Marisa South

Director of Operations

Sixty seconds with Marisa South…

What does Web Design and Development mean to you?
It’s where creativity meets action. It’s the unique skill behind creating a piece of art work to hang on the walls of the internet gallery. Web Design and Development is ultimately about giving power to the masses via the internet. Without being able to execute these two significant elements brilliantly, we are unable to engage and communicate at the rate required to keep up with the techno world.

Why a career in web design and development?
I love nothing more than seeing something evolve from just a bunch of ideas. The process of seeing something come to fruition and having a chance to make that experience wonderful for those involved gives me a great sense of gratification.

Innately creative myself, I thoroughly enjoy being part of the design and problem solving processes.

For you, what makes a website truly great?
Those that make the experience interesting, inspiring and most of all comfortable. I love bold, high quality graphics, simple navigation and the swift delivery of the information I am seeking.

When you are not up to your armpits in pixels, what do you like to do?
I am always sneaking in extra training for obstacle races and half marathons. So I am usually pounding the pavement or at the gym trying to pick up something heavy!

Three things that always brighten your day?
My children, great music and a sweaty work out!

If you were planning a dinner party with friends, what would be on the menu?
I am all about mindful eating, so I’d serve up a delicious Asian inspired vegan banquet!

Other than web design and development, what are you passionate about?
I am extremely passionate about nutrition and it’s healing effects on the human body. When I can find a quiet moment I enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge on the subject. I also crave anything art/design related and enjoy seeking new opportunities for this creative outlet.