How You Can Help Not Hinder Your Hotel Web Designer

Don’t stand in the own way of your success – help your hotel web designer to help you in creating a beautiful hotel website.

When a hotel web designer and a client work in harmony, show each other mutual respect and are singing from the same hymn book, it can result in a stunning hotel website design. But the opposite is also true and it can be a very frustrating process that may or may not result in the outcome you wanted. But is it always the designer’s fault? Here are five ways that you can sabotage your own design project.

No shooting in the dark

Clients always seem to be able to articulate clearly what they want after the mock-up design has been done. You may want to get the project underway as soon as possible but the more time you spend thinking about what you actually want and writing a detailed and clear brief, the less time you will spend stopping and starting as you keep on changing your brief, exasperating your designer in the process.

Not taking your designer’s advice

It stands to reason that if you were a website designer you could create your own beautiful hotel web design but you’re not and that’s why you’re paying for their expertise. At least consider a developer’s advice and take heed of their suggestions before going off on your own design tangent. In the same way that changing a light bulb doesn’t make you an electrician, being a web surfer doesn’t make you a designer.

Keep the lines of communication open

Avert any design disasters before they happen by having regular meetings with your hotel web designer. It is important to respond to any requests for further information, material requests or feedback in a prompt manner so the design process doesn’t falter. If you are taking annual leave, let your designer know so they can adjust their schedule accordingly. The crystal ball style of management does not apply well to web design.

Resist micromanaging your designer

Giving constructive feedback to your designer is encouraged but dictating their every move is frowned upon. Some clients take the relationship one step further and call their hotel web designer outside of business hours and make unreasonable demands. You need to give the designer time to creatively think about developing your website without constant phone calls and emails taking them away from the design process.

Stop making changes

Your contract should outline the number of revisions and change requests you are allowed to make. Final approval means exactly that. There is no such thing as making one small change. What may seem minor to you such as a font modification may result in a series of changes throughout the site. There needs to be a point where your hotel web designer has to say stop if not to save their own sanity.

A business and web design company should work in collaboration to produce a hotel website on the agreed deadline that is visually appealing, has great functionality and high usability. At Hotel Website Designers we work with a range of hotel clients from small accommodation providers to large scale hotel chains. Contact us to speak to one of our hotel web designers and find out more about our website packages.

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