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Imagine if you printed 1,000 beautiful, four colour, ten page brochures that stunningly captured the unique nature of your hotel…and then locked them away in a cupboard…how effective are they now?

And so it is with hotel web design…you need the right Search Engine-friendly platform, an engaging design and the best hotel internet marketing strategy to significantly raise your online visibility and grow your online revenues.

How much does a hotel website cost?

We believe that transparency through honesty creates trust, which is why we have outlined here our approach to custom hotel web design and development and some web design pricing guidelines for the time required and the fees we charge our clients. We have included estimates for custom solutions as well as for when we work with pre-designed Themes.

A note on our CMS…

All our sites are built on the WordPress platform, a fully functional CMS (Content Management System) that runs over 23.0% of the top one hundred million websites findable by Google. WordPress is an “open source” platform supported by an active development community; when properly configured, secured and coded it is the most Search Engine-friendly CMS out there…so much so that all our own high SEO visibility sites are built using WordPress.

 TLDR – scroll down to the bottom of this page; we tell you how much we charge.

Our Custom Hotel Web Design and Development Stages

For a website to succeed you need a strategy, a plan and tactical execution so as to deliver a quality experience for your website visitors that will convert into incremental revenues.


A healthy exchange of business information and agreement on methodologies, scope of works, time frames and expected outcomes

Here we talk to you and your team to develop a clear understanding of

  • Your hotel and what makes it unique
  • The purpose and goal of the new website
  • Your target audience
  • Four typical customers or personas
  • Your direct and indirect competition

Time estimate: 8 hours

Fee estimate: $1,400


We explore the target audience, the market and the competition in greater depth.

We assemble your internal data, brand standards documentation, available image and rich media resources and begin to map out the draft navigation journeys and pathways.

In addition we research and gather best practice examples of sites from around the world, both within your segment as well as best practice from other industries that will demonstrate the design framework that we seek to apply.

Time estimate: 16 hours

Fee estimate: $2,800


Bringing together aesthetics, form and functionality to deliver a cohesive user experience that converts; we always present two responsive hotel website design concepts and include home page, first level page and second level page in desktop, tablet and smartphone formats

Time estimate: 20 hours

Fee estimate: $3,500


Producing a robust website infrastructure built on the WordPress CMS that is fast, secure, functional and displays responsively on all major hardware platforms – desktop, tablet and smartphone

Time estimate: 28 hours

Fee estimate: $4,900


Populate the new site with your content and images, testing, migration and launch of your site, on time and on budget

Time estimate: 12 hours

Fee estimate: $2,100

Your completed site

So, as you can see, there is indeed quite a few hours involved is planning, documenting, designing, developing and delivering a contemporary custom designed website

Time estimate: 84 hours

Fee estimate: $14,700

Most projects will end up around this amount plus or minus $1,000; unique functional requirements will of course increase the time and fees accordingly

Pre-designed Hotel Website Design Themes

Alternatively, you could consider buying a pre-designed Theme for your hotel website and there is nothing wrong with that; there are some great pre-designed Themes** available and for many companies this is an ideal solution; some web designers scoff at using pre-designed themes but not us.

You will still need our Discussion, Discovery and Delivery stages as outlined above however the Design and Development phases are significantly less.

Typically fees building a website based on a Pre-designed Theme are

Discussion – 8 hours, $1,400

Discovery – 16 hours, $2,800

Design – 6 hours, $1050

Develop – 8 hours, 2,100

Deliver – 12 hours, $2,100

Time estimate: 50 hours

Fee estimate: $8,750


The final D – maximising the online visibility of your new website through innovative digital marketing; see our Genesis SEO Plans by our seoWorks Business Unit.

In conclusion

We have shared the above with you to help you understand what is involved in the design and development of your new website. We trust that you have found this useful in gaining an understanding of the time and effort required…naturally we would be keen to work with you and we look forward to the opportunity.

**Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission.

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