2015 – Hotel Marketing Opportunities, Tools & Rules!

2015 is upon us! And what a year it’s going to be. With so many developments in the arena of hotel marketing, hoteliers are in for a busy year. Make 2015 the year you make the most of the new opportunities, tools and rules out there to leverage your hotel marketing efforts. Before you dive right in, have a look at some of the areas you should consider when devising your hotel marketing plan for 2015.



Many businesses have been using social media to promote their offerings, including hotels. Social media can extend your reach and build your brand amongst target customers who would not otherwise be reachable. This year, refresh and update your social media marketing plan, and perhaps aim to begin using a few platforms you haven’t previously explored.


There are various paid options for promoting your hotel on social media, and social media platforms are constantly updating their algorithms, meaning you will need to endlessly review your own strategy to ensure you are still achieving the best possible results. If you haven’t already tried PPC campaigns, you should, since a good one can yield incredible results. 2015 should be the year you give it a shot. If you are unsure as to how to proceed or lack confidence, get a professional to assist.

Tried and Tested Opportunities

Chances are high that there are certain opportunities that you grabbed in the past and that paid great dividends. Learn from your past successes and challenge yourself to do even better this time. For instance, if email marketing has been effective for you, review your past results, see which tactics worked best for you and then work to surpass that success.

Hotel SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your hotel can help by delivering measurable results which increase website traffic and therefore your online revenues. If you haven’t looked at this opportunity for your hotel before, then ensure 2015 is THE year to extend your reach, drive qualified traffic to your website, and assist with increasing your profits.


Booking System & Monitoring

Resist the urge to continue doing things the old-fashioned way. If you aren’t already making use of the various tools that can make gathering data and administering bookings a breeze, it’s time to get a professional to update your system. Having an online booking system and ways to monitor your bookings are essential. Hotel websites that do not allow for immediate online booking lose out to those that do.

Google Analytics

Your hotel’s website contains a treasure trove of data, which you can gather and analyse with Google Analytics. Pay close attention to the numbers, trends and channels, which can hold the key to how you should leverage your efforts.


What is working and what isn’t may not be immediately obvious to you, but you can bet your customers know. Including an easy-to-use feedback option on your website can be a great way to obtain free advice on how to improve.


The Customer Always Comes First

As a hotelier, you already know how important customer service is. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer not just on your property but also on the web. For instance, mobile payment options should be easy-to-use to eliminate frustration.

Appearances Do Matter

A hotel that looks beautiful is likely to attract customers more easily, and the same goes for your website. Never underestimate the importance of deploying visuals to entice potential customers. Make sure your onsite content is as engaging as possible, so that you create an impression.

Don’t Play Catch-Up

When it comes to technology, things move fast, and you always want to be one step ahead. Playing catch-up to your competitor’s means you consistently lose customers to them. Things like responsive website design are no longer optional, and if your website isn’t responsive you’re in big trouble. Make the commitment this year to keep up with technology and lead the pack.


The start of a fresh, New Year brings the chance to begin on a clean slate. If your hotel marketing strategy and plans have been screaming for some improvement, this is the year you’re going to make things right. With so many resources open to you, you’re going to have your hands full. Take the bull by the horns in 2015 and don’t be too cautious, or else you might find yourself lagging behind your competitors for the rest of the year…

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