Braden Heagney

Digital Analyst

Sixty seconds with Braden Heagney…

What does SEO mean to you?
A source of limitless information, the internet has provided a median for which we can freely share ideas and content with those seeking it out. A solution for communication on an unprecedented scale that has inevitably created a need to stand out amongst the masses. SEO has become the spotlight, so to speak, for information, a way for content to rise to the surface and find it’s way to the appropriate audience.

Why does SEO appeal to you so much?
SEO is a great way to even the playing field and become a contender for a virtual audience. Whether it’s a corporation or a newly developed blog, with the proper application of SEO, anyone can succeed in sharing their ideas with the world. It is for that reason that SEO appeals to me.

When you are not up to your elbows in keywords what do you do?
When I am not working, I tend to focus on two of my greatest passions, design and physical fitness. I dabble in everything from graphic design to concept art as a way to bring my ideas to life as there is nothing quite like seeing a dream take shape. If I am not at my desk, then I am out enjoying activities with friends and family. Co-ed sports, hiking, a quick gym session, really anything that gets the blood pumping sparks my interest.

Three things that make you tick?
I am driven individual that seeks happiness above all else. As such, I find that what keeps me going is my family, whose support has meant more to me than anything else, my eagerness to learn, which has allowed me to get to where I am, and last but not least coffee…for obvious reasons.

Favorite Food?
Italian. My mother is Italian and makes, hands down, the best lasagna. Well worth the trip I make from Washington to California.

If you could host a dinner with any three people, who would you choose and why?
If I hosted a dinner for any three people it would have to be my uncle who passed away before I was born. My father and him shared an inseparable brotherly bond and I just wish to meet the man that helped my father achieve his goals. Ryan Reynolds, as his down to earth demeanor and humor would be a welcomed addition. Lastly, John Wayne because well, it’s John Wayne.

If given the chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
I am a fairly content individual that enjoys the simple things, as cliché as that sounds. After a relaxing morning with a nice cup of coffee, I’d take my girlfriend and amazing pup for a hike up to my favorite spot and lose myself in the peaceful atmosphere. After reality kicks in I’d head back home and prepare for the next day.