 rooms, the Hampton by Hilton brand of Hilton Worldwide with 74 projects/11,144 rooms, Holiday Inn Express of IHG with 62 projects/8,906 rooms, and Marriott International’s Marque Moxy with 48 projects/8,237 rooms.

During the first quarter of 2022, Europe opened 60 new hotels with 8,931 rooms. At present, and barring further escalation of the conflict, LE analysts expect 359 new hotel projects to open representing 53,930 rooms, for a total of 419 new hotel projects/62,861 rooms to open in 2022. Analysts of LE foresee 468 new projects. hotel projects, with 65,712 rooms, to open in 2023.

About Accommodation Econometrics (LE)

For nearly 25 years, Lodging Econometrics (LE) has been the industry’s leading provider of global hospitality intelligence and decision-maker contact information. LE creates tailored business development database programs for hotel franchise companies looking to accelerate their brand growth, hotel owners and management companies looking to expand their real estate portfolios, and service providers. the accommodation industry who want to increase their sales. To learn more about our business development programs, contact us: +1 603.431.8740 or [email protected]housingeconometrics.com.

Hannah Paoletti
Media Relations Manager
+1 603 427 9556
Housing econometrics

Viola ‘Pinky’ Rogers (1924-2022): Hotel manager and labor activist – The Royal Gazette


Created: May 25, 2022 07:52

A lifelong hospitality worker who became a hotel manager at a time when few women could be found in the trade was also a trade unionist and a stalwart of the Progressive Labor Party.

A lifelong proud Somerset resident, Viola ‘Pinky’ Rogers got into the hospitality business in her twenties at The Reefs in Southampton, having initially worked at the Simmons Ice Cream Factory, among others.

At The Reefs, she went from housekeeping to training as the hotel’s only female short-term cook in her class.

In 1972, the hotel’s chef, Rainer Maier, left to join the newly opened Fairmont Southampton Hotel and encouraged Mrs. Rogers to follow him.

One of his first jobs there was baking a cassava pie for 200 employees in the hotel’s new giant ovens.

In addition to finding work at the resort for her family and friends, she became a shop steward at the hotel for the Bermuda Industrial Union and at one point was responsible for approximately 1,000 employees.

She had already become active with the PLP when the island’s first political party formed in 1963 and campaigned for the party’s parliamentary candidates in the West End.

Mr Rogers married Calypso singer George Rogers in 1945 and the couple had four children: the late Anthea Rogers Earles, Georgia Rogers Symonds, Johnathan Rogers and Mikail Abdur-Rashid.

Ms Symonds said her mother was Bermuda’s only black chef at the Southampton Princess, as it was then known, where she worked with guest workers from “various walks of life and countries”.

“She was known for her compassion, ability to listen and give sound advice, patience, attention to detail and kindness which served her well in her work as a mentor and trainer.

“I believe it was these skills and her empathetic concern for justice and fairness, gleaned from her previous political experience, that won her the post of Shop Steward, a title she retained until the end of her term. .”

Ms. Rogers retired from the hotel in 1987.

Ms Symonds said her mother was among many women who joined the PLP to “fight for the rights of black people to stand up against injustice and prejudice”.

“These women paved the way for early politicians by sponsoring and canvassing them in their constituencies where they saw firsthand what prejudice looked like.

“Yet they were steadfast and proud to work alongside their politicians such as Eugene Cox, Walter Roberts, Walter Lister and later Dennis Lister.

“At that time, Sandys politicians operated as one unit.

“Whether you represent Sandys South or Sandys North, they all worked as a team.”

Her half-century of service to the PLP was recognized with a gold pin and certificate in 2013, when Ms Rogers was among 50 rank-and-file members honored at a celebration of the party’s 50th anniversary.

One of the accomplishments of which Ms. Rogers is most proud was taking a psychology course at Bermuda College later in her life.

She also took a computer course, followed by sign language lessons.

In 1990, she signed up as a volunteer with the Rape Crisis Center hotline, now the Women’s Resource Centre.

After graduating from a counseling course at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, Ms. Rogers received calls from women in crisis hooked up to her home phone by the police.

Viola Rogers shows a photo from her first day at the Fairmont Southampton at the Princess’s 50th birthday reunion in 2014 (file photo)

Mr and Mrs Rogers were deeply committed to the church and attended God’s First Church on Sound View Road in Somerset, where Mrs Rogers served as Usher, Deacon and sang in the Choice, as well as joining the dance group “glam divas”. .

Mr. Rogers died in 2013.

Ms Rogers was also a founding and regular member of the St James Stage Group, which held annual fundraising shows in Somerset Church Hall.

Shortly before Ms Rogers died, she was able to meet her brother Charles Goins, who had left the island as a young child to live in the United States.

The two came into contact through social media, a genealogy website, and the efforts of their family.

After living apart, the two were able to talk to each other remotely several times and reconnect.

A celebration of Ms Rogers’ life was held on May 17 at the First Church of God in Somerset.

Ms Symonds said: “The service was joyful and spiritually uplifting – and so representative of the godly life she lived.”

Viola Gwendolyn Elizabeth Rogers, hotel worker, shop steward and Progressive Labor Party stalwart, was born February 15, 1924. She died May 7, 2022, aged 98.

A $24 Million Juggernaut: A Look at the Northern Michigan Airbnb Marketplace


Nearly $500,000: This is the amount of money Airbnb hosts in the Traverse City area earned over Memorial Day weekend last year, with the average host earning $800 over the weekend. This is just one of many eye-opening statistics recently shared with The ticker. As Traverse City approaches another Memorial Day weekend — and with it, the start of another summer tourist season — we’re crunching some numbers to find out just how big Airbnb is in Northern Michigan.

$24 million: Total amount of revenue earned through Airbnb by short-term rental hosts in Grand Traverse County last year. No other Michigan county generated more Airbnb host revenue in 2021, with Grand Traverse County not only outperforming major urban epicenters like Wayne County ($17 million), Oakland County ($14 million) and Kent County ($8 million), but also other popular ones. lakeside tourist draws like Berrien County ($23.5 million) and Allegan County ($18 million).

200%: Increased revenue for Airbnb hosts in Grand Traverse County since 2018. That year, Airbnb hosts in the county earned a total of $8 million and hosted approximately 53,200 guests. Three years later, revenue has tripled – although Airbnb did not disclose guest numbers for 2021.

$259 million: Total amount of net rental income by Airbnb hosts across the state of Michigan last year. The majority of this revenue (about $146 million) was generated in rural areas rather than cities or metropolitan areas. Thorn says there were nearly 6,000 active Airbnb hosts in rural Michigan counties in 2021.

$14,000: Average total income of a Michigan Airbnb host in 2021.

9.27%: Share of total Michigan Airbnb host revenue in 2021 from Grand Traverse County. For perspective, Grand Traverse County has just 0.915% of the state’s population, according to 2020 census data.

$52,500,000: Total dollar value of Airbnb host revenue in 2021 in the five-county Grand Traverse region, which includes not only Grand Traverse County, but also Leelanau ($13 million), Antrim ($8 million), Benzie ($6 million) and Kalkaska ($1.5 million). Those numbers mean the five-county area accounted for more than 20% of Michigan’s Airbnb hosts’ total revenue last year.

$73,800,000: Collective Airbnb 2021 revenue from hosts in the 10-county region of Northwest Michigan, including revenue not only from the five-county region as shown above, but also from Charlevoix ($10 million), Emmet ( $7 million), Manistee ($3 million), Missaukee ($300,000) and Wexford ($1 million). The 10-county region accounted for 28.5% of Airbnb revenue earned in Michigan in 2021, and more than half of revenue generated in rural areas of the state.

1,300+: Number of cities in the United States that have had their first-ever Airbnb bookings since the start of the pandemic. Haven Thorn, Airbnb’s communications manager for North America, says the number proves the pandemic has driven Airbnb tremendous growth in rural markets. In Michigan alone, he notes, 30 locations have landed their first Airbnb bookings since March 2020, most of them very small towns. And nationally, Airbnb data shows guests booked 110% more nights in rural rentals in 2021 compared to 2019.

“Hosts in rural counties across the United States collectively earned more than $3.5 billion on the year in 2021,” says Thorn. “And beyond that, looking back at this year, Airbnb guests have already planned stays in over 72,000 cities and towns this coming summer. Tourism extends beyond your big, cosmopolitan, well-known cities. We we see a tendency for people to spread out and discover anything new and local within a 120 mile radius of where they live.

$38 million: Net rental income of Airbnb hosts in Michigan in the first three months of 2022. The average host in Michigan earned $3,000 in January, February, and March, an average of $1,000 per month. Nationally, Thorn says gross nights booked on Airbnb in the first quarter of this year exceeded bookings in the first quarter of 2019 by 32%.

$16 million: Dollar value of tourism taxes Airbnb collected and remitted to Michigan in 2021. Historically, Airbnb and other vacation rental platforms have not always required guests to pay tourism taxes that hotel guests in many areas are required to pay – and which fund the operation of the convention and tourist offices such as Traverse City Tourism. However, Thorn suggests tourism taxes are becoming more commonplace on Airbnb, with $1.5 billion collected and remitted by the platform in the United States last year, an 87% increase from 2019. In Michigan, only two counties – Kent County and Genesee County – currently have lodging and/or hotel-motel taxes that apply to Airbnb.

The regulating factor

Asked about Airbnb’s stance on local control of short-term rentals — and the bill Michigan lawmakers are considering to ban local governments from regulating short-term rentals when it comes to zoning — Thorn says The ticker the company “supports fair regulations for home sharing around the world”.

“We work closely with local governments and legislators to pass fair laws that benefit everyone – not just guests and hosts, but also keeping neighbors in mind, whom we consider to be equal stakeholders. who are part of the Airbnb community. Over the past five years, Airbnb has partnered with cities around the world, focused on empowering everyday people to continue earning extra income by sharing their homes, but also on supporting common sense regulations on short term rentals to ensure they do so responsibly.

In September 2020, Airbnb launched the “City Portal” platform, billed as “a one-of-a-kind solution for Airbnb’s partner communities.” Thorn says the tool is intended “for governments and tourism organizations only” and offers regulators an easy way to track local Airbnb activity, enforce local regulations, monitor tourism trends on the rental side of short term and communicate directly with Airbnb for Support. And while the initial “pilot partners” for City Portal were primarily large metropolitan areas, Thorn says adoption is growing to include smaller, more rural communities as well – creating openings for places like Traverse City to potentially soar. on board.

“We currently have over 160 City Portal partners, and we aim to have 250 by the end of the year,” says Thorn.

Corporate culture is changing the culture of travel…slowly

Often, the issue of diversity has been buried in broader traveler security, with a risk management provider or internal safety and security team providing guidance to travelers routinely, especially for geographies that have history of discriminatory laws or cultural norms. “We direct all travelers to our travel risk management site, where travel advice is available based on travel destination,” was an open-ended survey response that illustrated a typical process among respondents who had set up educational resources.

For others, the onus was on the individual to voice their needs and contact the travel manager, their direct manager, or a corporate security officer to discuss accommodations should a travel issue arise. travel. At these companies, said one respondent, “the journey is the same for everyone, but should a traveler come up with a specific concern, that concern would be taken seriously and changes to the itinerary would be made as appropriate. appropriate”. The judgment of who determined what might be “appropriate” was not specified.

Other respondents indicated that their companies strive to offer the same travel policy for everyone, with a few exceptions. These responses ranged from the simple “We treat everyone the same” to the more philosophical: “Our organization’s approach to business travelers is based on mutual respect and not on differentiation based on gender or color” and to the dismissive: “People are people, none of that other nonsense.”

Discrimination on a business trip

Global travel manager Kate Scully knows firsthand what it feels like to be discriminated against while traveling for business.

“As a black woman, I can never walk into a hotel in Dubai… without being ‘checked by prostitutes’. Even if I walk in with three of my colleagues, I will be pulled aside and asked to show my room key,” she said. “I could have stayed there for a week, and I will continue to be dismissed in front of my white colleagues. And they look away, and I look anywhere – my shoes, anywhere – and I let them know that I go see them at the lifts or whatever.”

Only once did a colleague intervene on his behalf and denounce what was clearly a racist directive from the hotel management. “A Brazilian colleague – a compliance officer – stepped in and was outraged,” she said.

More than half of survey respondents said their companies have mechanisms in place to report workplace discrimination and bias, including travel. Respondents were split on how this reporting happens, whether it comes back directly through travel channels or if it would be handled through more general corporate channels like human resources. Either way, buyers said it would be essential for them to receive these reports so they can report any incidents with suppliers.

Knox strengthens New England Holdings with two pubs sold by HTL Property


The two-pub deal was facilitated by Xavier Plunkett of HTL Propertyand was pegged to a highly reputable buy mandate hotelier Jim Knox; which continues to increase its significant holdings in the greater New England region.

Inverell has a very strong rural economy and acts as a major service center for a huge rural watershed. The local economy is supported by a strong rural sector and greatly enhanced by the Bindaree Beef Slaughterhouse, which provides over 600 stable jobs to the township.

“The buyer was attracted by the strong local economy, the very favorable competitive environment with only 3 approved hotels operating for approximately 12,000 people; and proximity to its existing portfolio assets” suggested Xavier Plunkett of HTL.

“We are delighted to consistently deliver optimal results to our clients, whether based on mandates to sell or buy” Plunkett added.

The sales of the two pubs represent respectively the 15th and 16th hotels in the New England area sold by HTL Property and in recent times; with the specialized company’s transaction volume at approximately $100 million for the region over this period.

“Our hotel book for the Riverina topped $100 million last week, and the announcement of these two strategic acquisitions now brings HTL’s total sales in the New England area to $100 million. dollars as well,” advised National Director of HTL Property, Dan Dragicevich.

“This high level of activity in two important regional areas of New South Wales confirms our view that investors will continue to seek sub-metro locations for quality opportunities,” Dragicevich concluded.

Other major recent sales, all by HTL Property in the New England area, have included the Whitebull Hotel in Armidale for approximately $13.5 million; and the sale of the five pubs in the town of Moree to Jim Knox for around $28 million.

USF School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Expands Programs to Meet Industry Demands


The University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business is adapting its hospitality and tourism management school to build a talent pipeline and keep pace with changing pandemic-era trends. the industry.

“COVID has accelerated the use of technology in the industry,” said Cihan Cobanoglu, acting dean of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and endowed chair of McKibbon and director of the M3 Center.

In restaurants, for example, it is more common to find menus with QR codes, mobile or contactless payment systems and online ordering. More and more hotels have room keys and TV remotes managed by a mobile app and the ability to text for concierge service. In the aftermath, the school now offers three courses in Technology, Hospitality Business Analytics and Revenue Management.

This summer, the school plans to make further changes, starting with a strategic review of its hospitality program. Hospitality industry stakeholders, academics, students and government officials will come together to envision the construction of a brand new School of Hospitality and determine what courses, skills and competencies should be taught.

“We will take what we learn from the review and compare it to what we offer,” Cobanoglu said. “Then we will find the gaps and fill them by making changes to our program.”

Not only is the school improving its curriculum so that classroom education reflects today’s industry, but it is also forging iconic business partnerships to provide students with hands-on training in the field.

In November 2021, the school announced a new partnership with McKibbon Hospitality, which operates 98 hotels and 20 major brands, including Marriott and Hilton. The next generation of hotel managers can now shadow hospitality industry professionals and gain hands-on experience in hotel operations, executive-level leadership, and property and hotel development.

This is McKibbon’s second transformational gift since 2013, when John McKibbon, president of McKibbon Hospitality, established the M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus and the McKibbon Endowed Chair. The M3 Center conducts cutting-edge research that advances the global hospitality industry and benefits hospitality education.

“We are thrilled to partner with USF on this exciting and mutually beneficial initiative, inviting hospitality students to experience hotel operations in an immersive and hands-on setting,” McKibbon said. “As well as providing unique training and development in preparation for their future careers, we look forward to the new perspectives and ideas that students will share with our hotel leadership teams, strengthening not only our operations, but the industry. in its entirety.”

The first semester of this partnership took students enrolled in the Introductory Hospitality and Tourism course to McKibbon Hotels. At the end, the students gave feedback which proved to be positive reinforcement for the partnership. According to Cobanoglu, a student in his senior year said he would have changed his major to hospitality if he had taken this course in his freshman year; another student felt it was the most practical course he had ever taken at USF; and another student had an eye-opening experience folding napkins because he was able to put himself in the shoes of the employees he would need to motivate as a manager.

Two additional partnerships were just announced this month with Aramark, the mainstay of on-campus dining and dining, and Mainsail Lodging and Development, a specialist in the tourist accommodation industry. This provides 130 scholarship students with funded on-the-job training over eight years, for a combined value of $3.6 million.

“Over the past two years, we have doubled the size of our business, and our future portfolio of new projects requires us to continue to develop and find quality talent for all key leadership positions,” said Juli Corlew , Vice President and Managing Partner. Accommodation and Mainsail Arrangement.

At Mainsail, scholarships give hospitality students the opportunity to learn day-to-day operations at boutique hotels, including Epicurean Tampa, Fenway Hotel in Dunedin, and Luminary Hotel & Co. in Fort Myers. Fellows will also learn sales and marketing, reservations, revenue management, and corporate housing at Mainsail’s corporate headquarters in Tampa.

David Vandenberg, regional vice president of Aramark, said this collaboration with USF will open more doors for students. But what he hopes never to change is his passion for hospitality.

“The passion to serve others and the need to support people’s needs is absolutely at the heart of this company,” Vandenberg said.

Between these three partnerships, students will now receive top-notch training across the industry spectrum. From select-service three- or four-star hotels to full-service five-star hotels and catering, students will be ready for anything.

“A typical journey to a general manager takes about 10 years, even with a degree,” Cobanoglu said. “We hope to cut that in half for our students by integrating these partnerships into education at USF, so they receive management training before they graduate.”

This fall, the revamped Hospitality Management major will expand to all three campuses. The school will continue to be headquartered on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus and offer hybrid courses, but students will soon have the option of taking most of their classes in person at the Tampa and Saint campuses. -Petersburg. Interest in the host program is on the rise according to Karen Holbrook, regional chancellor of the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus. Summer registrations have increased by 95% and 75% for this fall.

The hospitality and tourism industry has gone from a complete shutdown and being forced to lay off millions of employees to skyrocketing and in dire need of more staff. While the workforce has started to rebound, adding 78,000 employees in April 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry has still not recouped the 1.4 million jobs lost since February. 2020.

According to Visit Florida’s 2020-2021 annual report, the state’s hospitality and tourism industry is outpacing the recovery in other states, likely due to Americans’ willingness to travel. He estimates that the total number of visitors to Florida in 2021 increased by 54.6% compared to 2020, and for the first time since the start of the pandemic, hotel demand in Florida exceeded pre-Covid levels of 2019. in the first quarter of 2022 only.

USF’s efforts to attract and prepare a strong talent pipeline are designed to continue to help repair the industry and support its growth.

Marriott to open new all-inclusive resort with water park in Cancun


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A new Marriott all-inclusive resort — complete with its own water park — is set to open in Cancun later this year. The Mexican city has rebounded extremely well from the impact of the pandemic, with travelers flocking to the destination in their millions – and businesses are doubling down on their presence in the city and Mexico as a whole in a bid to meet ever-increasing demand.

The new Marriott resort is one of many slated to open in the coming months and, with Mexico’s popularity showing no signs of slowing down, it is bound to be a welcome addition to the excellent range of hotels already available. In the region. Here’s a rundown of everything we know about the exciting new Marriott resort, including when it’s expected to open, a look at its features and amenities, and where exactly it will be in Cancun.

New Marriott Resort – Traveler Information

It’s been a busy year for Marriott, as the global hotel brand has opened several new resorts, not only in the Caribbean, but in destinations around the world. Their latest resort, however, is not an old hotel, but also a water park. Called on Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun, this latest all-inclusive offering from Marriott is set to make a splash when it opens later this year.

Scheduled to open on December 20, 2022, the Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun will bring 1,049 additional suites to the area, with options ranging from their standard modern and luxurious suites to rooms with attractive features such as outdoor pools and terraces. Royalton’s signature rain shower comes standard, along with satellite TV, a minibar, and 24/7 room service.

However, where this resort really sets out to shine is in its amenities. The resort will have its own water park, equipped with 14 monster slides, two lazy rivers, spray areas and water jet zones – perfect for big and small kids.

Away from the water, the resort will have its own indoor arcade, as well as bowling alleys, a trampoline park and a laser tag arena. For older guests, there will also be a state-of-the-art fitness center and sports facilities to enjoy – as well as The Royal Spa to melt away your worries and soothe the soul.

Being an all-inclusive resort, guests will understandably have high expectations for food and drink — and they won’t be disappointed. The resort has 10 on-site bars, as well as 12 restaurants offering local and international dishes available as a buffet or a la carte. The cavern, located underground with stalactites hanging from the ceiling, offers farm-to-table cuisine, while Japanese, Italian, South American and Indian themed restaurants offer a host of dining options.

Drinks with blurred beach and sunset on the background

Located just 35 minutes from Cancun International Airport, the Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun is not only easy to get to, but it is located close to Cancun and the coastal towns of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos with nearby golf courses and archaeological sites, giving travelers plenty to look forward to. in the area if they want to see something a little different during their stay.

Speaking about the new hotel, Jordi Pelfort, President, Hotels and Resorts, Sunwing Travel Group, mentioned:

“We take great pride in welcoming our guests to experience the signature touches and standards they expect from our world-class brand. Our newest resort is the culmination of a decade of success delivering premier all-inclusive getaways. It has been meticulously planned and built from the ground up so that we can guarantee the highest quality and provide a truly luxurious customer experience.

Tourist Couple Taking a Selfie in Cancun, Mexico

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Travel insurance that covers Covid-19 in 2022

A New Theme Park Will Open In Punta Cana This Year – Here’s What We Know So Far

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Free Online Nominations Now Open for Hozpitality Group’s 8th Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards 2022

Danube Hospitality Solutions is partnering with Hozpitality Group to organize the next edition of the prestigious People’s Choice Awards to be held at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club in dubai the 16thand November 2022.

DUBAIWATER, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Entering its 8and year, Hozpitality Group opened free online nominations for the 8and Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards 2022. Danube Hotel Solutions will be a partner of the awards in 2022.

“We are now inviting nominations for all hotel businesses based in the MENA region. For more information on the awards, please visit www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com,said Raj Bhatt, CEO of Hozpitality Group. “These are popular choice awards for the hospitality industry where selections are made solely on the basis of online voting,” added Raj.

Voting will take place in two phases. Hospitality companies and individuals will be invited to enter one of their top candidates/companies for each category. This will be done free of charge and each candidate must have details of why they are being nominated. The final list of nominations will be decided by the judges, Raj said.

“As always, nominations as well as voting will be done through our website www.hozpitality.com. Registration is required on https://www.hozpitality.com/awards be able to nominate and vote. Each email address is authenticated and registration is free. This helps us maintain voter authenticity and reduce duplicate/fake votes,” said Vandana BhattMD, Hospitality Group.

Shubhojit Mahalonobis, Director of Danube Home & Danube Hospitality Solutions said, “I am very happy to partner with Hozpitality Group again for their initiative this year. “We support Raj and Hozpitality Group every year for the Chef Awards and Hospitality Awards and are always delighted to support them,” he added.

“As in previous years, Restofair RAK will present trophies to the winners, and we thank all of our partners for supporting us every year,” said Vandana. “Our partners for this year are, EEZ TV, Wassup Dubai, Fusia Events, Absolute frame and CICA Dubai“, added Vandana.

“Emaar Hospitality’s Arabian Ranches Golf Club is the venue’s partner for this year’s outdoor awards ceremony,” said Raj Bhatt, CEO of Hozpitality Group. “The venue looks amazing, and we are expecting a great event as always,” added Raj.

“We will also have a ‘Young Chef of the Year’ new category for chefs under 28. CICA Dubai has partnered with Hozpitality Group to present a certificate course to the winner of this category along with winning trophies,” said Sunjeh RajaCEO, ICCA Dubai.

“The Judges for awards are leading hospitality professionals, and these champions will be invaluable in helping us encourage listings beyond the UAE and judge them fairly,” said Raj. “The judges will help us reach the final list of nominations for each category which will be open to online voting,” he added. The list of judges can be consulted on https://www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com/judges

About Hozpitality Group:-

The platform on www.hozpitality.com now offers a community network of Hotel companies, professionals, institutes, students and suppliers around the world. We are a multilingual platform and are available in 6 languages ​​including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and other languages ​​will be added soon. The site is also available on all Mobile app.

Hozpitality is an online platform for professionals in hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies, clubs, cruise lines, cinemas, spas, schools, suppliers and retailers. Hozpitality offers branding options, a community network for employers and job seekers, a hospitality provider directory, the latest hospitality news, hotel news, moves and appointments and hospitality ads Hospitality industry recruitment, professional resume design, hospitality courses etc. We provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can come together, network and benefit.

Hozpitality.com offers a selection of the best hotel management institutes, schools and universities and courses in hotel management. Hospitality students can search and apply for hospitality management courses and join school alumni and network with colleagues. Hozpitality also offers a marketplace for hotel suppliers where hotel products, services, deals and offers can be listed and sold to millions of global hospitality professionals.

Hozpitality is for more than 1 million professionals through its 2 group sites, www.hozpitality.com and www.hozpitalityplus.com with registered members and social media more 186 countries.

The site dedicated to the Media and News reception Hozpitalityplus.com, publishes and shares the latest hospitality news, announcements, hotel openings, promotions, events, hospitality moves and appointments and hospitality announcements, reviews, blogs , etc.

Hospitality advice is a Global Executive Search consultancy based on Toronto, Canada. Our success lies in building a long-term relationship and delivering fast, effective results for a “a lot less expensive”. We are experts in finding the best possible executive and leadership candidates for internships in all types of hospitality organizations around the world. Through our unparalleled database, communication and networking, across the globe, we provide our clients with the most qualified candidates.

“Hozpitality Buzz – The Scoop” is a television show based on the hospitality industry in dubai and the United Arab Emirates, is in English and broadcast on a leading television channel in Middle East & North Africa reaching approx. 10 to 12 million viewers. To learn more about the TV show, please tune in to:- www.facebook.com/hozpitalitybuzz and https://www.youtube.com/Hozpitality

Middle East Hospitality Excellence Award are presented to recognize the best organizations in the industry that have demonstrated competence, creativity, ingenuity and success in the Middle East & North Africa booming hospitality industry. Login to www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com

To learn more about the group, log on to:

www.hozpitality.com , www.hozpitalityplus.com , www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com


Raj Bhat
Founder & CEO
PO Box – 119395, dubaiWATER
Telephone:- +971 4 334 31 77, Fax:- +971 4 334 31 78
E-mail:- [email protected]

SOURCE Hospitality Group

Hotel room taxes bounce to help Southern Nevada pay for Raiders site construction

Allegiant Stadium this year. Photo by Tom Donoghue for LVSportsBiz.com

By Alan Snel of LVSportsBiz.com

The COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal on hotel room tax revenue paying for Southern Nevada’s $750 million contribution to build the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium.

But now that Las Vegas visitors are back and paying for hotel rooms, room tax dollars are reaching pre-pandemic levels.

Take a look at the Stadium Authority’s projected room tax revenue for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. The projected $51 million room tax for next year would top the previous record of $49.5 million in fiscal 2019.

Room tax revenue to help the public participate in the construction of the Raiders stadium. Source: Stadium Authority meeting documents.

The public stadium authority plans to use $40.2 million as part of the fiscal year 2023 budget to help repay annual debt service on the $750 million public contribution to stadium construction domed. Interestingly, the stadium authority has budgeted $2.4 million in personnel, legal and accounting costs. In total, the public stadium panel expects to collect $51 million in hotel room taxes for fiscal year 2023.

The pandemic has resulted in a drastic decrease in Las Vegas visitors, overnight stays and room taxes for the stadium authority. As LVSportsBiz.com reported, the stadium authority had to oversee two earned reserve withdrawals totaling $23.3 million. It’s a stark example of how public agencies that operate with bed and breakfast money are at the mercy of pandemics and economic crises.

Now the debt reserves must be restored to comply with the county’s bond ordinance. Looked:

As you can see by the monthly numbers in the bar chart, hotel room tax dollars are bouncing back from last year’s monthly numbers. In March, for example, hotels in Southern Nevada collected $4.5 million in room taxes, more than double the number in March 2021.

Where does the money come from to pay for the construction of the Raiders’ $2 billion stadium project? (Officially speaking, the Stadium Authority “owns” the stadium. But the Raiders run the place, hiring ASM Global to manage the site. As you can see, the Las Vegas Stadium Authority – it’s you. , the Southern Nevada public – is the top fundraiser at $750 million. It’s worth noting that the Raiders used an impressive $549.2 million in personal seat licenses from people who bought Raiders subscriptions to help pay their share.

The stadium authority engages local lawyers and companies to carry out legal and accounting work.

Here are the people who get paid for legal work.

And billing rates.

Applied Analysis is also a consultant for the stadium authority:


My friends at the Sports Business Journal have done a good job of showing the difference between the tickets given out for a Raiders home game at the stadium and the actual attendance, which is the actual number of people going through the turnstiles and present at the game. A 14.3% no-show rate for the Raiders’ home season is pretty high. Here’s work from SBJ’s Ben Fischer showing actual game-by-game attendance and tickets given out.

Nice job, Ben.

Message of public interest

New Hampton by Hilton Opens in Oakhurst-Yosemite Market


May 21, 2022 – SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA – A new Hampton by Hilton has opened in Oakhurst, California.

Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite welcomed its first customers on Thursday, May 19. The property is part of a complex of three hotels owned and operated by OTO Development, part of the Johnson Group, near Yosemite National Park. The hotels — this Hampton by Hilton, a Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, and a Holiday Inn Express & Suites — are adjacent along CA-41, just 13 miles from Yosemite’s South Gate.

Notable for its proximity to Yosemite National Park, the Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite is one hour closer to the 1,169-square-mile natural attraction than any other Hilton property. It combines convenient access with the consistent service, accommodations and amenities guests expect from the Hilton brand.

“People are drawn to all of the many natural wonders of Yosemite National Park,” says Corry Oakes, CEO of OTO Development. “They want to be surprised and enchanted by the outside world, but they don’t want surprises inside their hotel. That’s the value Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite brings to the market: a dependable, best-in-class experience every time, backed by the 100% Hampton Guarantee.

Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite features 111 guest rooms intuitively designed for function and comfort. On-site facilities include an indoor pool, well-equipped fitness room, 24/7 convenience store, and laundry facilities. For business travelers, there is a business center and a conference room. A free hot breakfast is served each morning.

“We are thrilled to offer three popular branded options to the 4.5 million people who come to Yosemite each year,” Oakes says. “Visitors can make the most of the park’s activities and attractions, such as two wild and scenic rivers, waterfalls, granite cliffs and ancient giant sequoias, then relax at their favorite and familiar hotel.”

The Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite management team includes Stephanie Casillas and Richard Garwood, assistant general managers; Steve Tarn, Regional Director of Operations; Jennifer Mooradian, Director of Operations Support; Carla Tenenbaum, Regional Sales Manager; Lauren Hartman, Regional Sales Manager; and Maygen Brown, Head of Complex Sales.

OTO Development purchased the Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite from a family of independent hoteliers while the property was still under construction. Previously acquired OTO Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Oakhurst Yosemite and Holiday Inn Express & Suites Oakhurst-Yosemite Park Area, which are next to the new Hampton by Hilton. The seller was represented by Stanley Wang of Marcus & Millichap.

The Hampton Inn Oakhurst-Yosemite is located at 40740 CA-41 in Oakhurst, CA. For information, call 559.658.4462, visit OakhurstYosemite.HamptonByHilton.com and connect on social networks @HamptonInnOakhurstYosemite.

About OTO development:
OTO Development, part of the Johnson Group, is an award-winning, fast-growing hotel development and hotel management company. Founded in 2004 and in partnership with the Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and Marriott brands, OTO’s industry leadership position is rooted in a portfolio of great hotels staffed with great people. The Company currently owns and/or operates approximately 65 hotels comprising approximately 9,600 room keys. OTO’s growth is focused on developing new hotels in markets with high barriers to entry; the purchase and repurposing of existing hotel properties; and expanding management contracts with clients ranging from publicly traded REITs to private equity firms to high net worth individuals. For more information, visit OTODevelopment.com.
Source: OTO Development

Goa: From Island Boy to Senior Vice President of the Indian Hotels Company, Ramos Makes History | Goa News

PANAJI: In a first for Goa, a son of the soil, Vincent Ramos, has been appointed senior vice president of Goa for the Indian Hotels Company Ltd (IHCL), which operates 21 resorts in the state. Ramos is the first Goan to rise through the ranks within the Taj Group and in his new role he will provide strategic direction to the group’s hotel business in the Goa region.
Ramos has served as Regional Manager in Goa since 2017 and during his tenure he has been instrumental in the expansion of the group’s brands – Taj, SeleQtions, Vivanta, Ginger, ama Stays & Trails, Qmin and TajSats.
“I am delighted to execute my new role as Senior Vice President of Goa and look forward to IHCL’s growth in the region, contributing to the state’s tourism growth story by generating revenue. job opportunities and other potential prospects for the government and Goans,” Ramos said. Growing up on the island of Chorao, Ramos completed his education at Monte de Guirim School and later graduated from the Goa Institute of Hotel Management.
“Amid the challenging business circumstances posed by the pandemic, Ramos has shown exceptional leadership in effectively positioning IHCL’s various brands in Goa,” IHCL said in an official statement.
Known for turning around loss-making hotels, Ramos won TripAdvisor’s ‘Best Hotel in the World’ award in 2016 during his stint at the helm of the legendary Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. Most recent recognition includes IHCL – Goa winning the Best Team Achievement Award for Business Performance through Innovation at the 2021 Worldwide Hospitality Awards in Paris.
Ramos serves as a mentor for the Tourism Committee of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and an executive member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Goa.

You decide: how will the hospitality industry change?


By Mike Walden

North Carolina’s hospitality industry, consisting primarily of restaurants and hotels, is a multi-billion dollar industry in the state. As a percentage of the state’s economy, its share has grown over the past few decades. The industry accounts for one in 11 jobs in the state. On average, every $1 million in new hospitality spending creates 15 direct jobs in the industry and another five jobs in other industries.

During the pandemic, the hospitality industry has suffered some of the largest losses of any industry. Employment fell by 44% against 12% for the economy as a whole. Even at the start of 2022, employment in hospitality was 5% lower than it was before the pandemic, while employment across the economy has fully recovered. Surveys show that hospitality is one of the sectors where many pre-pandemic employees have moved on to other jobs rather than returning to work in restaurants and hotels.

As a result, hospitality is an industry, along with personal services, construction and manufacturing, where there are a large number of unfilled jobs. Recent job vacancies data in the state shows that 10% of all hospitality jobs are vacant, the highest of any industry.

The good news is that consumers are returning to restaurants and hotels. Industry revenues are now 2% higher than before the pandemic, even after adjusting for inflation. The concern for hotel operators is how they can meet growing consumer demand with so many vacancies.

Compounding industry challenges are demographic trends. Young workers are a key component of employment in the restaurant industry, which employs seven times more workers than the hospitality industry. Due to the declining birth rate – both in the country and in North Carolina – the population of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 is expected to grow the slowest of all age categories. For example, between 2020 and 2050, individuals aged 16 to 24 in North Carolina will increase by 16%, half the rate of the total population.

What are the answers to these challenges for the hospitality industry in North Carolina to thrive? I think there are three approaches to consider.

First, to compete with other industries for workers, the hospitality sector will need to make working in the industry more lucrative. The salary should be increased. Indeed, the industry is already doing this. In 2021, the average hourly wage in North Carolina hospitality companies grew almost twice as fast as in all industries in the state. This will probably have to be continued.

Today’s workers also like the certainty of their schedules and opportunities for advancement. Unfortunately, this can be more difficult to achieve in hospitality than in other fields. Nonetheless, hospitality business owners and managers will need to get creative in structuring work schedules and promotions in order to “stay in the game” for workers.

In the second approach, owners and managers examine the efficiency of their operations to save labor and money. The objective is to find the effort and time wasted in providing the final product and service. Sometimes wasted effort is due to a lack of communication between workers. Or, often the work will not be properly distributed among the workers to achieve the end result at the lowest cost. In the end, too often, owners and managers don’t step back and look at operations with a view to saving money without compromising production.

The third approach is perhaps the most important – the use of technology and automation to replace human labor. In the future, technology and automation will increasingly be applied to all industries, but for the hospitality industry, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

We are already seeing this transition at work. Hotels are using robots for cleaning and check-in has become automated. Some fast food restaurants are using digital order boards to replace humans taking customer orders at the counter. Some sit-down restaurants require customers to use tablets to order and pay the bill. There are also stories of high-end restaurants delivering meals to customers with robots and using other robots to help chefs and cooks.

As technology advances, these uses in the hospitality industry will be perfected and also become more common. And while it can be expensive to switch from humans to bots, the long-term economics of change can make it inevitable.

The hospitality industry has taken a heavy hit during the pandemic. And although it has seen a strong recovery, labor and financial issues suggest that the industry will undergo major changes in the future. I believe most of us will continue to eat out for some of our meals, as well as stay in hotels when we visit the wonderful sights of North Carolina. But what will our restaurants and hotels of the future look like? You decide.

Walden is William Neal Reynolds Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University.

Crime, arrests up on Mass and Cass this year, police say


Crimes, arrests and calls for service are all on the rise in the Mass and Cass area this year, police report as residents grow increasingly frustrated with the Methadone Mile hotel and shelter.

“Public safety and quality of life issues continue to plague the area,” Lt. Peter Messina told South End residents as he presented a slide presentation on the state of the troubled Mass and Cass region. “With the increase in crime, there has been a drastic increase in the number of individuals arrested there.”

Messina, head of the general police awareness and response unit in the area known for its open-air drug market, presented the figures in an appeal to community members on Thursday – showing that “crimes violent” increased by 26% and arrests jumped by 77%.

“The numbers have gone up,” Messina told people gathered virtually for the South End, Newmarket and Roxbury Task Force on Addiction, Recovery and Homelessness, which is hosted by a conglomerate of neighborhood groups.

The jump in violent crime fell from 70 incidents through May 17, 2021 to 88 at this time this year. This translates into small increases in most violent crimes, but larger increases in robberies. There were three homicides at this point last year, but one this year.

He said the previous night someone had been stabbed on Albany Street and the cops had arrested a suspect.

Property crime fell 4%, driven by a drop in theft. The total number of reported crimes in the area sometimes known as the Methadone Mile rose from 249 to 259, an increase of 4%.

But arrests far exceeded those jumps, Messina said. Cops caught 140 people this year, up from 79 at this point last year, he said. He cited some “good arrests” lately, of drug dealers and traffickers.

“We certainly can’t stop to get out of this. We’ve tried in the past, and it doesn’t work,” Messina said, echoing a common refrain around addiction issues. But he said there were too many “revolving doors” of people being arrested and then spat onto the streets.

He said a woman they picked up on active warrants was handcuffed around 10.30am one recent morning and was back on the Mile around 4pm.

“It sends the wrong message to everyone else,” Messina said.

He said the area continues to attract new people because there is a “perception” that “people can openly use drugs openly buy drugs, without any repercussions.”

Messina said 911 calls were also up 41%, suggesting both continued trouble but also a greater willingness of people to call emergency services.

Also at the meeting, several community members said the former Roundhouse Hotel, which the Boston Medical Center took over for temporary housing and other services right in the middle of the area, was causing more problems.

“We get a lot of activity around the Roundhouse,” said Jerry DiPierro, who owns a business next door. He said he regularly sees people finding ways to sell drugs in the area right around the building that is supposed to get people off the streets and into wards.

BMC officials said they would speak to their security team to try to make them more visible.

Steve Fox of neighborhood group South End Forum said it looks like BMC should have a “complete reassessment” of the safety plan at the Roundhouse.

“You should take these comments as the canary in the mine of what we’re going to see as the weather gets warmer,” he said.

£300,000 government funding awarded for ambitious ‘Pugin Chambers’ project in Ramsgate – The Isle Of Thanet News

Minister for Leveling Up, Union and Constitution MP Neil O’Brien at the Granville ‘Chambers’ project today

Minister for Leveling Up, Union and Constitution MP Neil O’Brien is in Ramsgate today (19 May) to meet the team behind an ambitious project which has just received government funding of £300,000.

The project to save Pugin’s Grade II listed Granville Hotel in Ramsgate from obscurity is back on track thanks to a grant from the government’s Community Property Fund.

The investment has been awarded to the Ramsgate Heritage Lab community benefit corporation to create renovated spaces at the historic site for exhibitions, community events, shared work and conferences.

Heritage Lab had agreed to purchase the 999-year lease of Granville Bars Pugin Studios in 2019, but the COVID crisis thwarted their attempts to secure the necessary funding. Government funding means the plans for the Grade II listed architectural property, built in 1867 by EW Pugin, can be taken over.

Previously the first thermal hotel in the country, served by its own private train, the future of the building seemed uncertain.

Currently unused and in disrepair, the building forms part of the Historic England at Risk Conservation Area and Ramsgate Heritage Action Area.

The goal is to create a creative hub and event space called Pugin’s Studios.

The hotel’s original rooms have long since been converted into a private residence and are not part of the project.

Rob Kenyon and Bernie Morgan of Heritage Lab CIC

Bernie Morgan, Chairman of the Heritage Lab CIC, said, “We are thrilled to get this fabulous project back on track and look forward to reopening this incredible architectural gem and giving it a productive future and being the focal point once again. of the community.

“The myriad of large, once-thriving venues the community used to use have been converted to other uses, leaving nowhere for the community and volunteer groups to hold large events, and despite the acceleration in demand, there are few spaces suitable for the creative industries.”

Rob Kenyon, CEO and founder of Heritage Lab CIC, said the offer was originally made last August but was not successful. A new submission was made earlier this year and Heritage Lab received news of the grant award on Monday 16 May.

He said: “It has been a whirlwind week. The aspiration is to get people here by the summer of next year.

He revealed that Heritage Lab was considering taking on a number of smaller Ramsgate projects, expressing interest in Winterstoke China as a possibility.

When complete, the project will support up to 75,100 jobs and apprenticeships and provide a low-cost and, where possible, zero-cost venue for dozens of local community groups.

Photo Frank Leppard

Minister Neil O’Brien said: “This is a fantastic victory for the local community who, with the help of government, will now work to bring a piece of our shared national heritage back to life.

“I think it’s a big step towards regenerating the town, building on funding from Leveling Up and High Street.

“This building is beautiful and it’s unbelievable that it is so run down. There is so much potential with space for work and offices but also performances and the main hall will be an ideal space for weddings and the events.

“People working here in the future will help regenerate Ramsgate and gain that critical mass across Thanet.”

The minister said the aim for areas like Thanet was to “keep making it happen” with grants and initiatives “to keep building momentum”.

With the Pugin Studio, he said it would mean “a lot of different things to different people” in terms of regenerating heritage and architecture, but also helping the creative community and the city’s economy.

The grant money will mean that the project can do enough work to start using the space with the aim of generating more investment later.

Craig Mackinlay

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay added: “This is the start of a long journey. With this property, and others in Ramsgate, there is such a state of disrepair that the possibility of getting a commercial operation to look at it would be beyond their abilities. He needs that corn seed funding to get started, and then to get matching funding from vendors like the Heritage Lottery.

“We lack large spaces in Ramsgate and this main room can be used for weddings and events. The good stuff from central Ramsgate is then spread out to East Cliff.”

Pugin’s Chambers will bring the property designed and built in 1867 by Edward Welby Pugin back to life. Once a major Ramsgate and UK landmark, the treasures behind its condemned facade have been hidden away for around 30 years. All that remains inside of its glorious past is a sequence of spectacular, but abandoned, public rooms facing the sea.

Regularly visited by princes and princesses, grand dukes, lords and ladies, writers, actors and the rich and famous from across Europe, the Hotel Granville’s guest list represented a “who’s who” from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

With 26 spas and baths, a marble ice rink, a theater and a ballroom, it was the premier destination of its day, with guests arriving by private first class ‘Granville Express’ train from London.

Image via Barry James

It was requisitioned as a military hospital for the Canadian government during World War I, and doctors who served there include the first Canadian to be awarded the Victoria Cross and a future Nobel laureate.

Later in the 20th century, it was more widely known as a ballroom dance hall and a Cave jazz club. Its public bar last closed in 1991.

Photo Frank Leppard

Edward Welby Pugin was the eldest son of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, one of England’s greatest architects, who pioneered the Gothic Revival style of architecture in the early 19th century.

Edward became an acclaimed architect in his own right taking over his father’s practice, designing and completing over 100 Catholic churches – including a number of cathedrals – across the British Isles before his untimely death at the age of 41. years.

Photo Frank Leppard

Heritage Lab was established in 2018 and uses grants and philanthropic investment schemes to find new, sustainable uses for historic buildings and community assets. The plan is to create studios, community spaces, entertainment, workspaces, jobs, training opportunities and build city pride.

Anyone interested in contributing to the project, making a donation or being kept informed, can register on http://heritagelab.org.uk/join/

La Vie expands its boutique portfolio with the acquisition of The Islington, Hobart

La Vie Hotels and Resorts expands its five-star collection with the acquisition of an award-winning boutique property, The Islington Hotel Hobart.

Located in South Hobart, with views of Mount Wellington, The Islington is a 175-year-old property with 11 bedrooms and an extensive collection of art and antiques.

La Vie Hotels and Resorts Managing Director Craig Bond said he was delighted to add the luxury hotel to La Vie’s growing portfolio of boutique and upscale properties.

“The Islington Hotel has long been one of Australia’s most charming boutique properties with its understated luxury offerings and we plan to further enhance the hotel offering and expand service and hospitality. incredible experiences the hotel offers guests,” said Bond.

“The acquisition of The Islington is part of a wider strategic expansion plan the group has in Australia and we look forward to developing and further developing our boutique hotel portfolio over the next 12-18 years. month.”

La Vie says the property “exudes understated elegance” with safari-inspired decor, a striking glass heritage facade, and marble and sandstone features.

Each of the rooms blends old and new, with luxe furnishings alongside contemporary details, and spaces such as The Library, Morning Room, and Rose Room allow guests to relax and unwind.

The property’s on-site restaurant, The Conservatory, offers a menu focused on seasonal, local and organic Tasmanian produce.

Apply today for a grant to promote Orange tourism – Orange Leader


The City of Orange Hotel/Motel Tax Committee has released requests for non-profit entities in the City of Orange to apply for a portion of the City’s Hotel/Motel Tax funds .

Any 501(C) organization in the City of Orange that brings visitors to Orange can submit nominations to the committee.

Revenues from the municipal tourist tax on hotels can only be used to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. Through the Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Program, qualifying events can apply for funds from the city.

The mission of the Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Program is to provide funds to directly enhance and promote the tourism, convention and hospitality industry by applying to one of the following seven categories provided by the law :

  • Financing, improvement or maintenance of a convention center or a tourist information centre.
  • Pay administrative fees to facilitate convention registration.
  • Advertising, solicitations and promotions that attract tourists and conventioneers to the City or its surroundings.
  • Expenditures that promote the arts.
  • Fund historic restoration or preservation programs.
  • Funding costs in some counties to host sporting events that dramatically increase hotel business.
  • Signage directing tourists to sites and attractions frequently visited by guests of hotels in the municipality.

Application and guidelines are available at orangetexas.gov. Applications will be accepted until July 15. Funds applied must be for activities taking place from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.

Nominations may be submitted by email to [email protected] or delivered by mail or in person to City Hall, 812 N. 16th Street, Orange, Attention Leigh Anne Dallas.

For more information, contact Dallas at 409-221-3325 or [email protected]

Hotel Internet Services, Inc. (HIS) delivers next-generation in-room technology, entertainment and internet


CLEARWATER, FL/ACCESSWIRE/May 17, 2022/ Hotels, motels, resorts and more are striving to provide an unparalleled guest experience. In today’s technology-driven world, access to cutting-edge entertainment options, communication, and secure, super-fast internet is a big part of that experience for customers.

This quarter, Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a leading provider of high-speed Internet access, next-generation communications and in-room entertainment technology, explains how it helps hotels reduce costs, generate more revenue per guest and retain customers who want to give their establishment rave reviews.

High-end hotel TV and entertainment solutions

The most advanced in-room television and entertainment system in the hospitality industry

HIS makes high-quality entertainment options not only accessible, but affordable. Customers today demand the kind of entertainment experience they can have at home (or better). HIS makes this experience convenient, reliable, and value-driven, not only improving the customer experience, but providing several added values ​​that can increase results.

The Beyond TV experience

A one-of-a-kind entertainment solution, BeyondTV provides integrated access to hotel amenities, broadcast, app streaming, and voice TV controls, all in one centralized system. BeyondTV empowers customers to take control of their entertainment experience, giving them intuitive and immediate access to a wide range of options, including but not limited to Netflix®, HBO MAX®, Showtime®, Hulu®, YouTube®, Spotify®, Pandora®, ESPN®, and more.

Plus, guests have one-click access to hotel services and amenities, such as in-room dining or housekeeping.

Benefits of BeyondTV

  • Unparalleled access to a wide range of guest entertainment options
  • Built-in GuestCast service allows casting from phones, tablets and laptops
  • Immediate connectivity with hotel services and amenities
  • Voice control of the TV powered by optional Amazon Alexa
  • USPTO-patented guest data security protocol keeps sensitive information under lock and key
  • Intuitive “MyRemote” web application for easy use with virtually zero learning curve
  • Robust administration panel to facilitate the management of all rooms in real time
  • Advanced analytics and reporting with data-driven insights

High-speed Internet access and hotel Wi-Fi

Customers and customers at resorts, hotels, casinos, apartment complexes, hospitals, timeshares, assisted living and retirement homes, etc., all expect and demand a “connected” experience . Not only that, but an intuitive, fast, secure, seamless and enjoyable connected experience. HIS offers state-of-the-art high-speed Internet access tailored to meet the unique needs of a wide range of institutions.

Wired and wireless Internet services ensure that all on-site users have reliable and secure access to a fast and stable Internet connection.

Personalized High Speed ​​Internet Benefits:

  • Secure login portals
  • Custom portal page options
  • Guest technical support 24/7/265
  • Dynamic VLAN, ensuring a private and secure connection for each guest or client
  • HIS Property Dashboard, providing an unparalleled view of system performance and usage statistics, as well as data-driven analysis and reporting to provide incredible insight and full control over operations

About Hotel Internet Services (HIS)

Hotel Internet Services (HIS) is a leading provider of high-speed Internet access, next-generation communications and in-room entertainment technology and is dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s hyperconnected guests.

Based in Clearwater, Florida, HIS solutions can be found at countless properties and bed and breakfasts around the world. In addition to the United States, HIS services also extend to the needs of hoteliers in North and South America as well as Australia and several European countries.

For over 19 years, HIS has partnered with leading global hotel brands to meet ever-increasing demands for fast, seamless and secure online experiences. Its innovation-driven Wi-Fi and wired networking solutions, along with the latest customer service personalization and content delivery features, are recognized for delivering high satisfaction ratings at hundreds of properties worldwide and in more than 150,000 rooms.

Industries served include

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Casinos
  • Timeshare
  • ILM, apartment complexes and condos
  • Student housing
  • Sports facilities
  • Hospital and medical facilities
  • Residences for the elderly/assisted/retirees

Those interested in learning more about HIS, its service offerings, or obtaining an installation quote are encouraged to contact through its official website or by calling 877-982-6411.

THE SOURCE: Hotel internet services

See the source version on accesswire.com:

The luxury hotel Aman New York opens soon on Fifth Avenue


Photo courtesy of Aman New York

“Aman” means peaceful in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what this new luxury hotel wants to become: a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The highly anticipated Aman New York is the latest addition to the global roster of Thailand-born Aman properties. The new hotel, located in Manhattan’s iconic Crown Building (at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue), will begin welcoming guests on August 2, while reservations will open a few days earlier on July 25.

Photo courtesy of Aman New York

Home to 83 suites and 22 signature residences curated down to the finest detail, Aman New York is almost like an exhibition of art and design. Warren & Wetmore, the iconic architecture firm known for Grand Central Station and the Helmsley Building, were also behind the design of the Crown Building, and although the host building has undergone a makeover, some of its features the most authentic have been preserved in the new Hotel. Aman’s signature design blends well with the building’s historic architecture and creates an oasis of tranquility for every guest.

Relaxation and tranquility are paramount at Aman New York. Equipped with a flagship Aman spa that occupies 24,800 square feet over three floors, the hotel invites guests to relax by the 65-foot indoor pool and its adjacent fire pits or enjoy one of the many experiences wellness offered.

The hotel’s outdoor space is another peaceful escape. With reflecting pools and beautiful fire pits, the 7,000 square foot terrace can be used year round thanks to its retractable glass roof. Additionally, a verdant wraparound garden terrace connects the two restaurants – Arva, Aman’s Italian restaurant and Nama, Aman’s take on the Japanese tradition of the washoku meal – and the wine library nestled within the building.

Photo courtesy of Aman New York

Those looking to embrace tranquility with some privacy can do so from their own bedroom. Each suite is oversized and equipped with a functional fireplace, and the open architecture with large bay windows allows you to savor the lightness of the space even more.

“Following the success of the multi-award-winning Aman Tokyo, our strategy to bring the coveted Aman lifestyle to urban destinations continues,” said Vlad Doronin, Chairman and CEO of Aman, in a statement. official. “A landmark opening, Aman New York marks our largest investment in a single destination to date. The hotel introduces an entirely new concept to the city with expansive and unmatched amenities, which propel the brand forward, offering an unparalleled customer experience.”

For more information and to book your stay at Aman New York, you can visit the hotel website.

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Tourism & Hospitality Market Expected to Grow $24.23

New York, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reportlinker.com announces the release of the report “Tourism and Hospitality Market in China 2022-2026” – https://www.reportlinker.com/p06277468/?utm_source=GNW
81% over the forecast period. Our China Tourism and Hospitality Market report provides comprehensive analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers and challenges, and vendor analysis covering approximately 25 vendors.
The report offers an up-to-date analysis of the country’s current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The market is driven by a growing preference for local and authentic experiences, the growing popularity of the 24-hour visa-free transit rule, and the appeal of ice sports and cruise tourism.
The China tourism and hospitality market analysis includes type segment and geographical landscape.

The tourism and hospitality market in China is segmented as follows:
By type
• Outbound tourism
• Inbound tourism

By product
Hotel chains
• Independent hotels

This study identifies growing internet access and online testimonials as one of the main reasons for the growth of the tourism and hospitality market in China over the next few years. Moreover, self-check-ins to minimize waiting time and digitization in the hospitality industry in China will drive great demand in the market.

The analyst presents a detailed picture of the market through study, synthesis and summation of data from multiple sources by analysis of key parameters. Our report on the China tourism and hospitality market covers the following areas:
• Sizing of the tourism and hotel market in China
• Forecast of the tourism and hospitality market in China
• Analysis of the tourism and hospitality market in China

This robust vendor analysis is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several major tourism and hospitality markets in China, including Beijing Zhiyuan International Travel Agency Co. Ltd., Emei Shan Tourism. Co. Ltd., Expedia Group Inc., Guangdong International Hotel Management Holdings Ltd., Huangshan Tourism Development Co. Ltd., Huazhu Group Ltd., InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, Intrepid Group Pty Ltd., Jin Jiang International Holdings Co. Ltd. , Jinmao China Hotel Investments and Management Ltd., Marriott International Inc., Shangri La Asia Ltd., The Dragon Trip., Tongcheng Travel Holdings Ltd., Trip.com Group Ltd., TUI AG and Tuniu Corp. The China Hotel Market analysis report includes information on upcoming trends and challenges that will influence market growth. It’s about helping businesses strategize and take advantage of all the growth opportunities ahead.
The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information, including contributions from key industry participants. The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to an analysis of major vendors.

The analyst presents a detailed picture of the market through study, synthesis and summation of data from multiple sources through analysis of key parameters such as profit, price, competition and specials. It presents various facets of the market by identifying the major industry influencers. The data presented is comprehensive, reliable and the result of extensive research – both primary and secondary. Technavio’s market research reports provide a comprehensive competitive landscape and in-depth vendor selection methodology and analysis using qualitative and quantitative research to forecast accurate market growth.
Read the full report: https://www.reportlinker.com/p06277468/?utm_source=GNW

About Reportlinker
ReportLinker is an award-winning market research solution. Reportlinker finds and organizes the latest industry data so you get all the market research you need – instantly, in one place.



India will become the world’s 3rd largest accommodation market: Hilton


Alan Watts, President, Asia-Pacific at Hilton, was in India for the launch of a 619-key dual-brand resort in Bangalore in partnership with Embassy Office Parks REIT, a real estate investment trust. In an interview, Watts spoke about the Indian hospitality industry catching up with China, the disproportionate focus on the luxury segment, and why India is a key market for the company. Edited excerpts:

What are Hilton’s expansion plans in India?

We have 24 hotels for sale today in India and 14 under construction. When it comes to the hospitality market in India, the hospitality sector in particular is at the beginning of its journey. If you compare India to China, India has only 2.6 million keys or rooms for 1.4 billion people compared to about 3.2 million guest rooms for 1.4 billion people in China.

This means that in the longer term, India’s expansion in terms of GDP, urbanization and modernization of major cities, is expected to become the third largest accommodation market in the world. Both in the domestic market, where the majority of business is today, but also from the perspective of the Indian outbound market, this is a critical market for us. We need to make sure we are building our brands where our customers want us to be.

India is still a minnow since Hilton has about 460 hotels in China and 24 in India.

The difference between this market (and India) is a matter of time. Obviously, China was ahead in terms of hotel investment, and a lot of Chinese companies have government investment. Thus, some of the state-owned vehicles are investing in the travel and tourism sector. In India, the under construction pipeline of all brands is much smaller, but it will eventually catch up and quickly. So that’s an unfair comparison today but longer term, it’s not. The demographics of the two markets, their GDP growth and, indeed, India’s competitive advantage, especially among young people, are yet to be realized.

Which segment do you see the maximum growth coming from?

I definitely think it’s in the mid-range and full-service segments. These properties like the Hilton Garden Inn and the Hilton, that’s where the market will mainly grow, as it has in China.

People are entering the workforce at a younger age and buying into the entry level hotels and then buying into their careers so to speak. These big hotel deals we’ve done in China, they’re all at Hilton Garden Inn prices. So the huge explosion has not happened in India yet.

What about the luxury segment?

I think luxury gets a lot of attention. There are many credible players in luxury, but this is not where the explosion will follow compared to other markets.

Are you bringing new brands to India in the coming years?

We are always on the lookout for ambitious luxury for our Conrad and Waldorf Astoria brands, but we will continue to grow with our core brands.

Hilton is the most recognized and loved brand in hospitality, so we continue to build on that. You won’t see any new creative brands for India and we think it’s the mid-sized and full services that are seeing the growth.

Many of your competitors have ventured into homestays and boutique travel, how about you?

We are looking at Hilton Garden Inn which meets this need and we have a brand called Hampton which is the fastest growing brand in China.

We may roll out Hampton in the future as mid-range demand grows. But in the short term, we will continue with Hilton Garden Inn which has been our main vehicle.

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The Trump Hotel is gone, but its sordid legacy will never die


All this for a money-losing hotel that the Trump Organization overpaid for in 2012, when it pledged to invest $200 million in renovations. That price was so high, wrote The Washington Post‘s Steve Pearlstein, citing industry experts, that Trump is expected to charge well above all other hotels in Washington. Pearlstein could not have foreseen, of course, that by the time the hotel opened, Trump would be three months away from becoming president. Despite the ocean of cash pouring into the hotel from Trump supporters, foreign dignitaries and the federal government itself, Trump ended up losing an estimated $70 million in operating expenses. Even so, the Trump Organization walked away from the sale to CGI Merchant with around $100 million in profit.

Why would CGI Merchant pay so much? Politics would seem like a good guess, and CGI Merchant President Raoul Thomas has given nearly $100,000 in political donations over the past decade and a half. The problem is that he gave it all to democrats.

A response began to emerge on Saturday when Mother JonesRuss Choma and Hannah Levintova, after reviewing documents filed with DC’s Recorder of Deeds, reported that $285 million of the $375 million purchase price was put in place not by CGI Merchant, but by partners at New York-based MSD bank, which in turn received funding at least in part, and possibly more than in part, from something called Axos Bank, an online-only lender with no physical branches that was founded in 2000 as Bank of Internet USA. Based in San Diego and Las Vegas, Axos Bank “has recently closed several large deals with the Trump and Kushner families,” Choma and Levintova wrote. write in rolling stone in March, Tim Dickinson and Andy Kroll called Axos an “unusual, controversial lender” with “strong financial ties to the GOP.”

9 boutique hotels to visit on your next weekend in Sydney


If you’re looking for a rewarding local getaway to reset yourself, Sydney is an idyllic destination. Boasting pristine sandy beaches, iconic landmarks, lush national parks, and a world-class drinking and dining scene, the port city is ideal for a weekend getaway or an extended stay.

Brimming with epic boutique hotels, Sydney offers a wealth of great accommodations to ensure you’re well-rested on your holiday and full of energy to get out and explore. From the heart of the CBD to Bondi Beach, there is a hotel for every visitor.

To help you renew your vacation plans, we’ve rounded up the best Sydney hotels you can book now.

Hotel As

Surry Hills

The latest addition to Sydney’s hotel scene is very exciting. The late hotelier Alex Calderwood opened the Seattle Ace Hotel in 1999, changing the game and giving your stay a mix of luxury and rock star grunge suite. Think natural textures and tones, custom-designed furniture, and record players in the bedroom. En route to Australia, the Sydney outpost took over the iconic Tyne Building as the first Ace Hotel in the Southern Hemisphere. With reservations now open for the start of May, we recommend locking up a room as soon as possible for a weekend getaway. Book here.

Old Clare


If you’re looking for a boutique hotel with serious charm, class, and a rooftop pool to splash around in, look no further than the Old Clare Hotel. The Chippendale Hotel is conveniently located atop The Clare Bar, a mix of classic Aussie pubs and hotel cocktail bars. You’re also just above the foodie district of Kensington Street, with options like pan-Asian paradise Spice Alley on your doorstep. Or if you feel like staying at home, an urban oasis cocktail by the pool and a late 1 p.m. check-out should help. You can even book into a pet-friendly room if you’re bringing your furry child. To book here.

Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

Watson Bay

Nestled on the harbor near Vaucluse, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is a Sydney institution known for its chic Hamptons-style layout, mouth-watering seafood and stunning views of Sydney Harbour.

Just a short ferry ride from Circular Quay and Manly or a ten-minute drive from Bondi, the luxury bayside retreat offers contemporary boutique accommodation, stylish waterside restaurants and a Beach Club , where all the action takes place. Blue and white umbrellas, hidden flamingos, and all things nautical give off a year-round summer vibe. Check in for the luxurious and relaxed stay you deserve. Book your room here.

Paramount House Hotel

Surry Hills

Located inside the iconic art deco building that once housed the offices of Paramount Picture Studio, Paramount House Hotel is the gorgeous neighborhood accommodation you should strongly consider booking. In the building alone you will find the Paramount Coffee Project cafe, the Poly wine bar, the Paramount Recreation Club for rooftop exercise classes and the Golden Age Cinema/cocktail bar. As for the rooms, each is carefully designed to make the experience feel more like home than hotel. And touches like LP’s quality meats and local craft beers stocking the mini-fridge also do a great deal. Book your room here.



Speaking of enviable locations, Ovolo offers waterfront accommodation on Woolloomooloo Bay’s historic Finger Wharf, with heritage industrial features on the outside and a luxurious, contemporary feel inside. You don’t have to go far for a great meal with the adjoining Alibi Restaurant offering everything from afternoon tea to an 8-course tasting menu. And if you’re looking for something that sets Ovolo apart, it’s the freebies they offer. More than just breakfast and access to the gym, the hotel will shout out the mini-fridge at no extra cost, a bag of goodies, and a round of cocktails at the bar for “social hour.” Book here.

QT Bondi


The location of this boutique hotel sells itself. The bedrooms are laid back with a coastal feel, perfect for letting in the cool sea breeze. Book yourself a room at QT to stay opposite one of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach. Not only will you be steps away from the iconic mile-long stretch of sand, but you’ll also have access to the suburb’s incredible restaurant and cafe scene. To book here.

The small Albion guest house

Surry Hills

A breathtaking designer boutique hotel in the heart of Surry Hills, The small Albion guest house is the ultimate hotel stay for design lovers and art lovers. Reminiscent of someone’s epic architectural mansion rather than a hotel, every corner, curtain, light fixture and coat of paint has been meticulously curated, creating a unique experience that will transport you to the dapper hotels of yesteryear. Designed for the modern traveler with a penchant for opulence, the charming 35-room guesthouse is also pet-friendly – ​​we repeat, pet-friendly – ​​making it the perfect place to hide away the weekend time – and when you can’t bear the thought of leaving your pooch at home.


port darling

Sofitel bills itself as the ultimate urban resort – with good reason. The luxury hotel offers nearly 600 rooms and four on-site bars and restaurants, including a cocktail bar with a stunning champagne list. All with views of the city skyline and Darling Harbour. Not to mention the rooftop outdoor infinity pool overlooking the harbor for one of the most boujee morning laps you can imagine. Book your place here.

small national hotel


Located above Wynyard Walk, the Little National Hotel puts you in the perfect spot to explore the CBD. Wake up in compact luxury for a morning workout in the state-of-the-art gym, stroll through the living room and library to relax by the fireplace or get some work done, before heading to the courtyard on the rooftop to enjoy the city sunset. Once it gets dark, take a five-minute stroll to your choice of CBD bars like Maybe Sammy or Cantina OK!, both recognized on the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars list. Book here.

For more information on how to feel new to Sydney, visit sydney.com.

Editor’s note: this article was produced in partnership with Destination New South Wales. Thank you for supporting the partners who make Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here.

Images from Instagram.

Dawn Marie Ramos-Johnson

Dawn Marie Ramos-Johnson, 46, of Hays, Kansas, died Thursday, May 12, 2022 at Hays Medical Center. She was born on May 24, 1975 in Hays to Judy Louise Keller and Tereso Ramos. On April 9, 2017, she married Carlos Johnson in Hays.

Dawn had worked in hotel management. She loved to cook, read, travel and do diamond art. She was a member of Westview Church.

Dawn is survived by her husband, Carlos de Hays; one son, DeShawn Bronson Jr.; his mother and stepfather, Judy Louise Keller-Hagan and Greg Hagan; her grandmother, Norma Keller; his siblings, Jody Ramos, Daniel Ramos, David Ramos, Bianca Ramos and Jessie Ramos; one niece, Tiana Sigers; a nephew, Zakarie Ramos; an uncle, Jack Keller and his wife Barb; aunts, Tina Keller and Linda Dunn; cousins, Brad Keller, Chris Keller, Megan Keller, Sarah Aafedt, Beau Aafeldt and Noelle Aafeldt; a special friend, Faith Lockman as well as other aunts, uncles and cousins.

She was predeceased by her grandfather, Troy Keller and an uncle, Dave Keller.

Memorial services will be held at a later date and will be announced by Brock’s-Keithley Funeral Chapel and Crematorium 2509 Vine Hays, KS 67601.

Condolences may be left by guest book at www.keithleyfuneralchapels.com or by email at [email protected]

Hello Kashmir: The Valley is experiencing a tourism boom : The Tribune India


Rohit Bhan and Samaan Lateef

LONG queues of tourists at Srinagar airport, crowded restaurants, families waiting their turn at Dal Lake shikara boarding points, couples posing in traditional attire at Nishat Bagh, bustling markets, fully occupied hotels – Kashmir is back in the big tourism league, with a bang. Last month, the valley welcomed nearly 2.8 lakh tourists, the highest in April for three decades, officials said, who expect the rush to continue throughout the year. The first week of May alone saw an influx of 33,000 tourists.

The 100ft tall tricolor atop Hari Parbat Fort, overlooking Srinagar.

Even last year, when the whole country was under strict Covid restrictions, Kashmir continued to receive tourists, mainly young people, who had received the vaccine or were open to mandatory quarantine before going travel to their destinations – for trekking and other adventure tourism trips. “The adventure tourism boost has sent positive word across India and we have followed it up with an aggressive promotional campaign,” said deputy director of tourism, Ahsanul Haq.

Tourists at the world’s tallest igloo restaurant in Gulmarg.

Official data reveals that 6.6 lakh tourists visited Kashmir last year, bringing the hospitality industry back to life after it remained closed following the repeal of