Hotel Web Design Brief

First and foremost, you need to understand that visitors to your hotel website arrive with their own motivations, goals and intentions…their priority is to visit your destination, for business or leisure, and stay at the best located, best value and best ‘experience’ hotel that they can find.

The task of your hotel website designers is to capture, connect with and convert online searchers into high-yielding online revenues…there is a hierarchy of priorities for you to consider…in this order:

  • Capture – generate qualified, quality visitor traffic through a Search Engine-friendly and Search Engine Optimized hotel web site
  • Connect – motivate visitors to delve deeper into you hotel website, telling and showing all your best features and their benefits
  • Convert – turn engaged online visitors into direct hotel bookings

Many hotel marketing executives and hotel managers begin by telling us how they want their website to look…at this point we usually share one of our favorite analogies…

“Imagine if you printed 1,000 beautiful, four color, ten page brochures that stunningly captured the unique nature of your hotel at ten bucks a piece and then locked them away in a cupboard…how effective would they be? Or how about creating a masterful piece of direct mail that is riveting, stimulating and worth a Pulitzer Prize and then never sending it out…how would your Return On Investment ratio be?”

And so it is with hotel website design and development …no matter how captivating the text or how breathtaking the dynamic imagery, if no one can find your hotel website when they are searching online for that “luxury Carmel CA hotel”, that “romantic B&B outside Paris” or that “adventure scuba holiday in the Maldives”, then you have wasted your money.

Yes, “look and feel” is vitally important in motivating visitors to explore your hotel product, and in guiding them to buy…but without the right technology, site structure, navigation methods and a search engine-friendly platform, you will have a delightful hotel website design…with minimal traffic and marginal online revenues.

Our approach…

  • Identify your visitor expectations and intentions
  • Work with you to clarify your own objectives
  • Develop a hotel website revenue conversion strategy
  • Determine site components satisfying both sets of goals
  • Map out “click paths” that will lead to conversion
  • Document a website development brief

…and then we brief our designers with a firm strategy that will fulfill these company objectives.

Too often, hotel web design firms or companies develop sites in reverse, starting at the design stage with no strategy or plan…and that Return On Investment, the result that we are all seeking, remains unfulfilled.

We balance traffic generation effectiveness, site “look and feel” and conversion techniques in harmony to produce the optimum result…a hotel website design that looks great, gets plenty of traffic that is ready to buy and converts those visits into the maximum potential RevPOV (Revenue Per Online Visit).

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2010 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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