How to Leverage the Holidays Year-Round with your Hotel Marketing Strategy

For hotels, holidays are busy, no matter what time of year it is. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or Easter that’s coming up, holidays are a time when every hotelier struggles to juggle budgets, meetings and a normal day’s work.

During the holiday season, people prepare to go on vacation, and this means hoteliers need to brainstorm to devise creative ways to fill their properties. Here are our top five hotel marketing tips that will enable you to leverage your holiday marketing strategy all year round.

Maintain a page or blog dedicated to the holiday season

Holidays are usually an explosion of activity, and there’s always something to do in the area around your property.

Give customers a reason to travel to your locality by creating a page on your hotel’s website dedicated to holiday happenings. Blog posts can centre on local festive events in the neighbourhood which can attract visitors to your area.

Include special offers

Deals, discounts and special offers are a great way to attract customers, and can be a particularly effective strategy during the holiday season. During the holidays, customers get time off and are able to escape from the daily grind, making your hotel’s special offers particularly tantalising.

A special offer doesn’t even have to be completely new each time. You might choose to tailor an existing package that’s usually offered during the year to the holiday at hand.

Integrate social media into your marketing plan

Holidays mustn’t be missed on social media, and hotels need to ensure their pages and posts are updated and kept relevant to a particular holiday period. An entire series of posts can be planned for major holiday periods such as the Christmas and New Year season.

If you have any special offers lined up for the holidays, be sure to promote them actively on the various social media channels. You might even want to include social media posts integrating a giveaway that can garner more likes for your page.

Include online Christmas vouchers

Gift vouchers are a fantastic way to capitalise on the holiday season as people scramble to buy last minute presents for their friends and loved ones.

Make it easy for purchasers to get their hands on your hotel’s gift vouchers by equipping your website with an online checkout facility. Remember the importance of ensuring that the mobile version of your website is fast and user-friendly, too.

Email marketing

The holiday season is a good time to take stock of your email lists. Clean up your opt-in email lists to prevent high bounce rates and unsubscribe ratios, which can injure the effectiveness of your campaigns and even have a negative effect on email delivery. Divide your buyers into specific groups and distribution lists so you can make your email marketing campaigns more targeted than ever.

Finally, there’s much you can learn from the results of your marketing efforts over past holiday seasons. So, this Christmas season, be sure to go over the results of your past campaigns and ensure you avoid making the same mistakes.

The holidays can be a season of plenty for hotels, but in order to benefit it is important to plan ahead. Don’t leave your holiday initiatives to the last minute, as you can be sure your competitors will have been plotting for weeks and months in order to boost their market share.

When planning your holiday marketing campaign, decide on specific areas to focus on, but don’t forget to also ensure that all the elements of your marketing plan work in harmony to give you the best possible chances of success.

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