The Importance Of Integrated Hotel Online Marketing Strategies

We show you how to create cohesive hotel online marketing campaigns that draws pre-qualified traffic to your website.

Your hotel website is an important sales channel and an integrated hotel online marketing strategy should be used to create one cohesive brand message across all your online and offline campaigns, linking back to your website as a central communication hub. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is a term used to describe a holistic approach to marketing strategies – we show you how to apply this to website design.

Clear branding goals

The aim of an integrated marketing plan is to synchronise marketing goals, have them all supporting each other and connecting them via your hotel website. There are a lot of advantages to different communications teams and agencies working together to achieve branding goals including uniformed objectives, creating a greater synergy for the campaign and velocity of results and being able to better track and measure results.

Consistent brand message

Successful hotel online marketing campaigns start with a unique selling proposition (USP) that resonates with their target market and distinguishes your hotel from your competitors. Not only should the USP be consistent on the hotel website, ideally it should also be rolled out across all marketing campaigns. With so many hotel advertising campaigns, it takes repetition, relevance and distinctiveness to cut through the clutter.

Uniformed visual branding

The branding on your website should be consistent across all your offline channels and tools. The aim of hotel website design is that your brand recognition should be so identifiable that anyone who looks at your website and associated offline and online marketing tools will recognise that it is your hotel brand. A style guide can be useful to maintain branding such as the logo, slogan, corporate colours, fonts and so forth.

Distinctive brand personality and identity

The brand voice should be consistent and replicated across all hotel online marketing platforms including your hotel website. Just as you have a look and feel for your website, it’s worthwhile ensuring that the content of all these media feels like it’s coming from a single source. Social media networking may be the only exception where you may adopt a more casual tone that is different than the corporate tone you have chosen.

Cohesive branding campaigns

Whether you are running a social media or a print advertising campaign, as your major sales funnel, you can direct pre-qualified traffic to your website and increase the number of people enquiring about the hotel and making bookings. By creating dedicated landing pages with strong calls to action, you can capture, qualify and convert a lead into a customer to maximise the effectiveness of hotel online marketing campaigns.

Branding your hotel website is essential to build credibility and trust and people want to book hotels they trust. Your hotel website is often the common element that links together all these marketing tools to create cohesive campaigns.Contact us so we can develop a website that ties in with all your existing offline and hotel online marketing tools to create an identifiable brand that’s seen and remembered.

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