Top 5 Unique Hotel Website Designs

These days, more and more people are turning exclusively to the Internet when researching travel and holiday destinations. A website is therefore one of the most important components of a hotel’s marketing strategy.

A website that is not merely adequate but able to connect intimately with visitors is the hallmark of a quality establishment.

There are many exquisitely designed, unique hotel websites on the Internet. Here are our top picks.

Diamond Hotel

This website showcases a skillful yet subtle use of colours and contrasts to produce a visually appealing homepage. The developers make great use of movement, as you’ll see if you scroll down—some of the images move at a different speed from the others, creating an interesting visual effect.

Many websites these days contain a slideshow and dropdown menu, but Diamond Hotel’s is refreshingly different. The slideshow on the left displays impressive photos in a fresh and exciting way, while the dropdown menus appear against a background that gives visitors a preview of the various services and facilities at the hotel. As you scroll down, the right side of the page offers an animated preview of some of the hotel’s offers and packages.


The Inn at Laguna Beach

The visuals on this site have been deployed to ensure maximum effect. When the website is first accessed, full-width pictures of the hotel’s stunning property flash across the screen giving you a clear feel of the location and its surroundings.

Unexpected little touches make this a website that’s quite unlike those of any other establishments. Click on the blue navigation box at the bottom of the screen which expands the menu bar seamlessly. The expandable dropdown menu gives visitors a visual preview of what’s to come. The internal pages containing information on specific rooms or services are also beautifully laid out.


Christchurch Harbour Hotel

A good hotel website makes you want to check in right away—or wish you had the money to do so. Beautiful photography stretching right across the screen makes this website’s homepage a visual feast. The text and captions over the banner images have been carefully customised to complement the backdrop.

In the hotel business, it’s important that potential guests are able to make bookings as quickly and as easily as possible. This website’s definitely got that covered. Scroll down and the booking form magically pops up for your convenience. The website’s clean lines and careful use of typography make it a pleasure to navigate.


Boutique Hotels

The dark colours and broody photography make this website smoulder. While other hotel websites are all about blue skies and bluer oceans, the Boutique Hotels website eschews sunshine for mystery.

The booking form is clean and easy to use, while the featured items in the content area below are laid out using a grid format that’s not only orderly but also attractive.


Windows on Tuscany

The tiled graphics on the homepage give this website a cohesive, attractive appearance. The interactive map on the right of the main banner image is well designed and gives the website a nice touch of usability. Click on “All Villas” to access the content section of the website, which is very clear and succinct, enabling you to take in at a glance the pricing, bedding type and shower information. This website might not be as sleek as some of the others, but it gives off a friendly, accessible vibe.

Constructing a website that does a hotel justice isn’t an easy task, and the right combination of elements must be put together in order to ensure a cohesive theme and structureincluding investing in quality photography.

Finally, just as a hotel puts the customer first in all aspects of its services and operations, the customer’s needs must be borne in mind when designing a website to showcase a hotel.


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