Alexander Wise

Senior Digital Analyst

Sixty seconds with Alexander Wise…

What does Digital Strategy mean to you?
SEO is a strategy for making web content accessible to the people who would be most interested in it. It’s about creating useful content that both web users and search engines will easily find, process, and want share with others. At its core, SEO gives people what they want – whether that’s information, products, services, or experiences – and sometimes gives it to them when they didn’t even know they wanted it.

Why does SEO appeal to you so much?
In the world of marketing, search offers a uniquely detailed picture of the desires that drive decision-making. It gives us data and clarity that once could only be accomplished with extensive, expensive marketing research. John Wanamaker’s famous quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” is less true every day! I think this is very exciting – SEO is on the leading edge of the “big data” movement.

When you are not up to your elbows in keywords what do you do?
I’m an amateur cocktail enthusiast with an well-stocked home bar made out of a refurbished office bookshelf. At least one day out of the weekend, I’m mixing up some new concoctions and serving them to my friends (who are very good at pretending to like them)! Rye whiskey and dark rum are my favourite spirits to play with. I love reading, particularly National Geographic. I also love documentaries, the most tedious genre of movies.

Three things that make you tick?
Discovery – the feeling of learning a new and fascinating fact, describing a previously unexamined phenomenon, or identifying the cause of a mysterious effect.

Love – an elemental passion for the people and things that make life worth living.

Accomplishment – there’s nothing better than getting to the end of a long effort, looking back, and realizing that all of your work paid off!

Favourite food?
Indulgent food: king crab legs. Everyday food: avocados.

If you could host a dinner with any three people, who would you choose and why?
This is a hard one. I’d have to go with seriously ancient historical figures, just because of the huge opportunity to talk to them face-to-face. With that in mind, I think I’d pick Julius Caesar, Kublai Khan and Socrates – with an interpreter or some common tongue available. Is this a lame answer? Because I’d clearly be the lamest guy in the room.

If given the chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
I’d take the time to go hiking and kayaking with my wife and dog, try to wear myself out, and pick up something delicious to make when I got home.