Hotel Pay-Per-Click Advertising Tips

SEM campaigns are not run on auto pilot and require management – find out how with these hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips.

Make every click count in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) management with these hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips. Your initial goal is to drive traffic to your website but your end goal is to convert these visitors into tangible sales. You can do this by choosing the right keywords and creating specific landing pages that have a clear to call to action. Sound easy? Here are five Pay-Per-Click tips to make every SEM dollar count.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips #1: Don’t just focus on ‘trophy’ keywords

Realistically a small bed and breakfast located in the Napa Valley will have to spend a lot of money bidding on generic keywords such as ‘bed and breakfast’ which may not result in high conversion rates. Look for a better return on investment (ROI) by targeting lower volume keywords such as ‘bed and breakfast Napa Valley’ that more of your target market may be using – this may yield better results and will cost much less per click.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips #2: Create dedicated landing pages for PPC campaigns

Make sure your landing pages (the pages that your ads link to) feature the same keywords you bid on in order to reinforce relevance. People who have clicked on the link have to come to your website because they have a problem that needs solving and your landing page needs to provide that solution. Your page should be solely dedicated to a single purpose with a strong call to action that is specific for each PPC advertising promotion. This strategy will also improve your “quality score” which in turn will reduce your cost per click.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips #3: Don’t compete with your organic listings

If you have a limited marketing budget and you are ranking steadily on Page 1 of the Search Engines for a specific keyword, you are better off to concentrate on keywords that are not doing as well on the SERPS*. Some companies choose to run PPC campaigns for search terms such as their business name but there is little point in people clicking on your PPC advertisement when they can click on your organic listing at no cost to you.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips #4: Know your return on investment

You can calculate your PPC ROI by knowing what percent of your website visitors turn into clients. You will also need to know what the value of each one of your clients is. Using the Pay-Per-Click ROI calculator we have created, you can choose what level of investment per click will give you a reasonable ROI and use your online marketing budget more effectively.

Hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips #5: Don’t just rely on PPC

Ideally a hotel marketing team should use PPC in conjunction with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to enhance their presence on Search Engines. PPC is seen as a short-term strategy to give your website instant visibility albeit at a cost when someone clicks on your advertisement. With SEO, your website may not rank straight away but once it does rank well organically, there is no direct cost per visit – and 75%+ of all searchers click on the organic results.

The hotel industry is a very competitive market and running PPC and SEO campaigns can often be a daunting task for a hotelier new to the space. Hotel Website Designers have proven experience in creating PPC and SEO campaigns for high-profile hotel websites located around the world. Keep checking our site for more hotel Pay-Per-Click advertising tips or contact us if you would like to know more about our Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

* Search Engine Results Pages

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