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Hotel internet marketing is already full of challenges, but Social Media marketing…it’s like herding cats…

With Facebook now experiencing more traffic than Google and with TripAdvisor reviews influencing millions of travel decisions every day, Social Media Marketing is certainly gaining traction as a means of reaching and engaging with your customers.


hotelmarketingWorks is proud to introduce our sister business unit, socialmediaWorks. The team at socialmediaWorks can help you maximise the potential of the Social Media Networks and show you how to effectively connect with your customers, clients and prospects.


Advertising and public relations can be effective tools when used properly, but they are, by definition, one-way communications, essentially “pushing” a message, theme or concept that you would like your brand to be aligned with.

Social Media delivers the ability for both consumers and companies to build a dialogue that is meaningful to all participants and gain a genuine, long lasting connection. When used properly, it enables you to build a bond with your customers in an evocative, engaging and yes, manageable way.


When you execute your Social Media strategy well, you engage and connect with your customers and your customers friends…and things can go ballistic. Serious increases in both online and offline sales and business leads have been achieved by both small and large companies alike. If the internet was a great way to level the playing field, then Social Media is the next great leveller.

Whether you are seeking custom Social Media consulting services or one of our Social Media Marketing Packages, our team at socialmediaWorks has the experience, expertise and innovative solutions to drive your Social Media presence and maxmise your Return On Investment (ROI).

hotelmarketingWorks and socialmediaWorks are both Business Units of iiWorks, a full service internet marketing agency.

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