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Keep your hotel website relevant and improve the user experience for guests with these latest hotel web design trends.

Hotel web design trends reflect changes in technology and the way travellers research their accommodation choices. Savvy hotel web developers need to adapt and be responsive to these changes while still creating beautiful looking designs and respecting basic web principles. Here are seven ways your website can stay relevant and current, improve the experience for visitors to your site and increase hotel bookings.

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In a competitive and saturated market, hotels cannot afford to be complacent – we show you how to get the most out of your hotel marketing strategies.

You may have allocated a huge chunk of your budget to hotel marketing strategies but to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars, it is important to measure the success and sometimes failure of your interactive campaigns and go that extra step above your competitors. We show you how to evaluate your campaigns and how little changes can make a big impact on your hotel revenue.

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Find out how hotel internet marketing consultants can reach their true marketing potential through goal setting.

There is a well known mantra “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” but a lot of hotel internet marketing consultants don’t know why, what, when or how to measure their campaigns. It’s not always easy to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your online hotel marketing team but it is important for any hotel big or small to set benchmarks for their online activities, so that they can monitor and improve the effectiveness of promotions.

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Maximise your exposure with your online marketing campaigns for a minimum outlay.

In part one of our Online Marketing on a Shoestring Budget series we touched on five economical strategies for all types of hotels from small establishments to global chains to encourage repeat visits, increase occupancy rates and boost bookings and online revenue. Cheap doesn’t have to mean cheap and nasty – here are just five more ways you can enhance your bottom line in part two of our article.

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Make your hotel online marketing dollars stretch even further with these five almost free promotional ideas.

Whether you’re running a small bed and breakfast or boutique hotel or managing a chain of international hotels, there are budget-friendly online marketing strategies that you can employ to build your brand image, drive traffic to your website, improve your hotel vacancy rate and boost your revenue. In part one of our two-part series, we show you five ways you can achieve this without making a huge dent in the marketing budget.

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The hotel industry is very competitive – we show you why every citation counts.

When people normally think of citations, they think of undesirable traffic infringements but in the context of Search Engine Optimisation, the more citations the better with the web references becoming increasingly more important in local SEO. Previously we have discussed Optimising your Google Places Page and Link building strategies. Now we show you how to find citation references to improve your local search visibility.

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Inspire trust and confidence in visitors booking your hotel through your hotel online marketing activities.

In an industry built on word of mouth, repeat business and referrals, accommodation facilities cannot afford to put a virtual step wrong when it comes to hotel online marketing. Customers book hotels they trust and they keep on coming back to these same places time and time again. Here are 10 ways to build an online community, promote a culture of openness and transparency and foster brand loyalty.

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Seeing is believing – here are arguments to put forward to your management team as to why you need a new hotel web design.

There are many reasons why a new hotel web design might be needed. As more people search for accommodation via the internet, a hotel website is like your electronic calling card. If the design quality is not reflective of your business, it doesn’t offer you the functionality you require, it is not user friendly or it cannot be found on Search Engines, it might be time for some fine-tuning. Here are 10 reasons why you may consider updating your website.

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The advent of social media has changed the way that people book hotels – are you up to date with your hotel’s online Social Media Marketing strategy?

To stay relevant, hotels need to be seen and heard in the social Media space – switched on hotel marketing teams will usually have an integrated social media marketing networking plan that is part of an overall marketing strategy. Here are 7 of the key social media platforms that your hotel ideally should include in your online hotel internet marketing.

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Essentials for building your online revenues…

We’ve updated this article since it was originally published as “7 Essentials For Building Your Online Revenues”…

I’ve always wanted to write a headline like “10 Lessons Guaranteed to Improve…”. You see these all the time and they attract an incredible number of readers and eyeballs…but then I almost changed my mind. Usually, when you read through the article you discover that the “lessons” are generally a sales blurb for the company.

Like me a few years ago, I’m sure that what you really want are some very specific tips on what you can do, today, to increase hotel website traffic. So, not to disappoint you, here are 7 sure fire, practical things to do …

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