Hotel PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

While an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy and program is the best route to long-term success in Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns can be an excellent tactical weapon in your online marketing arsenal.

The key element here is being TACTICAL.

The Pay Per Click revenue model has played a crucial role in making the Search Engines companies successful and quite rightly, they have made it easy to simply allocate a daily, weekly or monthly budget and just let things run.

But you wouldn’t run a print, radio or TV campaign continuously 24/7/365 – there are “need periods” when you want to stimulate demand and “high demand” periods when you would traditionally wind back your marketing investment. And so it should be with your PPC strategy.


Every market has it’s unique elements so, researching and analysing the best keywords is always approached from a fresh perspective. And as every hotel has a unique sales proposition, determining the best creative message needs to be equally unique whilst being focused on the target audience. During the set up phase your Business Analyst will also conduct an analysis of the online demand cycle and consumer search behaviour within the domestic and international market so as to balance your investment to suit your hotel’s demand peaks and troughs.

Campaign Development

The above research and analysis will then be used to develop tactical campaigns and ad creatives to target your keyword  groups, varying your PPC investment reflect the dynamics of the demand cycles specific to your property (e.g. January $4,500, February $6,000, March $5,000 etc)

Active Management

Your PPC Business Analyst will work closely with you throughout each month, refining your PPC strategy and making demand-cycle adjustments continuously. This includes ongoing refinement of keyword strategy, ad variations and tactical budget allocation.

Measure Results

At the completion of each month you will receive detailed PPC Performance Reports that will provide thorough cost-per-click analysis, itemised conversion reports and overall Return on Investment (ROI) data.

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