Notorious Web Design Myths

In any industry, there will be some misconceptions. Often people make assumptions about industries they don’t have much experience with and web design is certainly no different. It’s HotelMarketingWorks’ job to guide you through the misinformation to help you make the best decisions when you are looking for your next big web design project. We are here to help you reach your goals, but we’d like to dispel some common myths about web design.

Design Myth #1: You will get traffic just for being on the Web

Your site is live, but traffic just doesn’t show up at your doorstep like the morning paper. The search engine has to see that your site is valuable, and that takes guided efforts from an organized expert SEO team. It’s important to have your site built with the intention of getting noticed by search engines. Your new site needs to contain relevant and well researched keywords that are focused on your particular industry and market. A Search Engine Optimization company can help here because without an experienced digital marketing team, your beautiful site will never get to the viewers who would love to see your content.

Design Myth #2: A beautiful site is a busy site

Fact: Your website cannot just be a pretty face. An experienced web developer knows that gloss and shine cannot hide functionality and will work hard to create a comprehensive website with a solid development plan. If your beautiful site is not user friendly or doesn’t contain useful information for the search engines, it’s wasted effort. If your site doesn’t maintain this balance, you won’t get the traffic you need and users won’t stick around long either. Think about a frustrating site that you have visited in the past: often the design hampers the functionality of the site and users never stay long or return. As you get closer to unveiling your new site, it’s important to be original, yet practical in your planning. An experienced Web Design and Development company can guide you to create a functional and attractive site.

Design Myth #3: Quality doesn’t have to take long

Sometimes, customers will reach out to hotelMarketingWorks and they want a new site yesterday. Is it possible to be aesthetically pleasing, responsive, provide the best possible search engine visibility and be live within 48 hours?

The answer is no.

We certainly could get something live in 48 hours, but it wouldn’t be the quality and up to the standards that hotelMarketingWorks is known for.We and our customers are happier when they receive a custom crafted website that delivers a good return on their investment, is useful to users and meticulously planned out to create an impact in the search engine results. When it comes to custom web design, the saying “You get what you pay for applies” Designing and building websites takes time. A delivering a functional, user engaging, search engine visible and conversion-focused is like a good meal; it’s well worth the wait.

Design Myth #4: People don’t like to Scroll

It’s often repeated that users don’t like to scroll. One could argue that with the popularity of minimalist, vertical sites, that this myth should be put to rest. Sometime between Yahoo’s reign as the king of the internet and Google’s self-driven vehicles, something had changed. At one point, scrolling required the use of the PageUp, PageDown or clicking on the navigation bar on the right of your screen. But now scrolling wheels on mice have become very common. Additionally, more and more users are now on their mobile devices. More information is becoming touchscreen accessible via the flick of your thumb.The number of mobile visitors to all sites reminds us of our final point.

Design Myth #5: Mobile readiness is a fad

Anywhere you go, you will undoubtedly see someone nose deep into their phone, browsing the web on their mobile devices. Beanies Babies and neon light-up sneakers were hot trends that inevitably crumbled in the earlier days of the internet, but walking down any street you will realize that mobile computing is here and is going strong, unlike the Beanie Baby. Now Google has made such a strong case for mobile adoption, because according to Google, websites who aren’t mobile ready will be penalized in the search results. Not only does a responsive-designed site create a better user experience, but it will be more visible to search engines. Rather than fading, we expect this trend to evolve and continue the way we experience our favorite sites; so it’s best to be prepared.

All of these beliefs are taken into account when you speak with an experienced Web team, and it’s important that you keep an open mind when you begin your planning and designing of your site. Staying engaged and involved through the process is crucial for you to get the site that you’ve always wanted. Finding an experienced web development team is like a breath of fresh air as they cut out all the jargon and clears up any preconceived notions of what web development is and isn’t.

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