Facebook – Hotel Marketing Tips

Facebook is becoming a valuable hotel Search Engine – here are 5 tips for your hotel marketing team to keep your hotel site on top.

Previously we wrote about Social Media being one of the new locations of hotel marketing and now we’re going to expand on that article. Facebook, the social media giant is even competing with Google in terms of being a valuable Search Engine when searching for a hotel. In order for hotels to stay relevant, it is important to have a presence on Facebook. Here are 5 ways to increase engagement on your Facebook page.

Post an event

As well as updating the Facebook page with post-event images and videos, the social media network is a good platform to promote events being held at the hotel. You can track results from Facebook campaigns by providing a code that people can quote when they RSVP for an event or enter when they purchase tickets. It will give you a better idea of what hotel marketing tools are more successful than others.

Upload videos and images

A good way to keep your Facebook page fresh and interesting is to post videos and images. These images can be of your products and services, new hotel spaces and photos taken at hotel events. Your hotel marketing team can also encourage user generated content such as images and videos uploaded by people who have stayed at your hotel. It’s also a good way to put not only a face but a personality to your brand.

Run a competition

Competitions are another fantastic way to encourage interaction on Facebook. They can be used in dual ways; you can create a competition on your Facebook page to encourage new people to ‘like’ your account and you can also run competitions for existing users to reward them for being fans of your page. A great incentive to encourage people to interact on your Facebook page is to create exclusive Facebook only special offers.

Provide special offers and promotions

A large part of hotel marketing is providing special packages and seasonal offers to increase hotel occupancy rates. You can increase exposure for these offers by posting them on your Facebook page. As aforementioned, a great incentive to encourage people to ‘like’ your page is to create exclusive special offers that are only available to fans of your page and an ideal way to track the success of Facebook only campaigns.

Post polls

Facebook is also great for marketing research and real-time participation. A good way to garner feedback from Facebook fans is to post polls or ask for feedback. You can create a poll asking for feedback on new services the hotel is providing, evaluate the success of an event held at the hotel or ask for opinions about the level of customer service, new services or events that should be held at the hotel.

500+ million members spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook so it is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Not only do Internet marketing teams need to develop enticing hotel websites, they also need to think about creating Social Media platforms such as Facebook. Contact us to find out more about hotel marketing and how we can help your business develop a social media presence and increase your hotel bookings.

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