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Ways to integrate Social Media networking tools into your Hotel Web Design

“As hotels start to embrace Social Networking websites, this marketing activity also needs to become a focus of hotel web design.”

Social Media networking websites are becoming an important component of Hotel Internet Marketing but web designers are faced with the dilemma of finding an attractive and non-obtrusive way of integrating Social Media networking tools without overwhelming the existing hotel web design. Here are some clever examples of how to integrate Social Media networking icons and tools seamlessly into your website design.

Hotels are starting to understand the tangible benefits of Social Media networking and the importance of increasing a hotel’s digital footprint. But while hotel brands are acknowledging the relevance of Social Media networking, fewer hotels understand the importance of integrating Social Media with their other communication channels such as their hotel website and including Social Media buttons on their hotel web design.

In addition, not all web designers have happily embraced Web 2.0 design and Social Media networking and understandably so, as this is just another element to add to what may be an overcrowded or minimalist design. It is important however if you do have a Social Media presence to include the Social Networking tools on your website and create synergy across all your communication tools and increase your brand equity.

The most popular places to add the Social Media icons are usually in the top right hand corner, down the left or right hand side of the website or in the footer area of the website design. The positioning of the Social Media networking tools is in direct correlation with how important you believe your Social Media presence is to the overall success of your marketing campaign. This decision should not be determined by your Web designer.

As Social Media networking gains more prominence and relevance in hotel internet marketing, it will improve its positioning in screen real estate. Here are some real-life examples of how hotel chains have successfully integrated Social Networking tools on their hotel web design.

The Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour website and the New York Palace website individually added Social Networking icons Twitter, Facebook and a Share button on the footer as part of their hotel website design.

If you hover over the Share button, it brings up all Crowne Plaza Darling Harbour and New York Palace’s Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and allows you to bookmark their website or share it across different sites such as Digg and Stumbledupon. This is a very clever and subtle way of incorporating a lot of Social Media sites without using a lot of valuable website real estate.

The Swissotel Sydney clearly see Social Media networking as important to their business and have used bigger Social Media buttons on their website to direct customers to their Twitter and Facebook account.

The Four Seasons Hotel chose to put Social Networking icons in a prominent place on the footer along with essential information about the hotel group.

The Beach House Inn. part of the US Hotels group, prefers a more minimalist approach to the integration of Social Media tools on the footer of their hotel web design.

These are just some of the many ways you can incorporate Social Networking buttons on your hotel web design. Hotels are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon but not always integrating their Social Media activities with their website. Contact us and we will show you how you can seamlessly integrate Social Media networking tools as part of your hotel website design and incorporate all your Web 2.0 activity to increase your brand equity.

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