Pros And Cons Of Hotel Website Templates

You get what you pay for with hotel website templates but for some companies it may be the design solution they are looking for.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using hotel website templates. There is no right or wrong solution; it can simply come down to time, budget, target market and the objectives of your establishment. For some hotels, it may be the quick, fast and easy solution they need. Here we explore the pros and cons of buying a pre-made template versus hiring a web design company to create a customised hotel website.


One of the biggest advantages of using a template for hotel websites is the attractive cost which may even be under $500. Alternatively, to engage a hotel website consultancy to build a website with basic functionality, it may start from $8,000. However with the design quality and capability to add functionality rather than start from scratch from a template, this cost may be more cost-efficient over the life span of your business.


By the nature of a hotel website design template, in that they are not built from scratch, it will be quicker to create and a business will be able to hit the ground running in a few weeks. For some companies time is money and they need a website presence as soon as possible to start generating revenue. They may not be able to wait months (depending on the complexity of the design and build) to create a tailor-made website.

You can see the final product

With a hotel web design template, what the client sees is what the client gets. They may have to imagine what it looks like when their corporate colours, images and text are added but they don’t have to use much imagination to visualise the final product. With a bespoke design, a client’s design vision may be very different to the actual product if both the client and designer are not on the same (web) page, creating more design delays.

Limited functionality

The downside of a hotel web design template is limited functionality and flexibility. You may only be able make a certain number of modifications and there may only be stock-standard features available. By commissioning a hotel design agency to create a website specifically for a hotel and brand, they may offer dynamic features such as an online hotel booking engines, live chat, social media integration and perhaps even gift certificates.

Lack of branding

The essence of branding is that customers recognise your company simply by the corporate colours, font, logo, slogan etc. The downside of using a template is that it lacks originality and may be replicated across the net even by your own competitors. A website is a point of differentiation between you and other similar hotels in the industry. You will need to custom-design your website if you want a design exclusive to your establishment.

A hotel web design template may seem like the quick and easy solution when building your online presence. However design can be expensive and it may be more cost-effective over the long run to create a website that can grow and develop with your establishment. If you would like more information about our website packages and bespoke designs, contact one of our professional and experienced team members at Hotel Website Designers.

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