Hotel Marketing Strategy

Running a hotel successfully requires a robust marketing strategy to attract tourists, businessmen and vacationers. You’ve probably already spent tons of your marketing budget on social media, display ads, SEO, PPC, print and TV advertising and you’ve even seen a massive swell in your hotel’s online traffic. Despite soaring web traffic, why aren’t you able to convert visitors into hotel customers?

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Many of us have sites that work well enough. Our content is written beautifully. Customers can navigate to the information they need in order to make their reservation. But it is a concern when a site is functional, yet isn’t able to be viewed on a smart phone or isn’t eye catching to a viewer.

Is it possible to have both? Can you have a site with beauty and elegance whilst being visible to your potential guests though the search engines? Can it provide all the information necessary to help them make their decision?

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In any industry, there will be some misconceptions. Often people make assumptions about industries they don’t have much experience with and web design is certainly no different. It’s HotelMarketingWorks’ job to guide you through the misinformation to help you make the best decisions when you are looking for your next big web design project. We are here to help you reach your goals, but we’d like to dispel some common myths about web design.

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When it comes to website conversions, hotels tend to focus only on the numbers in the bank. Much like “heads in beds” it’s a great indicator of a successful site. But let us take a look at other important conversion metrics and a deeper review of optimization techniques that hotels can use to ensure a great user experience.

The main ‘macro’ conversion metric hotel marketers tend to focus on is revenue generated from direct bookings. That bottom line is key. However, let’s not forget other “micro” conversions that can lead to future bookings by capturing and engaging your audience. Micro conversions are goals, just like the important direct booking metric you’re currently measuring. But micro conversions are not direct bookings or sales. Micro conversions are goals that help to build relationships with your site visitors. These are relationship building goals that contribute to conversions (e.g. bookings!).

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Attracting quality traffic is the ultimate goal for every hotelier and industry entrepreneur. SEO strategies change with every new release of a Google search algorithm, but getting high quality, relevant links to your site remains an indispensable way of driving web traffic.

Knowing who is linking to you and understanding how to build a quality link network can improve overall web traffic. Even more importantly, it can help you target the people most likely to purchase your services.

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Despite the widespread implementation of Google Analytics, many hoteliers who have access to accounts don’t have much familiarity with the true scope of data available (beyond the summary traffic reports) nor insights into how they can dig deeper. With competition fiercer than ever, now is the time for hoteliers to take a deeper look at their online traffic and fully utilize Google Analytics – an incredibly powerful tool.

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2015 is upon us! And what a year it’s going to be. With so many developments in the arena of hotel marketing, hoteliers are in for a busy year. Make 2015 the year you make the most of the new opportunities, tools and rules out there to leverage your hotel marketing efforts. Before you dive right in, have a look at some of the areas you should consider when devising your hotel marketing plan for 2015.

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For hotels, holidays are busy, no matter what time of year it is. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or Easter that’s coming up, holidays are a time when every hotelier struggles to juggle budgets, meetings and a normal day’s work.

During the holiday season, people prepare to go on vacation, and this means hoteliers need to brainstorm to devise creative ways to fill their properties. Here are our top five hotel marketing tips that will enable you to leverage your holiday marketing strategy all year round.

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