Increase Repeat Visits To Your Hotel Website Via Hotel Internet Marketing

Hotel Internet marketing should result in the four ‘R’s; a high retention rate, repeat business, increased referrals and improved ROI. How does your hotel stack up?

Hotel Internet marketing can be quite challenging given the high amount of competition, the price sensitivity of hotel room bookings and short loyalty span of online visitors. With the onset of Social Media, relationship marketing has become increasingly important to vie for hotel market share. We show you seven savvy marketing strategies to increase repeat visits to your hotel website and increase hotel bookings.

Know your target market: Firstly, you need to determine who your target market is. Your hotel Internet marketing activities must focus on this core target market and address the needs of these guests. For example, for business people and tech savvy travelers; promote the corporate features of your hotel, for families; play up the family-friendly aspects of the hotel and for singles; point out the close proximity to bars and nightlife.

Use Social Media wisely: The advent of Web 2.0 such as blogs, forums and Social Media networks can all help build brand loyalty and strengthen the association with your brand. However, all hotel Internet marketing tools need to work in cohesion so make sure you integrate your Social Media buttons on your website and encourage people to follow you or become a fan of your company pages.

Member only special offers: Offer member only promotions via your Social Media networks, email marketing campaigns or other Internet hotel marketing strategies. These promotions which are not offered to the general public which will increase your fan base, subscriptions or registration rate. For the luxury hotel market, value added promotions work better such as a room upgrade rather than discounting rooms which may destroy rate integrity.

Regular updated content: Updating your website with blog articles, customer reviews, seasonal promotions and offers and information about local attractions and events is a clever hotel Internet marketing strategy to get people to return to your website. If customers cannot find information about your hotel and local attractions on your website, they will search for a competitor’s website that will provide them all the information they need to make a booking decision.

Quality of website design: Your hotel web design must reflect the quality of your hotel and showcase the hotel rooms, facilities and other selling points such as the view from the hotel. Your website must also be easy to navigate for users, show up-to-date information for hotel rates and special offers, straightforward enquiry forms and have an online booking engine (OBE) that is seamlessly integrated with your website.

Visual attraction: Putting high quality images on your website of your hotel rooms, the bathrooms, the scenery and so forth is a good hotel Internet marketing tactic to refresh a customer’s mind about the great experience they had at your hotel. Images can make or break a hotel booking. The more visual information a customer has, the more confident and reassured they will be that re-booking your hotel is the right decision.

Fast loading times: The hotel industry is a ruthless, cut throat industry and you are competing with travel agencies, affiliates, wholesalers and travel products companies where a customer can potentially make a hotel booking. Don’t make it any harder for the customer with slow loading times because it’s an easy option to book at another website if they can’t find the information they need quickly.

While a large part of your hotel Internet marketing activities should be focused on attracting new customers to your website and building your customer base, there should be a continued focus on courting existing customers and fostering brand loyalty. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your hotel Internet marketing, viral marketing and client retention campaigns.

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When not trying in vain to improve his golf handicap, Keith leads the team at iiWorks, a specialist company providing Digital Marketing Strategy Services for clients ranging from small business to national and international companies.
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