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Although we strive for 99.9% perfection, no one who works in the online space can guarantee that things won’t occasionally go wrong. But we are here to help…

The web can sometimes be a strange and weird space…between you and the website you depend upon are your local PC, miles of cables, your local ISP, a DNS provider, numerous firewalls, a web server and much more…all with their own support services that are eager to strive for excellence, but also subject to Murphy’s Law.

Your website is monitored 24/7 and “pinged” every 15 minutes to check “up time” with automated messaging to the duty iiWorks Technical Support* team if there is an issue. So, chances are that we are already know about the situation on the rare ocasions when things may not be quite right.

But, if it’s really hit the fan and you need help fast, then send an email to this address…

support at ˆ

…and that will get the alarm bells ringing here at Hotel Website Designers.

ˆ Sorry, it’s not clickable so as to miminise spamming on this crucially important email address.

* Hotel Website Designers is a Business Unit of Internet Intelligence Works (iiWorks).

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