Vienna Chen

Technical Support Specialist

Sixty seconds with Vienna Chen…

Why a career in web design and development?
It gives me the opportunity to create and publish material that people around the world will see every day. Our clients rely on us to execute marketing strategies and to communicate valuable information to the public. We deliver unique and useful service to our clients.

What does internet marketing mean to you?
Internet marketing means to increase the traffic of website by ranking high in the search engine. It helps to ensure that a site is accessible to search engine and improve the chance the will be visited by potential customers. In other words internet marketing is the best way to get our website promoted across the internet.

Why does internet marketing appeal to you so much?
Internet marketing gives us an opportunity to promote our business. It is a challenge as it requires us to analyse our website and our competitor, after that we work out a strategy and we apply our rule and have fun.

When you are not up to your armpits in pixels in keywords what do you do?
I enjoy all the day watching movie, cooking, listening favourite songs.

Three things that always brighten your day?
Received a thank-you card from customer;

Got a bargain;

Tomorrow is my holiday 😉

If you were planning a dinner party with friends, what would be on the menu?
Roasted Duck, sea food, salad with avocado.

Other than web design and development, what are you passionate about?
Cutting edge technology. Keep an eye on release of new hardware or software such as Google glass, solar car, new iPad!