Author: Ana Gagne

Business loans bad credit -Easy small business loans bad credit: Rapid approval

Some people still believe that if your SME is in the credit bureau it is a bad thing because you appear in it when you stop paying a loan you asked for. It is a myth! The truth is that being in the credit bureau is NOT a bad thing by itself and does not Read More

Shadows for working in a family business – Loans for Business

If you were born into an entrepreneurial family, your career path was already set from the moment you were born – early or late you will have to give a helping hand to continue the success story of the family business. Now that you have an education and possibly a major degree, your family members Read More

Will I get a loan from you if I earn income from illegal work or farming?

The actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) available from the consumer credit intermediary in the “Merry Personal Loan” is 9.59%, total loan amount: PLN 25,455.06, total consumer payment: PLN 36,027.48, interest rate 1 , 64%, total cost of credit: PLN 10,572.43 (including: commission PLN 2,361.43, interest PLN 8,211.00), 56 monthly installments of PLN 433.79. The calculation Read More

Alternative to deposit? So what to do with free money

Everyone who has any savings puts the simple question of what to do to multiply these funds. The most popular option is to place capital on a so-called deposit. Is this the only option? It turns out that the market offers several other solutions. The most popular forms of investing money include: Polysolokaty – if Read More

Payment card theft: what steps should you take now?

What happens when the payment card is stolen from us? How to protect yourself from a thief? Do you think you are looking after your bag / backpack well enough? Have you ever thought about it? We invite you to our short guide! We’ve collected a handful of useful tips for you. Payment card and Read More

Loan disaster – terms and interest

In previous articles, we explained to each other what are the different types of loans. Today we will deal with the disaster loan solution. In what situations can a disaster loan help farmers? When can I apply for a preferential disaster loan? Let’s shed some more light on this issue! Disaster loan terms Let’s start Read More

Bank account theft: what next?

Losing money is a painful blow. What if you steal money from your bank account? How to behave when money has disappeared from the account? We’ve collected some tips for you that may be helpful in this situation! Hacking into an online bank account: how do you guard against it? As the old Polish proverb Read More